25 Unique Gifts Made in Washington State

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If you haven’t been impacted by any shipping delays, count yourself lucky! Shipping delays have impacted thousands of people — but they don’t have to if you shop local and from local businesses.

Whether you’re looking for the best gifts made in Washington state, or want a hyper-local gift from Spokane, this list has you covered! Yes, there are way more gift ideas from creators here in Spokane, but you can find something for everyone, from almost anywhere in Washington, on this list.

By now, you probably have heard all the great reasons to shop local: support your fellow creative residents, reduce environmental impact, fewer or nonexistent shipping delays, etc. And honestly, the quality from creators here in Washington is far better than cheaper items made elsewhere. So if you’re looking for gifts that keep on giving and don’t fall apart after six months, bookmark this list!

Delightful Gifts for the Whole Family: The Best Gifts from Washington State

Trending Northwest Magazine

For a gift that’s truly local, I can’t say enough about the magazine I co-founded and run with Erin Peterson (formerly of The Spokane Guild.) We created the Trending Northwest website and magazine here in Spokane, and it has since branched out into a truly regional magazine for the whole community. We support local and small businesses all around the Northwest, too!

Trending Northwest is committed to telling stories from people you don’t traditionally hear from in the media and, best of all, we pay all of our contributors. No glossy magazines paying in ‘exposure’ here! We cover things you need to know, like regional travel, health, delicious recipes, and of course, local artists and photographers!

Get your copy of Trending Northwest magazine here.

Screenshot of the Trending Northwest magazine

Wines from Winescape

Be the real MVP of a guest when you bring your party host wine from Winescape! Winescape wines are locally produced wine from a delightful couple, experts in their field (wine and grape growing!). Their unique science backgrounds have brought a delectable edge to their wines, and the packaging on their wine is simple and elegant. Winescape wine is the perfect gift!

Washington-State Made Jewelry

Casandra Quintero’s shop on Etsy is called Simply Me, and this Spokane-based creator makes so much more than “just” jewlery. Starting with bow ties, Simply Me has since expanded to wood cufflinks, hand balms, socks – and small batches of jewelry!

For a Washington state centered gift, get the mushroom and daisy teardrop earrings, or the acorn walnut wood earrings. And for fun pet gifts, don’t forget to check out Simply Me’s dog and cat bow ties!

Another jewelry creator I and everyone I know is obsessed with is Gwyn Pevonka of Pevonka Studios. Having met Gwyn in person, she is a powerhouse who is driven to support the local Spokane arts community, and her passion for her craft and supporting other artists is evident in everything she does. From creating 33 Artists Market and expanding it through partnerships throughout the city, including with the Spokane Public Library, Gwyn is creating an amazing and balanced approach to supporting so many local artists without gatekeeping.

Screenshot from Pevonka Studios Etsy shop featuring some of her popular items, like earrings.

But what about her jewelry? Gwyn makes so many amazing pieces, mainly stud earrings of varying shapes and colors. You might look at her jewelry and think, oh no, is it heavy? As someone who dislikes long, heavy earrings, I can confirm her jewelry is very light! You definitely don’t even notice you’re wearing it until someone comments.

Fun fact, if you catch Gwyn out at one of the many Spokane holiday markets this season, make sure to ask her about her ‘show pieces’ – for every market Pevonka Studios attends, she designs earrings especially for that market, like her 33 Artists Market earrings!

But don’t worry – you can buy jewelry from Pevonka Studios at her Etsy shop, too!

The Whistling Kettle

A photo of four small bags of Whistling Kettle teas and tea bags
Photo of two Whistling Kettle teas, including Maple Taffy

Arbor Crest Fireside Dinner & Music Series

Want to get them a gift you can enjoy together? Get them a gift to one of Arbor Crest‘s upcoming Fireside concert series events! These events are perfect for friends, couples, or even out of town guests. Enjoy gourmet food, exquisite wines (my recommendation: get the flight!), a warming fire and local musical talent all in one delightful night. Don’t forget to take pictures!

