Plant and Flower Subscription Services Around Spokane

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Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor gardener, we all want to have beautiful, healthy flowers and plants to help brighten our day and help create a warm, inviting environment. There’s something special about lush, green gardens, popping with colorful flowers. One way to get them? Plant subscription boxes!

From roses to lilies, and ferns to hostas, what should you plant? Where to get them from? Plant and flower subscription services can help answer those questions – and deliver exactly what you’re looking for straight to your doorstep.

Not really a plant person but love someone who is? These plant subscription boxes (and flower!) are the gifts that keep on giving. For the best plant and flower subscription services around Spokane, keep reading!

Looking for our top recommendations? Check out:

  • Bloom Flower Farm for a local flower subscription (don’t necessarily need local flowers or want flowers year round? Try Bloomsy Box!)
  • Fern Plant Shop for a local plant subscription service
  • Try the Succulents Box if you absolutely can’t keep any plants alive!
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Flower Subscription Services in Spokane

Bloom Flower Farm

Located in Medical Lake, Bloom Flower Farm started raising flowers to share with others because who doesn’t like flowers? From tulip season to chrysanthemums, Bloom Flower Farm wants to help you celebrate the fragrance and beauty of flowers.

Imagine, receiving a bouquet or basket of flowers throughout the year, without having to do the work of planting and tending a garden. Bloom Flower Farm offers a flower subscription each fall for the following year.

This means you’ll want to plan your 2021 floral deliveries with a subscription this fall, usually in October. Check their website or Instagram account for more information.

easter in spokane
Beautiful flower subscription from Bloom Flower Farm!

Anthesis Co.

Whether you prefer a bouquet of arranged flowers or hand-tied arrangement, Anthesis Co. can meet your desires with its weekly or bi-weekly subscription. You choose the size you want and they’ll take care of the rest. The florist also offers a discount based on your subscription length.

Plant Subscription Boxes in Spokane

Houseplant Club

Family-owned, local favorite Ritter’s Garden and Gift opened as a flower shop nearly eight decades ago. Whether you prefer shopping onsite or online, Ritter’s can meet your needs. 

Ritters Houseplant Club assigns you your very own plant concierge who will meet with you via e-mail, where they’ll offer tips, videos, and classes, as well as answer your questions. They’ll even advise you of new plant arrivals. They don’t look at you as purchasing a plant, but rather you’re making a commitment to raise your newborn member of the family – you’re a plant parent! And they’ll be there to help you raise the plant, because it takes a village.

Your subscription includes free classes, coupons, and a 5 percent discount on purchases. The yearlong program is very affordable, along with the perks. 

Fern Plant Shop

The folks at Fern Plant Shop are eager to help you find the perfect plant for your home. They’ll help you pick it out and happily transplant it for you. However, as people prefer more often today, you can purchase your plants online.

With a broad selection, you can find plants such as a reverse spider plant, Victoria bird nest fern, or calico hearts, among the dozens of plants available online. With quick delivery, if you have questions concerning your online purchase, don’t hesitate to contact the Fern Plant Shop with your concerns. 

Fern Plant Shop also offers a plant subscription service – simply contact them to sign up through their shop!


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One of the cutest plant shops around! If you are a plant lover, I definitely recommend checking out Fern Plant Shop! Open 7 days a week from 10am-4:30pm. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ They have the cutest plants, pots, jewelry, and gifts! Shop in store or online. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Photo from @fernspokane . . . . #spokane #spokanewa #washingtonstate #spokanelocal #spokanedoesntsuck #spokanevalley #spokanesmallbusiness #spokanegram #spokanelife #spokanepulse #spokanebusiness #washingtonexplored #localadventures #placestogo #washingtonlove #spokanewashington #spokaneliving #visitspokane #downtownspokane #plantlovers #homeplants #plantpots #homedecorideas #shopspokane #indoorplantdecor #indoorplant #bohoplants #localplants #pnwlife #pnwgardening

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The Plant Farm

Interested in improving your gardening skills? Or maybe you have two bad thumbs instead of a green one? Either way, The Plant Farm in Spokane Valley can help you through its classes. Bringing together gardeners and non-gardeners, the garden center features classes on a variety of subjects, such as seed planting to managing lush gardens.

