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lunch in spokane
Spokane Eating

Best Cheap Places to Grab a Quick Lunch in Downtown Spokane

Prices on, well, everything have gone up lately – so where can you get a delicious, filling and relatively cheap lunch around Spokane? While “cheap” nowadays may be relative, the restaurants below offer amazing value on delicious and filling lunch options in downtown Spokane. If you’re wondering “what should I get for lunch in downtown…

shamrocks st patricks day spokane
Spokane Playing

5+ Things to Do for St. Patrick’s Day in Spokane & the Surrounding Areas

It’s officially time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Spokane, even if St. Patrick’s Day does fall on a workweek day this year! After everything that’s been going on, we’re all looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day, even if we aren’t Irish! This year, we’re excited to announce that the official St. Patrick’s Day parade…

linc box review
Spokane Living

Looking for Farm Shares? Local and Regional Options for CSAs Near You

Spokane is a fresh food-lovers paradise! If you love Spokane farmers markets, which are in almost every Spokane neighborhood, chances are you wish you could visit a farmers market year round. If that’s true, you’re in luck with local and regional veggie delivery. This is also known as: community supported agriculture! Known to many as…