The 9 Most Fun, Best Wine Advent Calendars

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As we approach the holiday season, wine advent calendars have become an awaited and fun tradition for wine lovers around the world. They’re like a grown up version of the chocolate advent calendars many of us grew up with, except better… because wine.

These surprising calendars offer a daily treat of joy and indulgence, allowing you to sip on a different wine each day leading up to Christmas. It’s like opening a little door to a world of flavors, surprises, and holiday cheer.

In 2023, the wine advent calendar scene is filled with exciting options that cater to every budget and palate preference. From strictly reds to sparkling varieties, there is a delightful selection to suit even the most discerning wine connoisseurs. Whether you prefer full-sized bottles, mini bottles, or even glass tubes, there is a wine advent calendar that is perfect for you.

One of this year’s top picks is the Laithwaite’s Cheers to the World Advent calendar, which features a variety of options options that will make every day feel like a celebration. For those who enjoy sparkling wines, the Give Them Beer Sparkling Wine advent calendar offers an exceptional assortment of fun bubbly options for your “champs” aficionado.

Photo of Laithewait's Cheers to the World wine advent calendar with one day popped open
Laithwaite’s Cheers to the World wine advent calendar is a win!

If you’re on a budget but still want to indulge in some delicious wine, the Costco Passport to the World/wine advent calendar is the perfect choice. Packed with exceptional wines at an affordable price, this calendar will make each day feel like a special occasion.

No matter your preference or budget, there is a wine advent calendar waiting to add some holiday spirit to your daily routine. This year, treat yourself or a loved one to the joy of savoring a different wine each day. Cheers to a wonderful time filled with the perfect gift of an exceptional wine advent calendar.

Best Wine Advent Calendars Recap

Best Overall: Laithwaite’s Cheers to the World Advent Calendar

In the wonderful world of wine advent calendars, there is one that reigns supreme as the best overall choice: Laithwaite’s Cheers to the World Advent Calendar. This exceptional calendar offers a wine adventure like no other, with 24 different world-class bottles to delight your senses every day leading up to Christmas.

And I have to say, this wine advent calendar is a beast! Take a look below at my Mom’s hand compared to this box – it’s huge! Surprisingly, it’s not that heavy, which was great for my Mom and me, since we’re not that strong. While it’s not one of the heavier calendars on this list (yay!) it packs a serious punch when it comes to amazing wines. 

Photo of Laithewait's Cheers to the World Wine Advent calendar with a woman's hand next to it for scale
It’s a large box but not too heavy!

What I really love about this Christmas wine advent calendar are:

  • Variety! You’ll get 24 mini bottles of wine with reds, whites, roses, and a surprise half bottle of sparkling wine to enjoy on Christmas Eve. There’s something for everyone!
  • Traditional advent calendar feel – For me, half the fun of opening advent calendars as a kid was finding the number and doing the countdown. It felt special and unexpected, and you never knew what you were going to get! I love that Laithwaite’s has given us delicious wine, but not removed the excitement of finding each day and not knowing what to expect.
  • The wine advent calendar design itself! The wines hail from renowned regions across the globe, reflecting the international theme illustrated on the calendar’s beautifully intricate artwork by famed artist Vincent Moustache. Each scene depicts a holiday tradition from a different country, with “cheers” translated into that country’s language.

Calendar highlights include a 98-point rated Super Tuscan, barrel-aged Cabernet Reserva, gold medal winning Chardonnay and French Rosé, luscious ruby Port, and much more. Additional featured wines include French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese varieties, offering a sensational selection for any wine lover. 

Photo of Laithewait's Cheers to the World Wine Advent Calendar with a bottle of white wine, opened from the box
Good size bottles of wine and excellent varities.

With free shipping on orders of the calendar, it makes for an ideal gift or a fun way to count down to the holidays with a new wine discovery daily. You’ll get all this wine, plus the sparkling on Christmas Eve, plus the festive box, all for $149. 

Laithwaite’s Cheers to the World Advent Calendar is not just a wine advent calendar—it’s a delightful indulgence, a journey through the best the wine world has to offer. It’s a gift that will bring joy and cheer to family and friends, and a delightful addition to your own holiday traditions. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary wine adventure. Cheers to the world, indeed!

For the Red Wine Lover: Vinebox Cozy Nights 12 Nights of Wine Advent Calendar

For my fellow red wine lovers, I have the perfect and bougiest red wine advent calendar for you: the Cozy Nights 12 Nights of Wine Advent Calendar. I’m obsessed with the look of the Vinebox wine advent calendars. Personally, I want the 24 nights version, but if you’re strictly a red wine lover only, Vinebox has got you with its 12 night red wine advent calendar!

