7 Delicious Gluten-Free Restaurants in Spokane

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Looking for delicious gluten-free restaurants around Spokane? If you thought Spokane’s gluten-free scene was small, think again! Gluten-free restaurants have exploded in recent years, as have the gluten-free menus of many delicious restaurants.

With many people being strictly gluten-free due to gluten allergies, we’d love to share some fan-favorites for the best gluten-free eats around Spokane.

If you have allergies, please make sure to double-check with these restaurants and wait-staff to ensure your food is truly gluten free. Many times, restaurants may advertise gluten-free items, but they can be cross-contaminated by cooking gluten-containing items on the same counters and fryers.

While we have done our work to research these restaurants and their gluten-free menus, it’s important to always verify just in case.

Best Gluten-Free Restaurants Around Spokane

Wiley’s Downtown Bistro

Location: 115 N. Washington St., Spokane, WA 99201

Website: https://www.wileysbistro.com/

Wiley’s Bistro in downtown Spokane takes gluten-allergies seriously. If you’ve been struggling to find a place to dine out safely with Celiac disease, you can count on them to design meals that you can enjoy no matter your dietary restrictions.

Plus, if you also love happy hour, Wiley’s is one of our favorite happy hours in Spokane, too!

Wiley’s is so dedicated to providing safe, delicious food that they recently shared this, and the photo below, on their Facebook page:

Good morning Spokane! We saw a post recently about someone struggling to find a place to dine out safely with Celiac disease. So we wanted to remind those of you who know us, and inform any new followers, we take ALL allergies seriously! You can count on us to create a meal you can enjoy no matter what your restrictions are…because everyone deserves to be able to enjoy a night out! Got some wild allergies? We love a challenge. Let us serve you!

Nearly everything on the menu at Wiley’s is gluten-free or can be altered. Their servers are knowledgeable about most allergies, and can work with guests to accommodate anyone.

As Wiley’s states, “we enjoy cultivating dishes for all allergies, restrictions and diets, because we want you to feel like a friend and because everyone deserves to go out and treat themselves.”

“At Wiley’s, we genuinely strive to befriend and serve all aspects of our community. We feel lucky to be a part of the food-scene in Spokane!” Focusing on local, food and artwork within originates from the Spokane region as much as possible. At Wiley’s, their culture and atmosphere are inclusive, friendly, and supportive.

Try their Duck Confit with a huckleberry reduction, Ahi Tower topped with tobiko and pickled ginger, vegan Chocolate Pot De Crème with raspberry sauce and almond whipped cream, and Creme Brulée with a caramelized bourbon vanilla whip.

Wild Sage Bistro

Location: 916 W. 2nd Ave., Spokane, WA 99201

Website: https://www.wildsagebistro.com/menu

Wild Sage is a locally owned bistro and bar in downtown Spokane. Their menu features “high-quality meats, fresh seafood, seasonally-inspired food, and locally sourced ingredients.” It’s a great place for comfortable, yet fine-dining with farm-to-table gluten-free eats.

Photo from Wild Sage’s website

Since 2006, Wild Sage’s managing partners have created a premier dining destination that’s become an award-winning restaurant that locals love. Here, you’ll find three lovely dining zones that all allow for a relaxed experience where conversations can comfortably flow during a wonderfully private dining experience.

I recommend their Yukon Golden Potato Taquitos with white cheddar and salted cabbage, their Palouse Chickpea Cakes with spiced tzatziki and tomato caper relish, and their Pork Belly Crostini grilled on gluten free bread with goat cheese mousse and tomato jam.


Location: 901 W. 14th Ave., Spokane, WA 99204

Website: https://www.rutspokane.com/

RÜT Bar is one of Spokane’s finest vegan and gluten-free restaurants. The restaurant and menu is inspired by the Pacific Northwest, with a devotion to the culture, natural beauty and food of the area.

Opening in 2019, this modern American-style Gastropub brought vegan and vegetarian health-promoting comfort foods to the city of Spokane. Their plant-filled interior with natural textures, and paintings by Hazel Miller encourage customers to linger while appreciating their meals.

gluten free restaurants in spokane
Dessert options at RUT

No one is out of place at RUT, whether you’re meat-eating, vegetarian, flexitarian, gluten-intolerant or otherwise. The owners, both vegans themselves, decided to open RUT because they noticed a lack of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Spokane – but RUT caters to far more than “just” vegans!