Looking for more wine gifts? Take a look at our Best Wine Advent Calendars list and our Best Gifts for Wine Lovers!

Washington State Authors

There are so many incredible Washington State authors, it’s impossible to pick just one! Here’s a list of Washington state authors – go pick up their books locally here at Auntie’s or Wishing Tree, over in Seattle at Elliott Bay Book Company, or, of course, on Amazon.

Chelsea Martin – Tell Me I’m an Artist – NPR Rated Martin’s Tell Me I’m an Artist Best Book of the Year, and this local author weaves a story of female friendship, family drama, and more.

Sherman Alexie – Sherman Alexie first popped up on my radar in school, with his book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, but he has far more books than just that! Whether or not you read Alexie in the past, this Seattle author has plenty more for you to investigate.

Jess Walters – If there’s only one Walters book you pick up (and there should be more!), it should be either The Cold Millions or Beautiful Ruins. The Cold Millions weaves in a story of Spokane you may not have learned, and while Beautiful Ruins doesn’t take place in old-time Spokane, it’s still incredibly moving.

Screenshot of some books written by Jess Walters

Makini Howell – founder of Plum Bistro in Spokane, Makini Howell’s 10th anniversary edition of Makini’s Vegan Kitchen introduces us to the innovative and delicious world of vegan cooking. Many of her recipes are also allergen-friendly and gluten-free, making this a must buy for anyone cooking for people with allergies or those who want to expand their palate!

Eco-Tees from Rainier Watch

Created in 2013 by a local Seattle guy who just wanted to know if you could see Mount Rainier, Rainier Watch has since morphed into something incredible. From their eco-tees, 100% recyclable boxes, zero-waste shipping labels and commitment to donating a portion of all sales back to the Washington’s National Parks Fund, Rainier Watch is the place to get a Washington state gift in the form of tees, mugs, water bottles and more.

For the eco-friendly, outdoorsy person in your life, check out items from Rainier Watch. Plus, with code EverydaySpokane, you’ll get 15% off your entire order! Check out Rainier Watch here.

Damn, Man 12 Days of Winter Wonder

Photo of Winter Wonderland 12 days of nuts
Photo of all the 12 days of nuts flavors, including sea salt walnuts and trail mix
A photo of the small yet ample size of nuts you get in the 12 days of nuts gift set

Slate Electric Flosser

Okay, sure, so it might not seem like the sexiest gift to get your loved one for the holidays, but what’s better than good dental hygiene? Brushing and flossing regularly can also keep you healthy, and what’s better than a long life?

Health reasons aside, the Slate Electric Flosser is not only locally designed and a great product for improving your dental health, but it’s also a great gift from Washington state. How many states can say they’ve recently revolutionized the dental industry? We can here in Spokane!

A photo of the Slate electric flosser in its sleek black box

Check out our review of the Slate Dental Electric Flosser and get you (or a loved one) the gift that keeps on giving here.

Wine or Cheese Gift Subscriptions from Wanderlust Delicato

Wanderlust is on our list of the best wine gifts for good reason – they have darn good wine! You can actually sign up for a wine subscription through Wanderlust and pick up wine monthly – choose from a Locavore option, with wines from the Northwest, or the Passport option for wines around the world. Really up the ante by also adding a cheese subscription, which you can get monthly. 

Speaking of cheese, one of the best gifts from Washington state you could possibly get, especially for out-of-state gift recipients, is Cougar Gold cheese from WSU’s Creamery in Pullman, Washington. Cougar Gold has a cult following, one I didn’t appreciate until a good friend and foodie connoisseur introduce me to it – and let me tell you, I’m hooked!

Photo of the inside of Wanderlust Delicato, a Spokane shop specializing in wine and cheese from around Washington state and beyond

You can get Cougar Gold by visiting Pullman and WSU, or by sending a friend/family member to do it… or you could visit Wanderlust Delicato and get it there! It really is a great gift for the holiday season.