Photo of Vinebox's wine advent calendar red and white options
Vinebox has two wine advent calendar options, red and white – or you can combine them for both!

And trust me, this is the coolest wine advent calendar I’ve seen so far. Vinebox’s 12 Nights of Wine advent calendars ($129) sell out every year, mainly because they are both cool and have delicious red wine (and white!) selections. 

Each calendar contains 12 specially curated 100ml mini-bottles of premium wine, perfect for savoring and discovering new favorites. Best of all? Your wine comes in sophisticated, perfume roll-on-looking vials, making the pour into your wine glass extra fancy-looking.

The Cozy Collection features a dozen smooth red wines hand-picked to enhance fireside chats and cozy nights in. Meanwhile, the Chill Collection (white wines) provides a delightful mix of crisp whites, vibrant rosés, and chillable reds for livelier occasions. For the ultimate wine lover’s countdown, combine both sets for 24 Nights of Wine! ($199)

Every calendar includes tasting notes, food pairing tips, sommelier-led virtual tastings, a collectible art print, and stunning gift-ready packaging. Sip your way through the holidays with these thoughtfully curated wines from prestigious regions like Italy, France, Spain, and California. 

Personally, I think this makes an awesome gift for your wine-loving friend who seemingly has everything. Do they really have this cool 12 Nights of Wine calendar? I highly doubt it! Get this and surprise them with a thoughtful and delicious gift.

For the White Wine Fan: Vinebox Chill Nights 12 Nights of Wine Advent Calendar

You didn’t think I’d leave the white wine fans out, did you? If you, like my Mom, are a white wine fan all year round, then you should definitely check out Vinebox’s Chill Nights 12 Nights of Wine Advent Calendar

Photo of the Chill Nights wine advent calendar from Vinebox
I absolutely love the vials Vinebox sends for their wine advent calendar!

With Vinebox, you’ll savor hand-picked selections from prestigious wine regions like Italy, France, Spain, and the heart of American wine country, California. This is not your run-of-the-mill wine advent calendar. You’ll get a delightful mix of whites and high quality wines to tantalize your taste buds – plus, it comes in such fun packaging!

Like it’s Cozy Nights red wine cousin, the Chill Nights white wine ($129) comes in a sophisticated advent calendar box and oh-so-cool vial containers. You’ll get 12 curated 100mL mini bottles, plus tasting notes, sommelier-led tastings, a collectible art print and gift-ready packaging – if you can bring yourself to sharing this!

And for the ultimate wine lover’s Advent, why not combine the two collections for a truly exceptional experience? With 24 Nights of Wine, you’ll be treated to an extraordinary variety of flavors, textures, and aromas that will transport you to the picturesque vineyards of the world.

Whether you splurge on the 24 Nights of Wine or stick with the 12 Nights of Wine Advent calendar, you won’t go wrong with this advent calendar gift!

For the Canned Wine Lover: Graham + Fisk’s (24 Nights) or Maker (12 Days)

Canned wine has improved by leaps and bounds since the early days, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the quality from Maker with their Maker’s 12 Days of Wine Advent Calendar. The Maker 12 Days of Wine Advent calendar ($118.15 – you get $20 off with our exclusive link!) comes in a pretty, well-organized box and is a really great gift for someone who wants to support more women in the wine industry.

Each festive box from Maker contains the equivalent of 4 bottles, with an impressive variety of dry, sustainably-made canned wines. No added sugars or manipulation here! Maker also includes access to tasting videos that complement each featured wine.

Sip your way through organic selections from women and minority-led wineries – a very important distinction for Maker, which we support! In fact, Maker also supports winemakers who believe in sustainable farming practices and low intervention winemaking, making small batches for optimum quality.

Plus, with our exclusive Maker link, you’ll get $20 off your 12 Days of Wine Advent Calendar, making this gift only $118.15 instead of $139! Get your Maker 12 Days of Wine Advent calendar here.

Looking for a canned wine advent calendar option that encompasses 24 days of celebrating? You’ll definitely want to check out Graham + Fisk’s 24 Days of Wine Advent Calendar in that case! 

With Graham + Fisk’s 24 Nights of Wine Advent Calendar ($119.99), you’ll find 24 cans of Graham+Fisk’s 100% California wine, totaling 250ml or 8.4oz each. Plus, the box is super cute and manageable, giving you a festive treat by finding each individual day and popping out the can sideways (no struggling! Trust me, it can be a thing.)

