Slate Dental Electric Flosser: Will This Replace Your Floss?

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I have to be honest – I hate flossing. I know, I know, super gross and every dentist probably hates me. But I just don’t like how messy it is, how long it takes, and how unpleasant it feels.

Brush my teeth with my electric toothbrush? Absolutely – at least twice a day if not more often as needed! But floss? I’d rather do anything else.

I’m not alone in this intense dislike of flossing – according to NPR, at least 25% of people lie to their dentists about regularly flossing. But flossing is actually extremely important, not just for your oral health, but also for preventing heart disease, inflammation, and, you know, expensive dental procedures.

If you’re reading this, you probably want to improve your flossing game! Maybe you have an electric toothbrush and want to see if an electric flosser would work as well, maybe you just want to avoid the dental hygienist and dentist – whatever your reason, I have the review for you!

In this Slate electric flosser review, I’ll share my thoughts about Slate Dental’s innovative electric flosser – does it work? Do I like it? Pros and cons? Best of all – it’s actually made right here in Spokane!

If you already want to buy the Slate electric flosser, don’t let me stop you! You can buy it on Amazon here or at Slate Dental here.

What is an Electric Flosser?

You may be thinking, how is an electric flosser different from a water dental flosser? Well, for one, the Slate Dental electric flosser doesn’t use water! It’s actually very reminiscent of those floss picks the dentist gives you when you’re a lazy flosser (or a kid who doesn’t like flossing. My dentist gives them to me because I’m a lazy flosser, not a child. Womp womp.)

A water flosser is a device designed to clean between teeth and along the gumline by using a pressurized stream of water or mouthwash. Unlike traditional floss, which requires manual dexterity to weave in and out of tight spaces, an electric flosser simplifies the process by delivering a pulsating stream of water that dislodges food particles and plaque.

The Slate electric flosser, on the other hand, is a taller, vibrating dental floss pick. It uses sonic vibrations to help clean in between your teeth using high-grade floss. It’s kind of a game changer for flossing!

Take a look at the photos below to see what I’m talking about. 

How Does the Slate Flosser Work?

The Slate Electric Flosser is an innovative dental tool designed to effectively clean the spaces between teeth, remove plaque, and promote gum health. This electric flosser provides a convenient and efficient solution for maintaining optimal oral hygiene.

With its advanced technology, the Slate Electric Flosser utilizes high-powered pulsations to clean the spaces between teeth, reaching areas that traditional flossing may not easily access. The pulsations create a dynamic force that dislodges stubborn particles, eliminates plaque buildup, and helps to prevent gum disease. This powerful action not only improves oral health but also ensures a thorough clean every time.

The Slate Electric Flosser’s innovative design sets it apart from traditional flossing methods. Its electric function eliminates the need for manual effort, making flossing quick and effortless. The sleek and compact design allows for easy handling and maneuverability, ensuring comfortable and efficient flossing.

By incorporating the Slate Electric Flosser into your daily oral care routine, you can effectively clean the spaces between your teeth, removing plaque and promoting gum health. Its electric function and innovative design make it a must-have dental tool for those seeking a convenient and effective way to maintain optimal oral hygiene.

Pros and Cons of the Slate Electric Flosser

So should you buy the Slate electric flosser? My Mom and I both tried the Slate electric flosser to see if it would work for us. My Mom is obsessed with perfect oral hygiene (she literally has allllll of the latest and greatest for oral health, including a water flosser!) and I am… not… so we were the perfect people to try this out.

For the record, my teeth are more or less fine. Only two cavities! Promise I’m not that gross. I just don’t love flossing!

Pros of the Slate Dental Electric Flosser

  • Easy to hold and use – with its ergonomic handle design, I can easily floss my teeth without getting saliva all over me. My salvia is fine, it just grosses me out. With the Slate electric flosser, I’m not getting saliva on me and that makes me want to continue flossing. 
  • Effective! Does this clean your teeth? Yes, extremely thoroughly. My mouth felt clean and it felt like I’d done a good job flossing, not just a half-done job.
  • Tongue cleaner! The tongue scraper is fun and is a nice way to end my flossing experience. 
  • Easy to clean. It’s nice that I can clean as I’m going, it’s easy to clean at the end, and you only need to replace the heads once a week.
  • Long-lasting. I’ve had the Slate electric flosser for a month now, and I haven’t had to replace the batteries at all.
  • Woven floss is wax-free, toxin-free and teflon-free (no PFAs or PTFE). I didn’t really realize floss could have these things in them, but now that I know, I’m really glad I’m not putting any of that (toxins!) in my mouth. 
  • Locally created! Dentist Dr. Danny Snyder and his wife Brynn invented the Slate electric flosser right here in Spokane, Washington – and they made our list of the top innovative businesses in the Inland Northwest, too! It could make a great local gift idea from Spokane.

