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When it comes to online personal training, there are a few things that make it a little different from traditional, in person training. For one, it’s online – and that can be a little off-putting, especially if you’re not familiar with personal training in person. However, Jamie from FitRagamuffin makes personal training seamless.

For those of you who don’t yet follow Jamie on Instagram (you can follow FitRagamuffin here!), you may not know that she’s a military spouse currently living in Spokane with her husband and daughter. Coming up soon, we’ll have an interview with Jamie and learn more about her, but basically: she’s fantastic!

what to expect with online personal trainer fitragamuffin

The best part about Jamie and working with FitRagamuffin for virtual personal training is that, while she is local and did host local workout programs pre-pandemic, she’s really an online personal trainer.

Jamie has clients all across the country, and her schedule is conducive to those of you who have to work out early, later in the day, quickly during lunch, etc. If you move, she ‘goes with you’ since everything is virtual. 

Below, I’ll break down what you need to know about online personal training with Jamie from Fit Ragamuffin, including what to expect with online personal training, how to prepare for your first session with a personal trainer online, and what your home set up could look like for online personal training success.

My experience was partially comped in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


What to Expect With Online Personal Training from FitRagamuffin

What you can expect with online personal training from Jamie the Fit Ragamuffin: online personal training that respects your body, goals, and incorporates intuitive movement.  Click to Tweet

What does this mean? Basically, you won’t find anyone telling you “no pain, no gain!” at Fit Ragamuffin. 

Instead, Jamie focuses on long term health – and there’s no ‘long term health’ if you injure yourself on day one by pushing your body further than it’s meant to go!

When it comes to personal training, I’m not new to it, nor am I new to online workout programs or fitness coaching in general. I’ve had in person personal training, taken online and in person fitness classes, and generally kept up on my health throughout the years.

However, none of this is a requirement when it comes to working with Jamie, aka the Fit Ragamuffin. Jamie is all about intuitive movement and personal training based on your needs and goals. 

Jamie is all about intuitive movement and personal training based on your needs and goals.  Click to Tweet

If you are looking for a personal trainer who will help you incorporate more movement, balance, and stability into your day to day life, Jamie will listen to what you’re feeling and what you’d like your body to do, then design an online personal training program for that.

Looking to train for a marathon or something along those lines? Jamie can also help with that, too!

Wondering about Jamie’s credentials? She’s got them! Jamie:

  • Is a certified personal trainer & group fitness instructor
  • Has her BS, Human Physiology, University of Oregon
  • Has her CPT, GFI Athletics & Fitness Association of America [Certified Personal Trainer]

Plus, Jamie has worked as a physical therapist assistant.

Jamie does an excellent job of what you can expect with live stream virtual training here:

What Do You Need to Get Started With Online Personal Training?

I’m not new to working out online – I’m a big fan of YouTube videos and workout classes, as mentioned in our 15+ workout classes from home article.

However, I was hesitant about online personal training – how would Jamie be able to see me and adjust my form?

Turns out, I didn’t have much to worry about! However, this is what you’ll need to properly prepare for online personal training:

  • Online connection
  • A video camera, webcam, or phone with a camera
  • Zoom (no need to install anything, Jamie sends you the link)

I personally use an old Macbook with a webcam, click on the Zoom link Jamie sends me, and tilt my computer screen down so Jamie can see my full form. 

online personal training with fitragamuffin
Notice how my screen (top right) is tilted down so Jamie can see my form

You can also use your phone – the majority of phones out there now have cameras, so simply load up the Zoom link Jamie sends you, then tilt your phone camera so Jamie can see you – she will let you know!

How to Prepare for Your First Virtual Personal Training Session with Jamie from Fit Ragamuffin

I was really excited to work with Jamie on online personal training because, as familiar as I am with in person person trailing and online workout classes, I’ve never done online personal training! 

However, I live in an apartment! Would it be impossible for me to do online personal training because of size and noise constraints?

Finally, I know I’ve slacked off when it comes to working out in the last year or two. I’m no longer as coordinated or strong as I was even three years ago – would this be a problem?

It turns out, I didn’t need to worry about any of that! Jamie has a whole process before you even get started that outlines exactly what you need to do, fill out, and get before starting with her as your online personal trainer. 

Getting Started with Fit Ragamuffin, Your Personal Online Trainer

The very first thing you’ll do is schedule a consultation with Jamie – you can schedule a consultation here. In this free consultation, you’ll cover your goals, logistics, equipment, etc. so that Jamie can determine the best program for you.

