Crossfit Gyms In and Near Spokane, Washington

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CrossFit is taking the world by storm. The workout goes beyond a fitness trend and aims to improve multiple aspects of fitness like strength, endurance, and agility. CrossFit was founded in 2001 and is an intense workout program that challenges the body and mind.

If you are looking for a fitness program that can help you achieve your fitness goals, CrossFit is one of the best options available. But where can you find Crossfit gyms around Spokane? We’ll break down where you can find CrossFit gyms in and around Spokane, Washington. 

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Finding a CrossFit Gym In and Near the Spokane Area

If you’re looking for a great gym that offers intense conditioning workouts, helps you achieve measurable increases in health and fitness levels, and improves your overall fitness journey and goals, then Crossfit is for you. In Spokane, Washington, you’ll find several excellent Crossfit gyms, each with its own unique selling points and facilities. Here are the top Crossfit gyms in and near Spokane, Washington.

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1. Black Goat Fitness

Location: Several convenient locations, including one in Spokane at 123 E Mission Ave, Spokane, WA 99202

Black Goat (GOAT – Greatest of All Time!) Fitness has a slew of trainers and several programs to help you find the right CrossFit program for your needs. You can schedule a free tour of Black Goat, which also has locations in Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake, to see if it’s the right fit. 

At Black Goat Fitness, you can choose from group classes, personal training, nutrition coaching and even break out competitions to push yourself. After your free trial, Black Goat Fitness will help you find the fitness program for you to achieve your fitness goals. 

2. CrossFit Spokane Valley

Location: 12403 E 1st Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99216

CrossFit Spokane Valley started in 2008 as a place anyone, regardless of fitness level, could start or continue their fitness journey. CrossFit Spokane Valley offers several different options for getting started, including private training sessions, unlimited classes, CrossFit Kids, drop in rates and more. There’s even an Open Gym option for you to get extra time in!

You can see what a day at CrossFit Spokane Valley looks like here:

3. Predation CrossFit

Location: 3627 E Springfield Ave, Spokane, WA 99202

Predation CrossFit is a little different in that it explicitly states it is not for “raw beginners” and instead requests you call or message to schedule an assessment to get started at Predation. Personally, I think this is really good, as I would prefer to know up front if a place is good for beginners or is better for intermediates and beyond. I know when I’ve taken certain fitness classes I’m good at, like kickboxing, it can be a little frustrating having to wait behind a newbie, and many others may feel similarly. If you’re looking to up your CrossFit game, Predation could be a great fit!

After your assessment, Predation offers an introductory ‘on ramp’ that they state is not ‘one size fits all’ – some may need more warm up than others, and during this time you’ll get familiar with the environment, coaches, fundamental moves and more. From there, you can join group classes!

4. Duratus

Location: 711 N Helena St, Spokane, WA 99202

Duratus may have a strange name (it means ‘to endure’ or ‘harden’ in Latin), but its philosophy is anything but strange! If you’re looking to go beyond just a “good workout”, check out Duratus, whose mission is to create a community of people seeking transformative fitness. 

Not sure Duratus is for you? You can take a free trial and even a second free trial if needed! You can try a regularly scheduled class or the Beginners Foundation class, depending on your fitness level. 

5. Rewired Fitness Co.

Location: 7512 N Division St, Spokane, WA 99208

Located on the north side, Rewired’s mission is “change your life with us.” With a plethora of classes, including personal training and individually designed workouts, Rewired is a great place to form healthy habits and truly change your life. You can take group classes almost every day of the week except for Sunday, and there is even “kid watch” available so you can exercise without worrying who’s going to watch the kiddos!

6. Catalyst Fitness

Location: 2718 E 57th Ave #107, Spokane, WA 99223

Although Catalyst Fitness isn’t an outright CrossFit studio, you’ll still find a lot of similarities between CrossFit and Catalyst. Catalyst offers a class called Balanced Power, which offers a step by step guide “to becoming a Superhero,” according to Catalyst. These are small group classes where you’ll do functional full body movements which increase in intensity. Catalyst wants to help you move better and maybe even find new friends while doing so! You can also take personal training and semi private training at Catalyst. 

Find Your Fit: Top CrossFit Gyms in Spokane for Every Fitness Level

There’s no shortage of Crossfit gyms in and near Spokane, Washington. Among these gyms, you’ll find a community of people, unique facilities, experienced coaches, and top-notch equipment that meet your fitness goals and assist on your journey towards a healthier way of life.

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