Your Guide to Spokane Hoopfest 2022

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Hoopfest 2022

If there’s one thing that officially says “summer in Spokane” to me, it’s Hoopfest. Hoopfest is the largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament in the world and will be held in Spokane this year from June 25-26, 2022.

Walking through Hoopfest is surreal – everyone is hyperfocused on the game, the score, the players. You smell sunscreen, see tons of water and Gatorade everywhere, and everyone’s got a smile on their face (for the most part, even if people lose!).

Hoopfest is competitve, but also fun. It’s good for adults as well as kids, and there’s plenty of entertainment for everyone. Sit in on one game, or stroll through half a dozen.

Hoopfest is summer in Spokane. If you’ve never experienced it before, we’ll walk you through what is Hoopfest, what you should know if you go to Hoopfest, and how you can best experience Hoopfest for yourself!

What is Hoopfest?

Hoopfest is the biggest 3-on-3 basketball tournament in the world, attracting more than 250,000 players and fans from all over the world. Held in the last weekend of June (Hoopfest takes place from June 25-26, 2022), roughly 6,200 teams “play 14,000 games across 42 blocks in downtown Spokane.”

There are more than 3,000 volunteers at Hoopfest, attending to 422 courts spanning 45 city blocks. Hoopfest is a big deal!

The best part about Hoopfest is that anyone, of any skill, can play. Teams are made up of four players, with three players on the court at each time. Each team is guaranteed three games and every participant gets a Hoopfest Player t-shirt. It’s no surprise that many people covet these t-shirts – I knew people who had played Hoopfest since they were little and tried to collect a shirt every year!

Check out the following videos to see what it’s like attending Hoopfest:

Games are about 25 minutes long, although I say “about” because “the target score for all games is 20 points, meaning the first team to reach 20 points within 25 minutes of play is declared the winner.”

This means games move pretty fast, so if you’re there to watch someone play, get there quickly and don’t go wandering off! If you’re interested in playing or signing up with a team, you can learn more at the Hoopfest FAQ page.

Is Spokane Having Hoopfest This Year?

Yes, Spokane is having Hoopfest this year! In 2022, Hoopfest in Spokane will take place from June 25 to June 26.

Is it Free to Attend Hoopfest?

Yes, Hoopfest is 100% free to attend! It does cost money to be a Hoopfest competitor, and some events (like the shooting competitions) cost money, but Hoopfest is free to attend.

Is There Anything Happening Before Hoopfest?

During Hoopfest weekend, there will be a variety of other events to enjoy, including:

  • The Toyota Shootoff – “Only the most talented (or luckiest) long-range shooter will make it through the qualifying rounds to the Toyota Shootoff at Hoopfest.”
  • The Rodda Paint Contest Zone – “Hoopfest 2022 has three different challenges for hoopers to show off their skills: Free Throw, Three Point and a Hot Shot Competition.”
  • The Slam Dunk Competition

What Else is Going on During Hoopfest?

Not into basketball? That’s okay – Hoopfest also hosts an outdoor festival with shopping, food and entertainment. You can follow along with all the Hoopfest fun on social media with the hashtags #Hoopfestisback and #Backtothestreets.

The best part of attending Hoopfest, besides watching all the incredible players having fun, is walking around downtown Spokane and Riverfront Park and getting something tasty to eat, finding a shady area, and enjoying our great summer weather!

Are you planning on attending Hoopfest in Spokane, WA? Everything you need to know about Hoopfest including how to participate, where to park, and what to eat!Where and When is Hoopfest in 2022?

Hoopfest 2022 will be held from June 25-26, 2022 in downtown Spokane. Hoopfest will take place on 42 city blocks downtown, so be prepared for a lot of detours and closed roads. You may want to consider taking an Uber, Lyft, carpooling or public transit to get downtown to enjoy the festivities.

Where Should I Park to Attend Hoopfest?

Parking to attend Hoopfest will be a challenge this year! With all the growth and construction occurring in and around downtown Spokane, it will be tough to find parking for participants, let alone spectators. Plan on heading down to Hoopfest early to get a parking spot, and be prepared to pay to park downtown ($12 per day).

You should still head over to Hoopfest early, but luckily STA (Spokane Transit Authority) will be providing a $2 Hoopfest day pass! You can learn more about Hoopfest here and public transit options here.

Keep in mind some downtown streets will be closed off Friday, June 24 beginning at 7 PM in order for volunteers to set up for the event.


  • No on-street parking will be allowed after 7 p.m. Friday, June 24 within the event site which includes Spokane Falls Blvd. south to Sprague Ave. and Washington St. west to Lincoln St.
  • Cars within the event site that are parking after 7 p.m. will be towed immediately.

What’s the Best Way to Experience Hoopfest?

There are a few good ways to experience Hoopfest, including volunteering, attending and watching the event!

Volunteering at Hoopfest

One of the best ways to experience Hoopfest as a new Spokane resident is to volunteer! If you’re not playing in Hoopfest, volunteering will get you up front and center to enjoy everything Hoopfest-related. Hoopfest still has a list of volunteer positions open, including Hoopfest Court Monitor – the best way to see the Hoopfest action!

Attending Hoopfest

Hoopfest can be crowded and hot, and you may feel overwhelmed while walking around. However, much like Bloomsday, it’s worth it to experience Hoopfest at least once for yourself!

Many people attend Hoopfest from all over the world, so you won’t be the only person new to the experience.

Plus, the weather during Hoopfest is typically nice – except temps for Hoopfest 2022 to be in the high 70s and low 80s.

Eating & Drinking Around Hoopfest

One of our favorite ways to experience Hoopfest? Eating, of course! Depending on where you are, you have a lot of delicious options. Here are our recommendations (map below to help you out!). Two of our strongest recommendations to visit while attending Hoopfest?

  1. Stop at My Fresh Basket to pick up delicious sandwiches, snacks and plenty of WATER before you head to Hoopfest!
  2. Ice cream at Sweet Peaks (downtown Spokane) – trust us, you’ll want it after a long day at Hoopfest!

If you have time, we highly recommend going to Mizuna for lunch or dinner (also downtown), and Durkin’s Liquor Bar (to toast your fun time at Hoopfest!).

I Can’t Attend #Hoopfest2022 – When Will it Be Held Again?

Hoopfest dates for 2023 haven’t been announced yet, but we will post them here when they are!

Do you have more questions about Hoopfest? Check out the Hoopfest website and learn more here!

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