RÜT welcomes all people, as you don’t have to be vegan or celiac to relish their food. For those that appreciate real food, “RÜT is dedicated to the health of the Earth and its inhabitants. We are committed to creating a safe, welcoming space.”

Baba Mediterranean

Location: 1242 West Summit Pkwy, Spokane, WA 99201

Website: https://babaspokane.com/

Welcome to a whole new world of Mediterranean comfort food at Baba Spokane. Baba bases their menu around traditional Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Asian flavors. 

gluten free restaurants in spokane

Baba offers their full menu and explains which options are gluten-free with the designation GF. Their version of food is inspired by using local and seasonal ingredients that showcase dishes that are new and different to the city of Spokane. 

Their menu items are flavorful, approachable and delicious, leaning toward a more casual atmosphere. Whether you’re grabbing a quick lunch, or have a special occasion coming up, Baba has a variety of options to make your meal right for you.


Location: 214 N. Howard St., Spokane, WA 99201

Website: https://www.mizuna.com/

Mizuna is a staple for innovative Northwest cuisine in Downtown Spokane. In the heart of Spokane, Mizuna is an essential dining experience worthy of discovery by locals and visitors alike.

Mizuna can fine-tune their menu to suit all dietary needs – “Many of our entrées are or can be made gluten free. Just ask your server.”

image of Wine bar area in Mizuna
Wine bar area in Mizuna

Since opening in 1996, they have placed premier focus on sourcing the freshest ingredients around. Their food is kept simple, allowing the quality ingredients shine forth. “We use organic produce whenever possible, and all-natural, sustainable meats.” 

Mizuna also offers a full vegetarian menu (and is one of our favorite vegetarian restaurants in Spokane!). Their seasonal cuisine also offers many opportunities for those looking for gluten-free. 

With an impeccable wine-list, craft-cocktails and popular microbrews, they’ve become a place to host private parties, rehearsal dinners, birthdays and business meetings.

Cole’s Bakery

Location: 521 E Holland Ave., Spokane, WA 99218

Website: https://colesbakeryandcafe.com/

Cole’s Bakery & Café is Spokane’s first full-service restaurant where everything on the menu is gluten-free. “We proudly offer food that is always 100% gluten and peanut-free.”

Founded in 2013, Cole’s vision was to create a safe place with delicious food for people with allergies. They offer many dairy-free, vegan and keto options to enchant their customers.

Cole’s uses local resources to provide customers one of the best allergen-free dining experience in Spokane. As a company, their culture and values lie in constantly improving the quality and consistency of their food.

“Creating delicious gluten-free food and a positive experience for people is our reason for existing,” said Cole’s. “We want to provide a place in the community for people diagnosed with Celiac disease or those adhering to an allergy-specific lifestyle.” Cole’s is a place you can dine regardless of any allergy-limitations.

Boots Bakery

Location: 24 W Main Ave., Spokane, WA 99201

Website: https://bootsbakery.com/

Boots Bakery is one of the best vegan and gluten-free bakeries, espresso bar and cocktail lounges around town. Housed in historic Spokane Longbotham Building, Boots is located in the up-and-coming East End. All across their exposed brick walls and high up onto the ceilings, you’ll find the works of some of Spokane’s best artists.

With their vegan nourishment, gluten-free options, baked goodies, coffee-roast house, and fine crafted cocktails (at any hour you’d like), you’re sure to find something you like. “Wifi and plug-ins everywhere, art by local geniuses, and occasional mayhem,” make Boots one of the best spots to get coffee in Spokane, too.

Boots is one of the only places in Spokane that is completely vegan, and mostly gluten-free. They have baked-goods galore as well as a full-service deli with savory foods. Their aim is to please all eaters, so please let them know of any special dietary considerations.

They also make a mean drink, with an “intuitive bartender” that likes to surprise guests. Not sure what you want? Let the bartender craft you up something delicious based on your mood and favorite flavors.

Plenty of Options for Gluten-Free Restaurants Around Spokane

We hope you’ll enjoy these wonderful gluten-free and vegan eats around Spokane. As always check with owners and staff to make sure your food is gluten free without any possibility of cross-contamination. We all deserve fresh, healthy and nourishing food options, regardless of allergies and dietary restrictions.

Looking for even more gluten-free options around Spokane? Our list is far from exhaustive, so if you want a full, vetted guide to gluten-free eats in Spokane, make sure to visit the gluten free expert at Gluten Free Spokane!

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