Overall, the Slate electric flosser is a great product design and I’m going to continue to use it. But keep reading for the cons!

Cons of the Slate Dental Electric Flosser

  • A little difficult if you have tight teeth or a small mouth – My Mom and I both have tight teeth (she’s had some dental work) and I have a small mouth (yes, dentists also don’t like this!) When you have the Slate electric flosser on and vibrating, it can be a little jarring to work it in-between your gums – especially if this is your first time using an electric flosser.

For Mom, she just patiently works it in until she can successfully floss. For me? I turn it off and only turn it back on once I can easily work the flosser in between my teeth. That’s not exactly how you should use it, and I think I’ll get used to it eventually, but for now, that’s how I make it work.

  • Still need to replace heads – Although you’re not throwing away floss or floss picks daily with the Slate electric flosser, you do still throw them away and have to buy new flossers. But this is true of any and all floss!
  • Cost. Buying the starter pack is $79.99 (you can buy it at Slate Dental or at Amazon), which is, you know, more expensive than a Costco-size pack of floss. You’ll also need to buy replacement Slate floss heads. But honestly, I’m way more likely to use the Slate electric flosser than floss because… I don’t like to floss. So it’s worth it to me!
  • Uses batteries instead of a rechargeable cord. For some people, this could be a deal breaker! Maybe you don’t like batteries. Maybe you never have them on hand. 

For us, we use rechargeable batteries we picked up a Costco. We have a recharging station and use those silver batteries that you can recharge and re-use. Yes, we like the environment a lot and this is a pretty simple and inexpensive thing anyone can do!

If you love flossing and the convenience of the floss picks, go ahead and keep using your regular floss. My husband gets a lot of joy out of flossing, and he uses regular floss (Costco ftw) and floss picks. He doesn’t find the Slate electric flosser necessary.

However, if you are like me (or someone in your family is, like your kids or your spouse) and you don’t like flossing, then check out the Slate electric flosser. It’s super convenient, easy to use, and eliminates a lot of the “gross” parts of flossing that many people intensely dislike.

While I haven’t gone to the dentist yet to see how it’s helped my dental care, it’s undeniable that regularly flossing can improve your oral health. I know that when I consistently floss, I have better results at the dentist.

I’ll update this post when I visit the dentist in early 2024 with more information!

How Does the Slate Electric Flosser Compare to Flaus?

The Slate electric flosser is not actually the only electric flosser around – Flaus electric flosser is another competitor.

But how does it stack up against the Slate electric flosser? Glad you asked! In my Mom’s quest for the best electric flosser, she actually purchased the Flaus, too, and shared her feedback with me.

In the end, while there both very similar, the Flaus electric flosser’s main con is its loose floss. If you’ve ever used those disposable floss picks, you know what I mean – after some use, the floss gets loose and harder to work in between your teeth because it’s no longer taut.

While it might sound like this is good for someone with tight teeth, it actually makes us work even more because we have to make sure the floss is really getting in there and doing it’s job. As much as the Slate floss is tight in between my teeth, it is effective, and that’s the biggest different between Slate and Flaus.

I don’t want to spend 20 minutes flossing my teeth because the floss is loose and floppy. With the Slate dental flosser, I can be in and out within a few minutes and feel that I’ve done a very good job. 

Reviewers online also shared that in addition to loose floss, the floss in Flaus can also break or snag. I have not found that to be a problem at all with the Slate electric flosser.

Plus, Flaus is more expensive. While it does use a USB-C charging cable, so you don’t need batteries, for me, this doesn’t make up for the price difference.

Should You Get the Slate Electric Flosser?

In my opinion, there are enough good things about the Slate electric flosser that make it worth it to get. It is an investment at the retail price of $79.99, but if you’re like me and struggle to consistently floss, the Slate electric flosser makes it a lot easier to remember and enjoy flossing.

The biggest pro to me is I don’t get super messy anymore while flossing. I’m able to floss, clean off the flosser, and get on with my day without having to mess with wet floss, throw it away, worry I’ve missed a tooth, etc.

Maybe that speaks more about me than the average person, but over the last month, I’ve flossed way more than usual and actually enjoyed it! I like taking care of my teeth when it’s not a burden, and paired with my electric toothbrush, I feel like I’m doing a really good job with my teeth and oral care.

If you or anyone in your family dislikes flossing, has sensory issues that make flossing unpleasant, or simply struggles with regular flossing for any reason, check out the Slate electric flosser – you can buy it at Slate Dental here or on Amazon here.

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