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Inlander Restaurant Week in Spokane, WA is back, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Inlander Restaurant Week returns February 24 – March 5, 2022, and we were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at some of the mouth-watering menu items from this year’s participating restaurants.

Where should you go for Restaurant Week? Where’s an awesome place to go for date night, friends’ night out, or with the whole family? We’ll share our favorites below!

Does Spokane Have a Restaurant Week? When is Spokane’s Restaurant Week in 2022?

Yes, Spokane does have a Restaurant Week, and it is known as Inlander Restaurant Week. The Inlander is a popular, free community newspaper and is an incredible resource for Spokanites!

Restaurant Week in Spokane is from February 24 to March 5, 2022 (yes, it’s longer than a week!) and features over 100 restaurants around Spokane and northern Idaho. The restaurants featured for Inlander Restaurant Week are offering three course meals at price points ranging from $22, $33, or $44.

Where Can I Find All the Restaurants and Menus for Spokane’s Inlander Restaurant Week?

You can find all the 2022 Spokane restaurant information on the 2022 Inlander Restaurant week here. You can search by area and cuisine here.

Still overwhelmed? No worries – no matter what you’re craving, this year’s Restaurant Week truly has a little of everything!

How is the 2022 Inlander Restaurant Week Giving Back?

Big Table is this year’s Restaurant Week’s beneficiary. Big Table is an incredible nonprofit that launched in 2009 for one simple reason: there was no single non-profit nationally caring for those working in the restaurant and hospitality industries.

Learn more about Big Table at our interview with City Director of Spokane Chris Deitz:

Big Table helps to keep families from being evicted, provides groceries, support to see therapists and doctors, and so much more. Enjoying an incredible meal during Restaurant Week is one way you can help support Big Table.

You can also donate directly to Big Table here.

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Where to Go for the 2022 Spokane Inlander Restaurant Week

image of inlander restaurant week
Known as Inlander Restaurant Week, it’s an incredibly popular 10 day event. Which restaurant are you going to visit this week?

So where should you go for Inlander Restaurant Week? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for! We’ll break down the different places we recommend – and don’t worry, you have nine days to try to fit in your favorites! Just make sure to book a reservation at any place you definitely can’t miss.

Where to Go for Inlander Restaurant Week: Date Night

We have to start with our favorite – date night! Where should you go for a romantic night out? It’s almost impossible to choose, and again, these are just our favorites, so feel free to disagree, but here’s where we’re choosing from…


Chaps is quintessential Spokane! While it may be tucked away and not in downtown Spokane, it makes for a great date night. Plus, the food is incredible! Just look at this menu:

Gander & Ryegrass

I don’t know what Gander puts in their food, but they make anything they put out taste absolutely incredible. Magic? Maybe, and I’ll eat it! Take a look at their menu here:

Wiley’s Downtown Bistro

I simply can’t leave off Wiley’s, even though you already know I consider Wiley’s one of the most romantic dinner date spots in Spokane!

The best thing about Wiley’s? How customizable it is! There are vegan options, vegetarian options, and Wiley’s is known for going above and beyond for people with allergies and food restrictions. In addition to being one of the most romantic date night spots in Spokane, Wiley’s is also an excellent location for gluten-free restaurants in Spokane, too.

All that said – and Wiley’s has delicious food! Located in downtown Spokane, it’s a great location with a delicious menu for Restaurant Week – and don’t sleep on that huckleberry lemonade cocktail either!

Where to Go for Inlander Restaurant Week: Out with Friends

Want to go out with friends for Restaurant Week in Spokane, but not sure what’s a fun atmosphere with tasty food? If you’re looking for great locations for Restaurant Week with your friends, check out these spots.

RUT Bar & Kitchen

Yes, RUT is a vegan restaurant (one of our favorite vegetarian restaurants in Spokane!), but hear me out! The food is out of this world good, and if you don’t regularly go to vegan-friendly places, this is an awesome way to try out RUT’s full menu during Restaurant Week!

You can’t go wrong with the cauliflower wings, but the queso is a very close second. I personally prefer the Bok Choy Bowl for the main course, but the Truffle Mac is incredible and a luxurious treat! Finally, while I’d personally get the Peppermilk Punch Cocktail for dessert, the cheesecake is also can’t miss! Take a few friends and try everything!

Feast World Kitchen

Speaking of another place to bring several friends and try everything, you must visit Feast during Restaurant Week! Just take a look at this menu – varied, tasty, and unique!

I’m looking forward to the vegan curry, but you know I’ll also be getting some of that injera bread too!


Kismet’s menu speaks for itself, but I also got to try Kismet’s smoked cheese black bean empanada and I just have to say… I’ve been dreaming about it ever since!

kismet restaurant week empanada
Kismet’s Smoked Cheese Black Bean Empanada

Where to Go for Inlander Restaurant Week: With the Family

Looking for reasonably price and still delicious Restaurant Week options that are great for the whole family? These tasty restaurants won’t let you down, and are an incredible value for their prices!

Little Noodle

Little Noodle Restaurant Week
Little Noodle’s Restaurant Week options

If your family loves Asian-inspired cuisine that’s full of flavor, head to Little Noodle! The spring rolls and edamame are both delicious, and the Spicy Curry Noodles are a kick – in a good way!

Check out Little Noodle’s Restaurant Week menu here and make sure to book a reservation!

Cochinito Taqueria

I don’t think I’ve ever had something from Cochinito that I was only “so-so” about – it’s all so delicious! Whether you get the elote bowl, guacamole, or queso for your started, it’s all a good choice – and only gets better from there!

Take a look at their menu – and don’t forget to order an agua fresca while you’re there!

Bark, a Rescue Pub

There will always be a special place in my heart for Bark, which does such great work introducing people to their new furry friends and family! It’s just a bonus that Bark has tasty food, a great family atmosphere, and lots of seating (although reservations, especially during Restaurant Week, are recommended!)

Take a look at the menu here – that Brownie Sundae is calling my name!

Which restaurants are you visiting for Spokane Restaurant Week this year? Let us know over on our Facebook page here!

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