Even more cheese: Another excellent gift from Washington State is Beecher’s Flagship Reserve Cheese. You can get this yummy cheese at the Beecher’s flagship store in Pike Place Market… you can also get it at the Costco here in Spokane! And finally, you can check with Wanderlust Delicato and see if they carry it or can order it for you, too.

Basically, if you have someone in your life who loves cheese, visit Wanderlust Delicato for all the most delicious Washington state cheese and cheese from all over the world!

Looking for more wine gift ideas?

Salmon from Seattle Fish Guys or Loki Fish Company

While not technically from Spokane, salmon is a quintessential part of being in Washington state. If you’re looking for the best Washington state gifts, you’ll want to check out salmon. Smoked salmon may be the best for shipping, and it makes a great gateway into salmon-eating enjoyment for those who “don’t like salmon.”

We like Seattle Fish Guys for their ease of ordering through their online store and varied product list – plus, you can visit them if you’re in Seattle! Garlic smoked salmon from Seattle Fish Guys retails for $26.99, for example, and you can also order poke, shellfish and more.

Loki Fish Guys is another Washington company offering salmon in various forms, from spreads to fillets and more. A smoked wild pink salmon whole side fillet retails at $96, but they have varying options for all different price points. Live in or visiting Seattle? You can also pickup Loki Fish Guy salmon or have it delivered to a Seattle address!

Creekside Mallow Co.

Photo of two caramel Creekside Mallow Co marshmallows and 2 chocolate chip marshmallows
Photo of Creekside Mallow Co smores kit and two caramel marshmallows
A photo of two bags of Creekside Mallow Co marshmallows

One Tree Hard Cider: Snowglobe

Snowglobe hard cider from One Tree Hard Cider is an absolute must when it comes to unique, local gifts. It makes the perfect host gift, gift for the hard cider lover in your life – and don’t get us started on how cool the edible sparkles are in this delicious cider!

Washington-Made Chocolate

Washington state has a lot of chocolate makers – and I’m not complaining! I’ve tried most of them, and they are delicious, but I have to say, I always come back to Seattle Chocolate Company. Seattle Chocolate can be found almost anywhere (I get it at the Seattle airport, weirdly enough) but you can also find it in stores around Spokane. Plus, chocolate is undeniably one of the best food gifts, so you’re sure to find something you love!

A screenshot of some of the Seattle Chocolate Company's chocolate truffle bars

I recommend the Moon Rocks milk chocolate truffle bar with popping candy as an excellent Washington state gift. It’s a party in your mouth, so only get it if you know your gift recipient enjoys that! There are many different flavors to choose from, though, don’t worry!

Other delicious Seattle Chocolate I recommend is the smooth and rich Hazelnut Butter Crisp, San Juan Sea Salt, and the Overcast Sea Salt dark chocolate truffle bar. 

But wait, the chocolate fun doesn’t stop with Seattle Chocolate! If you love chocolate mints, get yourself over to Spokandy for their delicious chocolate mints. Indulge in other treats while you’re there, too – Spokandy chocolate is award winning and their mints in particular are outstanding. 

Triple Dog Irish Whiskey

Recommending whiskey can be tricky, because everyone’s palate is different. However, I introduced this to several friends and everyone absolutely loved Triple Dog Irish Whiskey. “Smooth, drinkable, great on the rocks and mixed” was the feedback, so if you’re looking for a whiskey gift, this is it!

Huckleberry Anything

The state of Washington is particularly known for huckleberries, but you could say they’re a Pacific Northwest staple no matter where you go. Huckleberries are exceptionally difficult to get, since they aren’t domesticated and reside in areas where bears like to live. It’s quite the adventure going huckleberry hunting, which makes eating anything-huckleberry even more of a treat!

Spokandy sells huckleberry jam and honey, and you can occasionally find huckleberry scones, pies, and other baked goods from Bake My Day or at Green Bluff during the fall. 

