Spokane’s Downtown Parking is Horrible – What Can We Do About It?

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Parking study: Spokane should create “premium” parking zone with meter rates of up to $5 per hour [The Spokesman-Review]

Summary: Recommendations made by the transportation consultant company Nelson/Nygaard include adjusting meter rates to encourage motorists to park for less time in popular areas, creation of a “shared parking” program in which drivers can use a common permit for private and public parking stalls, and modernizing the system with new technology.

About $1.7 million of the city’s parking revenue will go toward paying off debt from the city’s 2005 settlement related to the River Park Square garage controversy, but revenue is not the main goal of the study. The main goal is to provide less confusing parking and navigation for the city’s growing population.

ES Analysis: The study pointed out several areas where the city could improve its parking situation. There are significant numbers of people driving downtown alone, empty parking spaces during busy times of day, and frustrated drivers.

The consultant recommended a new system of fluctuating rates that changes prices of spots depending on how many are available. Additionally, they urged the city to improve its signage to make parking options clearer to drivers.

Frankly, parking downtown in Spokane is a nightmare. The private lots are overzealous (I got a ticket for typing in ONE letter of my license plate incorrectly, had to fight it, and eventually got the ticket removed – but such a hassle for no reason!), there’s not enough cheap, city-owned parking, and forget trying to park downtown when the meters are free on Sundays (unless you get there super early).

We had these same parking problems in downtown Phoenix and, honestly, it kept us away from downtown. I don’t understand why the city is prioritizing making money on parking fees instead of prioritizing residents and tourists frequenting downtown. Isn’t the money generated by people shopping and eating downtown more than the fees the city would make in parking?

More traffic downtown = more spending downtown. It seems simple to us. But maybe we’re missing something? We wish the city would explain what we’re not seeing!

Spokane among three local cities named best places to live [KREM]

Summary: Spokane took rank No. 41 for its combination of urban and outdoor living, according to Livability. The city earned high scores in the amenities category for its abundance of parks and lakes.

The report examined 1,000 cities based on many data points, but focused its ranking on one question asked to 1,000 millennials: How affordable is it?

ES Analysis: Millennials, on the whole, care about cost of living more than most other factors when deciding where to live, and Spokane, with its balance of options and affordability, makes the grade.

Pullman, Washington ranked in at No. 86, Moscow, Idaho at No. 60, and Boise, Idaho at No. 1. No offense, Boise, but we still think Spokane is #1!

Donut Parade reopens and long line gobbles up the inventory [The Spokesman-Review]

Summary: After being closed since December of 2016, Donut Parade reopened on Wednesday, March 13.

At 6 a.m., a line already formed outside, and after about an hour, it remained long and L-shaped as donuts flew off the shelf by the baker’s dozen. By 8:30 a.m. they were all gone. More than 1,000 in the span of about two hours.

ES Analysis: Former owners of Donut Parade closed up because they had not been selling enough. Signs point in a new direction for new owner Nathan Peabody.

Peabody has updated the color scheme, kept similar recipes, and arrived back on the doughnut scene in style. Customers couldn’t get enough during the re-opening and many plan to frequent the establishment once again.

We love seeing all the new restaurants (including donut shops) opening around Spokane! Bring on more delicious food!

Analysis: Gonzaga’s offense misfires in upset loss to Saint Mary’s [The Spokesman-Review]

Summary: Second-seeded Saint Mary’s made GU pay for every mistake and pulled off a 60-47 upset to win the WCC Tournament, ending the Zags’ title streak at six and its tourney winning streak at 19.

Gonzaga posted its lowest scoring output of the season – by 20 points.

ES Analysis: Gonzaga coaches and players gave a lot of credit to the bigs of Saint Mary’s, noting how well they collapsed down on WCC Player of the Year Rui Hachimura, who had just nine points.

The Gaels finished the game with more rebounds, fewer turnovers, and higher shooting percentages than the Zags, who chalked up the 13-point loss to lack of energy and execution.

While I’m sad my Zags didn’t win the WCC, you have to give it to St. Mary’s (grudgingly) that they figured out how to shut down Rui – and this is hopefully a wake up call for the Zags as we approach the NCAA tournament! Go Zags!

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