Fun Long Weekend Getaway Ideas: Seattle

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If you’re looking for a weekend getaway for the family, check out Seattle. The Emerald City is only a four-and-half-hour drive from Spokane and offers a ton of fun activities for the entire family.

Visiting Seattle for a getaway weekend from Spokane is perfect – even if it’s a short weekend getaway, Seattle is close enough to get to quickly and maximize your time there. Here are some top of fun things to do (and eat!) while you’re visiting Seattle.

Fun Getaway Ideas in Seattle

Wild Waves Theme and Water Park

Located in Federal Way, about an hour south of Seattle Interstate 5, Wild Waves Theme and Water Park provides a full day of fun for the family. From thrill rides aimed to flip you upside down and challenge your limits, rides like the Disk’O Flashback and Timber Axe aren’t for the faint-hearted.

In addition, you can ride the Timberhawk Ride of Prey – the state’s only wooden rollercoaster – as well as the oldest ride at the park, the Wild Thing. There are height limits for these rides at 42 and 48 inches, so please ensure you check the website before visiting. 

Fortunately, there are several rides that are geared for the entire family, such as the Hang Glider, which is considered a moderate thrill ride. The Coastal Clipper simulates a calm ride in the ocean, only with a few rough waves tossed in for fun. If these rides may be too much for some family members, there’s always the safer rides, including a 1906 antique carousel that will provide an entertaining experience for younger children. Everyone will enjoy grabbing an inner tube and riding the Downhill Tubin’ ride. The giant slide makes for a fun adventure. 

The youngest members of the family will enjoy Wild Waves Theme and Water Park’s kiddie rides, including the Frog Hopper. Designed for children between 36 and 54 inches tall, Frog Hoppers lifts riders to a height of 18 feet and slowly bounces them up and down as the ride lowers back to the ground. Safari Jeeps will allow them to sit at the wheel and “drive” around a jungle. Who knows what they’ll encounter on their safari!

Once everyone is done hanging out at the them park, head over to the water park, where more water rides await. From challenging turns and dips in the tunnel on the Mountain Dew Slide Complex to enjoying a relaxing tube ride along the Lazy River, the Water Park offers fun for everyone in the family.


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The Riptide is a challenging ride intended for swimmers at least four feet tall. Sitting in an inner tube, you are dropped from a chute on to the perimeter of a circle, where the water spins you around and around before eventually sucking you through a corkscrew-like exit. This ride has a high thrill rating, so it’s intended for the bravest in the group. However, besides the lazy river, the wave pool and Hook’s Lagoon provide mild-level experiences that younger members of the family will enjoy.

Wild Waves Theme and Water Park is open daily until 8 p.m. 

Portal VR – Virtual Reality Arcade

Step into the future at this unique arcade lounge in Ballard and Bellevue. With 10 gaming booths at the Ballard location and 12 booths in Bellevue, players at Portal VR can rent up to 90 minutes of game time. Booth time is also available in 15-, 30- and 60-minute intervals. Up to four people split a 60- or 90-minute session, while two people can also split a 30 minute game session. Sessions are booked in 15-minute blocks. 

You’ll be challenged mentally and physically at Portal VR, as you try to negotiate a plank after riding a simulated elevator up 50 floors. Players actually stand on a small plank of wood only a few inches above the floor, but virtual reality makes you feel as though you are more than 500 feet above ground as the elevator doors open and you are confronted with walking a plank. Your body and senses must adapt to the challenges a person would actually face in that situation. 

A second game players can try at Portal VR’s Bellevue location is a glider simulator. You’ll soar high above three islands as you navigate through a series of hoops. Will you survive? Or crash? The experience is challenging, while entertaining.

These experiences are only two examples of what guests can play. You can play shooting games as well as experience a locked room challenge. Portal VR offers a virtual reality museum that provides a unique experience as guests can get up-close to the pieces of art.

For people not sure about taking on the experiences, they can sit back and watch players on high definition monitors while enjoying a snack or drink. For rates and hours, as well as more information, please check here

Seattle Waterfront

A day on the Seattle Waterfront can run the gamut from visiting northwestern American sea life to taking in the oddities of a small museum. The Seattle Aquarium features creatures that can be found in Puget Sound, from sea anemones to otters and harbor seals. Tufted Puffins and other birds can also be seen at the aquarium.

A short walk from the Seattle Aquarium is the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop. A waterfront attraction since 1899, the shop offers views of oddities such as mummified bodies and a “one-armed” bandit, plus plenty of souvenirs.

On your getaway to Seattle, enjoy a ride on the Great Wheel, a slow moving Ferris wheel that takes riders high enough to enjoy a fantastic view of the Puget Sound and Seattle’s downtown area. On the south end of the waterfront is Olympic Sculpture Park, home to impressive sets of sculptures promoting the city’s public art scene.

Head over to Pike Place to enjoy a walk through one of the oldest and largest farmers markets in the country. Stop by Pike Place Fish Market to watch the workers load fish orders to be shipped, as well as the hourly throwing of the fish. Tourists line up just to watch the workers grab a salmon or another large fish and hurl in the air to the guy behind the counter so he can weigh it and add it to the order. 

The Whale Museum at Friday Harbor

Do you or someone in your family love whales? What’s there not to like about these majestic creatures, especially for Washingtonians! The Whale Museum at Friday Harbor was founded in 1976 to study the Southern Resident orcas. The research conducted there was made public, and now the Whale Museum on San Juan Island takes up the whole Odd Fellows Hall, making a trip to the museum both educational and historical.

Seattle Mariners 

No getaway to Seattle is complete without a trip to T-Mobile Park and a Mariners game. Seattle’s stadium provides one of the best environments to watch a Major League Baseball game, with very few games rained out due to the retractable roof the team uses. The Mariners can decide up to 10 minutes before a game whether to close the roof or play an open-air game.

While you enjoy the Mariners take on their rivals, team officials encourage fans to roam about the concourse as the stadium was designed to be fan friendly. Fans can also purchase tours of the stadium.


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While you enjoy a game at T-Mobile Park, the Mariners offer a kids play area behind center field, featuring a playground and concession stand. Prior to home games, children can meet the Moose, the team’s mascot, 30-90 minutes before the game for a photo opportunity. For more information on the Mariners’ schedule and ticket prices, please check here.

Take a Weekend Getaway to Visit Seattle

With Seattle home to many attractions and exhibits, it may seem a bit overwhelming in trying to plan a family weekend. Luckily for us in Spokane, Seattle is not terribly far away and offers families a lot of fun activities to take part in, such as a theme and water park, virtual reality lounge and some history.

If being outside in this great summer weather is more your thing, you won’t go wrong taking in a Mariners game. After all, baseball is the national pastime! So, as you plan your weekend getaway before the hustle and bustle of the school season, enjoy your visit to Seattle. A great time awaits your family. For additional information on Seattle, please check here.

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