You can also find wild huckleberry honey, huckleberry pepper jelly, huckleberry gummies and huckleberry tea from Garland Mercantile. There’s something huckleberry for everyone, and huckleberry gifts make the perfect Washington state gifts for people who don’t live in the Pacific Northwest!

PS. Marionberry jam is also another good gift, but who can say no to huckleberry?!

Spokane Art from Megan Perkins

If you haven’t heard about Megan Perkins yet, chances are good you’ve probably seen her work! Megan Perkins is devoted to Spokane, and if there’s a gift recipient in your life who’s equally as enamored with our city as she is, you will want to get them something from Megan Perkins. 

Not sure where to start? I recommend her 2024 Spokane Calendar! It’s a great view into the kind of work she does, and you can also request a commission of a painting you like or even have your home or favorite park done by Megan Perkins. Trust me, you’ll want to get artwork from Megan Perkins now before she becomes super famous and is impossible to buy!

take a listen to our interview with megan perkins below


Natural Apothecaries

Bath by Bex is a local handcrafted CBD brand in Spokane, specializing in all-natural ingredients. They have a mortar store and are exceptional at helping the people of Spokane find wholesome and nourishing alternatives to pain relief. You can also shop their online boutique for bath, skincare, supplements, and pet-care products.

Bath by Bex

Northwest Home and Yard Décor

Solid Fire Pits, by Scott Shumake, mixes welding with his background in studio-art and sculpture. These colossal kinetic sculptural-artworks bring homeowners a “sense of momentum.” These elegant yet industrial swinging fire-trapezes can be customized with any pattern, mark, or logo to bring a sense of identity and uniqueness to your backyard.

Solid Fire Pits

2232 Ceramics’ creator Brooke Martinez, based here in Eastern Washington, doesn’t just make beautiful mugs (among many other options!), but she also makes functional items for your house. I’ve been obsessed with Brooke’s ceramics ever since we had her on our show, Trending Northwest – but be aware, getting your hands on Brooke’s creations may be more difficult than catching Santa coming down the chimney. They go fast!

Watch our episode with Brooke here: Episode 13: Talking Inspiration, Passion and Pottery with Brooke Martinez of 2232 Ceramics

Decorative Barware

If you haven’t visited Raising the Bar and checked out the barware there, you’re missing out! During the Farm Chicks sale, we had the opportunity to get some beautiful coupe glasses for our festive holiday cocktails – a real crowd-pleaser and stunning to have on the shelf year round!

Check out Raising the Bar and their barware options here.

Handblown Glassware

Can’t get enough local glass art? Go next level over in Western Washington with Washington local Small Mountain Studios handblown glassware, including ornaments, soap dispensers, and more. Serina is based out of Vancouver, Washington, making her work certified ‘made in Washington’ gift ideas. For a truly unique gift, check out Small Mountain Studios and inquire about shipping or pick up options. 

Washington Gifts and Gift Baskets

Prefer shopping locally and in person? Visit the From Here store in downtown Spokane, where you’ll find several of the above-mentioned artists and creators. You’ll also find our magazine, Trending Northwest, there too! It’s a great place to make your own custom gift box full of Washington state souvenirs, and From Here often has new product opportunities and artists visiting the store!

Really can’t decide what to get for the Spokane-fan in your life? Let Weav do the heavy lifting for you! I love Weav’s Spokane holiday gift box, complete with inland Northwest favorites like Spokandy and even a holiday bouquet!

Have a DIY’er in your life you’re shopping for? Take a look at the 25 Best Tool Gift Ideas for Dads, DIYers and more!

Where to Shop Local in Spokane, Washington

So where can you shop local around Spokane? It turns out – a lot of places! Whether you’re shopping local at a holiday market like Brrrzaar or shopping online from a local maker, you’re supporting our wonderful, talented and local community.

Washington state is home to so many talented people, from artists to innovators, authors and chefs. Shop and support local with these gift ideas from Washington state. Whether you’re buying for yourself or a far-flung loved one, you won’t go wrong with anything on this list!

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