Behind each numbered tab is a different Graham+Fisk varietal—7 in total! That includes new Sauv Series whites plus their signature Rosé, Moscato, Cabernet, and more. Every can holds a merry surprise, plus all the wine is from California, so if you want to try something new to you but not entirely hard to get, this is a great US-based option. 

For the Sustainably Savvy: In Good Taste Wine Advent Calendar

Imagine opening up a box filled with the cutest wine bottles, each holding a treasure trove of flavor and delight. With 24 different wine options, including reds, whites, and rosé, the In Good Taste Wine advent calendar ($139) is a wine lover’s dream come true.

Behind each numbered door lies a different mini 187mL bottle, sourced from top regions across Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, and California. This wine advent calendar introduced me to a lot of new wines, and different wines from what I usually drink, like pinot noir, crisp sauvignon blanc, and more.

You’ll get to sip your way through an exciting variety of whites, reds, rosés, and more. In Good Taste’s expert winemaker Matt Smith has carefully crafted 24 sustainably-made, high-quality pours to sample. Plus, the box it comes in is festive and the bottles are adorable. I wouldn’t blame you if you re-used them for individual flowers (as some people have!)

With 24 nights of wine from acclaimed regions around the world, it’s the perfect self-gift or for sharing with other wine enthusiasts. Discover new favorites this holiday season with In Good Taste’s Wine Advent Calendar!

For the Person Who Loves to Share: Costco’s Around the World in 24 Wines

In years past, this Costco wines around the world box used to be Costco’s wine advent calendar. I can’t figure out why the company switched to a ‘wines around the world’ box instead of an advent calendar, but nonetheless, reviews online say this wine is exactly the same as the wine advent calendar, so we’re going to say this is very, very similar.

Photo of 2022 Costco's wine advent calendar
Costco used to offer a wine advent calendar, but switched it up in 2023

If you love discovering new wine and sharing it with others, you’ll love Costco’s Around the World in 24 Wines / Costco’s Wine Advent Calendar version for this year. We found the Wines Around the World box for $99.99 at the Spokane Costco location, but prices will vary based on taxes (boo, Washington’s are high) and other factors. This offer isn’t available online for us, either, so you may want to head into Costco and see if this is still available!

Photo of the Costco box of wines around the world
Now called Around the World in 24 Wines, it’s still an excellent wine gift!

Inside this festive box are 24 half-bottles (375ml) of wine from regions across the globe, offering a tasting tour from Chile to Italy, France, Spain and beyond. At under $4 per bottle, it’s a budget-friendly way to sip your way through the season. This is by far the best value on this list, too, as you’ll get quite the full glass of wine from these larger sized (but not full-sized!) bottles of wine. It’s definitely one of those great gifts for people who love different types of wine and like to try new things without a big financial investment!

The calendar contains a diverse selection of reds, whites, roses, and dessert wines. Featured varieties include Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinotage, Montepulciano, Syrah-Cabernet blends, Grenache, and many more. While not every wine may be a winner, the convenience of the smaller bottles is ideal for solo glasses or appetizer pairings.

Highlights of the international assortment are wines from Chile, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, South Africa, and even little-known Luxembourg. It’s a great opportunity to taste wines from regions you may not normally buy from.

Photo of the inside of Costco's wines around the world
Still a countdown on Costco’s Around the World in 24 Wines, so just pretend it’s a wine advent calendar

While you won’t get to pop out each wine per day in a fun way, like you can with Laithwaite’s, we still enjoyed the Costco wine advent calendar because it’s an incredible value (half bottles of wine! $99!) and it’s always fun to try wine you wouldn’t have picked yourself.

With an incredible amount of wine for the price, Costco’s Wine Advent Calendar / Around the World in 24 Wines box is a creative holiday treat for wine lovers.

A photo of Costco's Around the World in 24 Wines with a large bottle of one red wine from the box
Probably the best deal on a wine advent calendar on this list!

For the Sparkling Wine Lover: Give Them Beer Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar

Okay, so my Mom and I did this sparkling wine advent calendar last year, and it’s both fun and truly traditional. Looking for a straightforward advent calendar, with the days you can pop out in a box? Yup, this is it!

The Give Them Beer Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar ($129) combines the practicality of the Costco wine box along with the surprising and unexpected delight of finding each day that the Laithwaite’s Cheers to the World Advent Calendar offers.

With this holiday gift, you’ll get 12 dazzling splits (187ml) of exquisite sparkling champagne from world-renowned wineries, all neatly packaged in one fabulous calendar.

When my Mom and I enjoyed this calendar last year, we were so excited. It was our first time doing grown up advent calendars, and we were over the moon! Opening each sparkling surprise every day was like unwrapping a little bottle of celebration. We discovered delightful varieties from wineries like Chandon, Gemma di Luna, Ruffino, and many more.

