Brunch Spot: Frank’s Diner in Spokane

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image of veggie breakfast omelette at frank's diner
Are you looking for a delicious brunch or diner in Spokane, WA?

When we heard that Frank’s Diner was voted ‘Best Breakfast’ 18 years and counting, we knew we had to visit. In addition to being voted Best Breakfast for 18 years, Frank’s Diner has also won the ‘Best Diner’ award by The Inlander’s People’s Choice awards and KREM’s ‘Best Breakfast’ and ‘Best Diner’ every year since the awards began.

As if all that isn’t enough, Frank’s is a powerhouse in the community, raising money for the homeless, running the Amazing Kid program and so much more. Plus, Frank’s boasts serving 30,000 jumbo eggs and 2.5 tons of hashbrowns every month.

Quite a lot to live up to, right? Being brunch connoisseurs, Blake and I couldn’t wait to check out Frank’s Diner!

Image of inside of Frank's Diner on Newport Highway, Spokane
Inside of Frank’s Diner on Newport Highway

Frank’s Diner: Delicious Breakfast in Spokane

Frank’s now has two locations:


1516 West 2nd Ave.
Spokane, WA

North Spokane:

10929 North Newport Highway
(Pinewater Plaza)
Spokane, WA

When you first get to Frank’s Diner, you may be surprised to see that it looks like a train car – because it is! The downtown location is Car No. 1787, a presidential car until it was stranded during the Depression. Lucky for us (and the car), Frank Knight bought the presidential car and converted it into a diner in 1931 in Seattle. You can read more about how Frank’s diner car made it over to Spokane, but Seattle’s loss is our gain!

The Newport Highway location is also an elegantly done presidential car, so at either location you visit, you will be stunned to see how beautifully re-done and classic these cars look.

What are Frank’s Diner’s Breakfast Hours?

Breakfast at Frank’s Diner is served all day, and Frank’s Diner is open everyday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

What’s on the Frank’s Diner Menu?

You absolutely cannot go wrong with breakfast at Frank’s Diner! Don’t believe me? Check out their delicious menu and get ready to start drooling.

Being a brunch spot, we knew Frank’s could be very busy and have a long wait time, but when we arrived at 9 a.m. on a Sunday, we were seated immediately at the bar. We ordered:

  • Frank’s Breakfast Combo (Blake)
  • Fiesta Veggie Scramble (Melissa)

Blake ordered his eggs over hard, and they came out perfectly. But the best part was the bacon – 3 strips of thick cut Daily’s bacon that Blake found tasty, not chewy or dry. The hashbrowns were very good, as was the biscuit that came as a side. Blake loves his biscuits, and this one was delicious.

image of Frank's Diner Breakfast Combo in Spokane
Frank’s Diner Breakfast Combo

You think eggs, bacon and biscuit was a lot? We’re not done! Frank’s Breakfast Combo also came with hotcakes topped with peaches (you can get huckleberry and blueberry if you’d like) and whipped cream.

One thing to know about Frank’s hotcakes is they’re 1889-style, which means they are not sweet. Blake found this just to be fine, but I really enjoyed the taste of the hotcakes – especially with the tasty, ripe peaches on top! You can also buy Frank’s hotcakes to make at home for $8!

My meal was excellent – if you’re looking for flavorful and slightly spicy, you should definitely order this! All vegetarian and packed with flavor. It’s hard to say what part of it was my favorite, but the cheese and salsa is at the top. I also loved my homemade English muffin – as much as Blake likes his biscuits, I love my English muffins, and Frank’s Diner did an out of this world delicious job on it!

image of Frank's Diner Fiesta Veggie Scramble
Frank’s Diner Fiesta Veggie Scramble

The coffee was very good, plus they had flavored creamer, which we appreciate. Service was excellent – and it was fun sitting at the bar, watching the cooks hard at work.

Frank’s in the Community

I wanted to mention Frank’s Diner in the community as well – service was excellent, and you can tell Frank’s takes pride in being an active, positive force in the community. One of the things I liked was all of the community involvement Frank’s Diner highlights on their menu, including:

  • When you buy Frank’s hotcakes to make at home, a portion of the proceeds goes to helping Spokane’s homeless (something they’ve been doing for years!)
  • Support for the Spokesman Review Christmas Fund and other local charities
  • Amazing Kids Program – each year, Frank’s supplies thousands of Amazing Kids gift cards to local teachers to encourage good behavior in their students. The gift cards are good for a free ice cream sundae at Frank’s Diner and The Onion.
  • Plus many other local charities Frank’s supports with time and money

We love supporting local business, and you know by going to Frank’s Diner, you’ll be supporting a local business and your local community.

Is Frank’s the Best Breakfast in Spokane?

According to the people, Frank’s Diner is the best breakfast and diner in Spokane. We also loved Frank’s Diner – I personally can’t wait to bring my parents here when they visit, as it’s a classic, delicious and out of the ordinary place to brunch.

But you’ll have to try it for yourself – let us know what you think of Frank’s Diner in Spokane!

image of meat omelette at frank's diner
Is Frank’s Diner the best breakfast in Spokane? Let us know what you think!

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