When you decide to move forward and work with Jamie, you’ll fill out a health & lifestyle questionnaire, with questions about your general health. All of these questions are confidential and are used to build a training program for you.

You can also make notes here if you’re pregnant and have special considerations, are training for a marathon or other strenuous event, are looking for specific goals like coordination, have knee issues, etc.

online questionnaire for personal training online
FitRagamuffin’s questionnaire

After finishing the questionnaire, you’ll fill out the standard liability forms and waivers, then pay for your program.

Jamie offers a variety of program options, including single personal training sessions up to a bundle of 36 sessions. Single sessions are $35, whereas a 3 pack program (3 sessions) are $90. Jamie does offer discounts for military families, so reach out to her if you qualify for that discount.

Note: this article was published in May 2020 and prices are subject to change. 

virtual personal training session options
A variety of sessions you can choose from when working with FitRagamuffin

After you choose the package you want, you’ll want to either have, borrow or buy:

  • Light weights (3-5 lbs)
  • Medium weights (10-12 lbs)
  • Exercise bands

This isn’t a hard and fast rule – my weights were packed away in a storage shed and we weren’t able to use them for the first few sessions, so instead we used the exercise bands and then worked on cardio and balance for my other sessions.

Don’t let not having equipment deter you – Jamie can work around most obstacles in order to provide you the best online personal training. 

Finally, you’ll want to subscribe to the Fit Ragamuffin YouTube channel here – this is where you’ll find the warm ups she encourages you to do before the start of each session. 

If you’re wondering what a session with Jamie could look like, be sure to check out this no-equipment necessary 20 minute lower body interval workout, posted on her YouTube channel:

Your Set Up for Working with an Online Personal Trainer

If you think you need a decked out, clear space with tons of room – think again! I had all of my virtual personal training sessions with Fit Ragamuffin in my small apartment living room. All I did was push a couch back and move a foot stool, and I definitely had enough room for personal training.

an example of space for online personal training
I’m not working with a lot of room, but it’s plenty to get some solid personal training in!

It is, of course, helpful if you have a little more room and a spot to lean on for pushups, and mountain climbers – my very soft couch was a challenge, and not in a good way.

However, Jamie made sure to make modifications for me (for example, I could get on the ground for some of my push ups since I didn’t mind and it was actually easier than the couch). The lack of a lot of room wasn’t a big deal either – when doing more cardio work, I just went back and forth with lunges, for example, more quickly in a smaller space.

action shot working with jamie
An example of us working through the cool down part of the session

Fit Ragamuffin: An Excellent Virtual Personal Trainer

In my upcoming article about online personal training with Jamie from Fit Ragamuffin, I’ll cover what my sessions have been like, go deeper into Jamie’s personal training philosophy, and my overall opinion of how working with an online fitness coach is like.

However, if you’ve been on the fence about signing up for online personal training sessions, I hope my experience in how to prepare for and set up your home to work with Jamie of Fit Ragamuffin makes the decision easier for you!

I’m not quite done with my package of training sessions yet, but so far I’ve had four sessions and absolutely loved each and every one with Jamie.

I really like Jamie’s method because she explains, very clearly, how to do each exercise and how to modify it as necessary (in my case, eliminating jumps so I don’t disturb my neighbors). She also talks about what to focus on in your body in order to get the most out of your exercise.

virtual personal training with fitragamuffin

Best of all, it’s never ‘go go go’ with Jamie. Jamie chats with you at the beginning to see how you felt about the previous session and overall how you’re feeling that day. She checks in with you and pays attention to non-verbal cues you make while doing the exercises, too.

I’ve already started to see some major improvements in my health, which I’ll cover in an upcoming article, but needless to say, I’m impressed by what I’ve accomplished with Jamie in such a short amount of time.

Best of all, I’m smiling when I’m done with an online workout program with Jamie! I don’t feel like I didn’t ‘do enough’, that I didn’t ‘work hard enough’, that I didn’t push myself enough. I leave feeling like I’ve accomplished what my body was meant to accomplish. Even if I’m sore the next day, I don’t regret anything or worry that I’ve hurt myself because I trust Jamie and her methods.

If you’re ready to sign up with a free personal consultation with Jamie or try one of her free (donation-based) online fitness classes, head over to Fit Ragamuffin here!

Have you tried online personal training? Share your thoughts or your questions over at our Facebook page here!

online personal training with fitragamuffin

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