Regardless of your skill level, you’re guaranteed to learn during class. While you’re at The Plant Farm, why not pick up a new plant or two? Plants sold at The Plant Farm are grown onsite, so you know they’re as fresh as can be. 

The Plant Farm doesn’t have traditional subscription box services, but you can place a plant order and have it delivered directly to your (or your gift recipient’s) door. 

Plant Education and Additional Plant Subscription Boxes

That One Plant Guy

Nick Benscoter – AKA That One Plant Guy – is an Instagram sensation with 33,000 followers. The Spokane horticulturist loves his plants and has since childhood. He shares ideas and suggestions on his Instagram account, as well as thorough interviews with bloggers and news organizations.

From telling you to hug your plants – yes, hug them – to tips for planting and watering to ensure your plants grown up tall and healthy (so you can hug them), That One Plant Guy is a great page to learn about plants.


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Does your plant have yellowing leaves? How do you know what’s causing it? The easiest way to find out, is a process of elimination, starting with simple, easy to correct problems, and working towards more complicated problems. Yellowing leaves can be caused by a variety of things. 1. Insect damage. Have you checked for spider mites, aphids, mealybugs, thrips, scales? Check my highlighted story “Plant Pests” 2. Not watering frequently enough, or not watering heavily enough to ensure that all the media in the pot actually got wet. If media dries out excessively, it becomes hydrophobic, and repels water, which dries out roots growing in that section of media. 3. “Over-watering”, which is actually a potting media that retains too much water, thereby suffocating the roots (deprives them of oxygen). Because of it’s fine texture (small particle size), gas exchange between the roots and the atmosphere is very slow, or not happening at all.(the true definition of overwatering. Water is good. Soil that retains too much water and doesn’t allowthe roots to breathe, is bad.) Read more here #SoilPorosityTOPG and #OverwateringTOPG 4. A nutrient deficiency from not fertilizing frequently enough. Read more here #NutrientsTOPG 5. A nutrient toxicity from mineral accumulation. Either from mixing fertilizer too strong, or from not watering thoroughly enough to rinse SOME minerals out of the pot with each watering. Read more here #SoilFlushingTOPG 6. Potting media that’s become too acidic (low pH) or too alkaline (high pH), causing a nutrient to become overly available (like aluminum toxicity) or unavailable (deficiency). Read more here #SoilpHTOPG 7. Moving the plant quickly, from a bright environment to a darker area (bright greenhouse, to your low light home), or darker area to brighter area. Read more here #LightingTOPG 8. OR, is it simply natural leaf loss, which can happen as a result of the plant’s growth habit, or loss of leaf productivity due to old age, or being heavily shaded by the plant’s other leaves. ? The more you know, the easier plant problem diagnosis becomes. 👍🌿 Now you know why I have to ask you so many questions, when you ask me “What’s wrong with my plant?”

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House Plant Box – Great Options for Plant Subscription Boxes!

While brick and mortar stores are wonderful, sometimes we prefer to order online, and the House Plant Box is a perfect opportunity to have all kinds of plants delivered directly to your doorstep, monthly! With the House Plant Box, you’ll receive a new plant monthly to decorate your home or add to the garden. You can choose the type and size of plant you prefer to receive. They also offer pet-friendly plants. 

Succulents Box

Succulents are still in, so why not gift (yourself or a loved one) a super cool succulent subscription service? The Succulents Box offers a variety of subscription options, but you can start small with one succulent a month. All succulents shipped are small, 2″ in size, and all plants come with detailed care instructions so you know exactly what to do!

Bloomsy Box

Bloomsy Box is another opportunity to get fresh flowers delivered right to your door – or to the door of a loved one! Bloomsy Boxes are sourced from farms all around the world (not Spokane-centric), including Holland, South America and California. They don’t use any plastic wrapping – only eco-friendly – and offer monthly, bi-weekly and weekly subscriptions.

Their blooms come in three sizes – small, medium, and large – and they also offer a monthly roses subscription as well!

bloomsy roses
Bloomsy Roses


Spokane Plant Subscription Boxes and More

The Spokane area is home to amazing floral shops and gardening centers that offer fantastic plant subscription boxes, plus flower subscription services and more. From weekly deliveries to a new plant every month, you can find exactly the service that meets your needs. Whether you have a green thumb, or just enjoy decorating, online clubs can help you shine. Happy gardening or arranging!

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