Ready to Pig Out? It’s Pig Out in the Park Time!

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Image of Pig Out from the river
Looking out over the river to all the food and activity booths

Pig Out in Park will return August 31 – September 5, 2022.

I still remember the first time I was introduced to Pig Out in the Park in Spokane… freshmen year at Gonzaga was just starting, and two of my closest friends (Spokane natives) ran up to me and said, “you have to go to Pig Out with us!” Being up for anything, I didn’t ask questions – I just grabbed some cash and joined them.

It was marvelous. So much food, good prices, delicious lemonade (a must try!), fun stuff to do and see. I was hooked! Even after I returned to Phoenix, I still talked about Pig Out to my friends and colleagues (who didn’t care). I would text Spokane friends and ask if they had gone to Pig Out this year.

My mission when Blake and I moved to Spokane? Go to Pig Out in the Park! It’s a must do if you’re new to Spokane, and in my opinion, a must do anyway! If you’re looking for a fun afternoon or evening out, Pig Out in the Park is the best. The weather is cooling down finally, it’s Labor Day weekend – it’s time to pig out!

Pig Out in the Park can be overwhelming at first, so we’ve broken down the essentials for what to know about and what to do at Pig Out in the Park. Any questions? Let us know on our Facebook page or Instagram!

Image of Pig Out in the Park
Glazed donut burgers?! I don’t even know what that is, but sounds good!

your guide to pig out in the park in spokane, waWhere is Pig Out in the Park?

Pig Out in the Park is located where much of the action in Spokane happens – at Riverfront Park! Specifically, Pig Out in the Park is located 507 N Howard St, Spokane.

Best of all? Admission to Pig Out is completely free! All you have to pay for is your food and drinks.

Pig Out in the Park is open from Wednesday (August 28) to Monday (September 2), from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Where Should I Park to Go to Pig Out?

Lucky for us, there is plenty of parking close to Pig Out in the Park, so parking shouldn’t be an issue, even on the busiest days. You can park at Riverfront Square mall, or at several of the parking lots near the venue. We’ve located the closest three on the map below.

River Park Square parking garage image
Looking for a place to park? The River Park Square parking garage is a great option!

Do I Need Cash for Pig Out?

It’s definitely a good idea to bring cash! Some places accept cards, but not all – and what if your favorite place is cash-only? Plan on bringing around $20-40 depending on how many people you are bringing and how hungry you all are!

In 2018, we spent $35 on two meals, a lemonade, and two beers. Beer runs $6, so plan to bring a little extra if you want to visit one (or all four) of the beer gardens.

image of Pig Out in the Park on the bridge
Pig Out on the Bridge

What’s a ‘Must Eat’ at Pig Out?

With over 245 items on the menu and 57 food booths, there is truly too much to eat! One thing you definitely should get is lemonade! You’ll want something to wash down all your delicious food with, and there are lemonade stands everywhere. You won’t go wrong with any of the delicious lemonade options offered!

Other highlights?

  • Elk burgers at Trophy Spice
  • Twister’s Old Fashioned Funnel Cakes – a festival must!
  • Azar’s Exquisite Elotes – street corn!
  • Taste of Indian’s options – all of them, but especially their samosas!
  • Raspados del Sur – Mexican shaved ice/snow cones

There are also several BBQ options, a few places to grab some delicious pizza, and plenty of places to get frozen treats as the weather warms up throughout the day.

You can find the entire food vendors list here. You can take a look at where the vendors will all be on this map below (click here for the full list).

pig out in the park map layout

Pig Out ‘Happy Hour’

From 3-5 p.m. and then again from 9-10 p.m., every food booth at Pig Out will be offering a “special bite” for $4. At the delicious Taste of India we visited, you could get a cup of their entree meal, which included rice and one of their entrees.

This deal is good every single day of Pig Out, but expect lines – especially on the weekend!

Image of one of three beer gardens
Thirsty? POP has you covered!

Are There Adult Beverages at Pig Out?

Looking to wash down all your pigging out and lemonade is not cutting it? Understandable! Lucky for you, there are not one, not two, but four beer gardens to choose from!

Pig Out in the Park Music Schedule

One really cool part of Pig Out is the music! There will be bands and singers almost constantly throughout the event, and the stages are located close to the beer gardens, which makes it easy to grab a beer, sit and listen!

You can find the full music schedule, broken out by day and hour, here.

Pig Out also offers tons of things to do, for adults and kids alike. There are henna tattoos, glitter tattoos, face painting and more. Plus, you can buy cool dresses, hats and other clothing from many of the vendors located on the outskirts around the park.

Can I Bring a Dog to Pig Out in the Park? It’s a Park, After All

Technically, you’re not supposed to bring your pet to Pig Out in the Park – at least according to the City of Spokane’s Event Pet Ordinance. However, we saw a handful of dogs (well-behaved, on leashes) at Pig Out and it wasn’t a problem.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend bringing a dog to Pig Out in the Park. Why? The crowds! Your pup might get jostled or stepped on if you’re waiting in line with them, so it’s probably best to leave them at home.

Is Pig Out in the Park Worth it?

Image of Pig Out in the Park
Block of fries!

Well, you’re asking someone who’s been obsessed with POP for over 10 years, so I feel like I’m biased. But overall, yes, Pig Out in the Park is worth it! It’s a great way to spend a couple hours with friends and family, enjoying the amazing weather, eating yummy food and listening to some cool bands. If you’re in town, you should definitely visit POP once!

Looking for more events happening in downtown Spokane? Check out our Events page here!

guide to pig out in the park

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