Now, here’s the beauty of it all – there were moments when Mom and I had different preferences, and this calendar allowed us to indulge individually. If one of us wasn’t too keen on a particular bottle, the other would gladly savor it. Sharing made it twice as special and twice as fun!

And when we did find ourselves equally obsessed with a particular bottle, we’d split the glass and then make a note of the wine’s name. That way, we could seek it out in the future to relive those cherished moments. It was like creating our very own wine advent calendar memory book!

In the immortal words of famous Real Housewives stars, if you love “champs” but want to try new varieties out in a manageable way, get the Get Them Beer sparkling wine advent calendar. It’s one of my favorites, as a champs fan, and is the perfect way to try out new varieties of sparkling without buying individual bottles.

For the DIYer: Mini Wine Bottle Advent Calendar

Prefer to make your own wine advent calendar from start to finish, but maybe you’re not crafty enough to make the wine holder yourself? Hold up, there’s an Etsy creation for you!

For the DIYers who know the exact perfect wine bottles they want to gift their friend or family member, this Mini Wine Bottle Advent Calendar ($39.99) from Etsy seller Studio29ElevenDesign is a no-brainer.

Photo from Etsy seller of a homemade wine advent calendar that you can fill yourself

Countdown to Christmas with this handcrafted wooden advent calendar that holds 25 mini wine or liquor bottles. Lovingly made by Etsy’s Studio29ElevenDesign from MDF wood, this creative tree-shaped calendar adds a festive touch for the holidays.

Arriving unfinished and unassembled, you can stain or paint it yourself before easily piecing it together – no tools required! Then fill with 25 mini 187ml wine bottles or small liquor bottles up to 2″ diameter.

Measuring 19″ tall by 15″ wide, it’s sure to elevate your holiday decor. When the season’s over, it breaks down flat for convenient storage.

For an even bigger splurge, consider contacting the maker to customize a version with larger wine bottle openings, perfect for gifting full-size favorites. However you fill it, this mini bottle advent calendar equals 24 days of unique holiday countdown fun!

Final Verdict

When I first started researching for delectable wine advent calendars, I initially thought back to the Give Them Beer varieties, since we had tried them before. However, since purchasing and getting some of these calendars, I’ve now changed my mind!

While last year’s sparkling wine Give Them Beer advent calendar offered fun holiday magic with a variety of bubbly wines, I really appreciated the diversity of wine options found in Laithwaite’s Cheers to the World wine advent calendar. I like to share my wine advent calendar(s) with friends and family, and getting a variety pack of wine (plus a bubbly on Christmas Eve!) is super fun.

After all, as much as I absolutely love advent and holiday calendars, sometimes drinking wine day after day gets tiring. Yes, I could save them, but I enjoy sharing them! So being able to split one or give one to my Mom or a friend is really fun and makes me enjoy the season even more.

It’s for this reason I’ll be enjoying Laithwaite’s Cheers to the World this holiday season, along with the Costco advent calendar/wines around the world my Mom already got earlier this season. That said, I hope our research has helped you narrow down your top choice or choices to make your holiday season sparkle!

Best Wine Advent Calendars Recap

Whichever wine advent calendar you choose, rest assured that the holiday spirit will be poured into every glass. So grab a bottle, raise a toast to the wonderful time ahead, and let the daily unveiling of exceptional wines make this holiday season truly unforgettable.

Looking for local wine shops and tasting rooms? Take a look at our list of Spokane wineries and tasting rooms.

How long do wine advent calendars keep?

So you’re not drinking a small-ish bottle of wine every night, unlike me. How long do wine advent calendars keep in that case?

The longevity of these delightful calendars depends on a few factors. First and foremost, temperature is key. To keep your wine advent calendar in tip-top shape, store it at an ideal temperature of around 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This will ensure that the wines stay fresh and flavorful for as long as possible.

When it comes to consumption, it’s all about timing. Unopened wine advent calendars can last throughout the holiday season and beyond, as long as they’re sealed tight and stored properly. However, once you crack open a bottle, it’s best to consume it within a few days to fully enjoy its delightful flavors.

To truly savor the experience, I recommend drinking opened bottles within the first one to three days. This will ensure that you enjoy the wines at their absolute best. There’s nothing quite like the taste of a freshly opened bottle of wine.

Keep these tips in mind as you embark on your wine advent calendar journey. Store them at the perfect temperature, consume within a few months, and savor each bottle within the first one to three days. Cheers to a wonderful holiday season filled with delicious wines and beautiful moments!

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