15+ At Home Workouts – No Equipment Needed!

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Sometimes life just gets too busy to go to the gym or sign up with a trainer. But with many places transitioning back in person, how can you still fit in your exercise without going to the gym? We’ve collected over 15 different virtual workout class options, from local Spokane businesses located in local Spokane neighborhoods as well as national options and apps. 

From at home workouts with no equipment to HIIT workouts at home, apps to challenge you and more, we’ve got all the virtual options for you.

at home workout classes

My Absolute Favorite Way to Workout: At Home Workouts & In-Person Options

My absolute favorite way to work out: Class Pass – I have been such a huge fan of ClassPass for a long time, it’s absolutely my favorite way to workout! ClassPass is perfect for those of us who don’t like to commit to one activity for a long period of time. If you like spin class one day and yoga the next, you can do it with ClassPass!

You can sign up for a free two week trial with ClassPass, which will give you access to three classes in two weeks. It’s plenty of time to figure out if you like the options offered, the timing of classes, and what kind of time commitment you can make to choose the appropriate ClassPass plan for you. 

class pass workout options

I love ClassPass because on one day, I can take a yoga class and then a few days later, take a kickboxing class from another gym. I get to try out new gym locations, which keeps things interesting and makes me want to get out and get active!

how classpass works

You can choose from a variety of ClassPass plans, all depending on how many classes you want to take a month. Personally, I would either take 4-8 classes a month, depending on whether or not I clicked with a gym, trainer or class. Eventually I would sign up for a more consistent class at one gym and supplement with ClassPass. It’s the perfect way to try out new classes around Spokane!

Sign up for your free two week ClassPass trial here.

At Home Workouts With No Equipment

Looking for more workouts that don’t require any equipment that you can do from home? There are a ton of at-home workout options online – here are some I’m looking to try out!

1) If you have more time and want to try different types of workouts, check out Aaptiv . I’m really intrigued by Aaptiv because it’s basically a personal trainer in your ear – you can choose from workouts (like strength training or outdoor running) or programs (walk to run one mile, total body training), pop in some headphones and get a trainer to walk you through the workout or program from start to finish.

Aaptiv is all audio-based, which means you can take it anywhere with you in your area. New classes are added weekly, plus classes offer music playlists and guided workouts.

You can choose from tons of different workouts, from treadmill running to strength training, yoga and more. A monthly membership to Aaptiv is $14.99, and a yearly subscription is $99.99, but you can sign up for Aaptiv with a free 7 day trial too.

aaptive at home workouts

2) Couch to 5K program – one of my absolute favorites for training for 5ks, C25K (as it’s called) is perfect for those of us who are looking forward to getting back to 5ks (and more!). Couch to 5K has a few options, including Running for Beginners, a C25K treadmill version, and Pooch to 5k, which is a C25K program you can do with your dog!

You can search for C25K/Couch to 5K through your app program on your phone, or check out the free C25K program here.

3) Find Your Trainer – Looking for a local trainer, either for virtual or outdoor training? If you’re looking to exercise (virtual and outdoor mostly for now, although you can search for trainers that offer indoor training), Find Your Trainer is perfect for you!

Simply search for a trainer in your area, answer a few questions about your fitness and goals, and bam! You’re paired with an exercise trainer according to your fitness level. Whether you’re searching for full body workouts, HIIT workouts, or something in between, Find Your Trainer is a great resource. You don’t even need equipment – just let your trainer know what you’re trying to accomplish, and they will work with you.

at home workouts find your trainer

Find Your Trainer pricing depends on how trainer, how long you want to be trained (30 minute or 60 minute workouts) and how much the trainer themself charges. I found a local trainer who fit my goals for $59 per 60 minutes – not bad!

You can get started with Find Your Trainer here.

4) Crossfit – There are so many ways to crossfit, but everyone I know who does crossfit and sticks to it does it in a class setting. Luckily, there are several reputable Crossfit gyms around Spokane.

Find the closest Crossfit gym to you using our list: Crossfit Gyms Around Spokane. Several of them offer free trials or free introductory classes, so you can try out a few before committing to one!

5) Gaia – Looking for some at home yoga? Whether you’re looking for yoga for strength, yoga to encourage movement, or yoga for comfort, you’ll find it with Gaia. Gaia offers over 8,000 ad-free yoga practices, like this 20 minute morning flow, that you can stream on almost any device.

gaia at home yoga

You can try Gaia free for your first week, and then after that it’s $11.99 per month. Get started with your free trial here.

At Home Workouts With Some Equipment

Several of the at home workouts listed above also offer workouts with equipment, including Beachbody and Farm Girl Fit.

1) Find Your Trainer – Want to incorporate more upper body workouts, work on building muscles, or other strength building goal? You can use your own weights with your trainer from Find Your Trainer. Simply let them know what you have, and they’ll help you find a way to incorporate your equipment with your health goals.

You can get started with Find Your Trainer here.

2) Apple Fitness – I absolutely love my Apple Fitness classes, even when I don’t use equipment. You can take dance classes, kickboxing, plus meditation, yoga, HIIT and so much more.

Pro-tip: Some fitness studios, like Anytime Fitness, offer free Apple Fitness memberships to their members. I highly recommend seeing your local fitness studio offers any perks like this!

3) Obe Fitness – Obe Fitness is another one of my favorite ways to work out at home! Usually I choose cardio or other bodyweight programs, but you can choose from a variety of options that also incorporate workout equipment. Obe Fitness gets my heart pumping, as the music is fast and the trainers are fun and motivating. 

Sign up for Obe Fitness here.

4) Yoga Download – If the type of equipment you’d like to incorporate in your workouts is more yoga oriented, Yoga Download is perfect for you! With Yoga Download, you can get unlimited yoga workouts of varying levels and difficulty. You can incorporate resistance or choose a relaxing yoga practice depending on your mood and goals for the day.

Sign up for Yoga Download here.

Programs to Help You Get Healthier

Looking for something that incorporates working out and eating healthier? Here are a few other programs I’ve tried or am trying in order to get healthier and more in shape!

1) The app My Fitness PalMyFitnessPal is a free app that lets you track your meals, workouts, water intake and more. It’s very simple to set up and can also be linked to Achievement, making it seamless to get points for all the steps and meals you track. 

2) Step Bet – like to bet against your friends for money? Then Step Bet is perfect for you! Step Bet encourages you to set a goal with friends (you can also join other’s Step Bet challenges), set a timeframe to accomplish this goal, and then check in. Whoever wins (and it can be multiple people, depending on the rules of the challenge) wins all the money in the pot!

All of the Step Bet challenges I participated in were really fun – no one was mean or too competitive, but you can bet everyone was motivated with money on the line. If betting on yourself sounds appealing, check out Step Bet!

As you can see, there are a ton of options for virtual workouts and more, both from local and national companies. If you’re looking to save money or try something new, there’s an at home workout for you.

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