An Interview with Jamie Carbaugh, the Fit Ragamuffin

jamie carbaugh from fit ragamuffin

Over the last few months, many things have changed in our lives. One of the most striking? How everything has switched from 'in person' to online!

When it comes to fitness, moving from in-person to online can be a real struggle. After all, there's no substitute for a gym elliptical machine (unless you have one at home, of course!).

Another struggle? Personal training. Luckily, one Spokanite had already made major transitions to online personal training - and the recent pandemic only moved her more quickly along.

Below, we interview Jamie Carbaugh from Fit Ragamuffin about Fit Ragamuffin, her exercise philosophy, what she loves about Spokane and more!

Jamie Carbaugh of Fit Ragamuffin

Everyday Spokane: Please tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Jamie Carbaugh, and I’m a certified personal trainer & group fitness instructor. I’m a mommio to the coolest three year old (maybe a little biased?) as well as a military spouse, so we move around quite a bit- and Spokane has been one of our favorite duty stations. 

One of my favorite things about my personal training and group training business, it that’s it’s virtual. This means that the client can train from anywhere (their home, office or hotel) and so can I.

What sparked your interest in starting Fit Ragamuffin?

My background, (in addition to personal training and group fitness) is a physical therapist assistant, so some form of rehab & movement have always been a part of my life. As a military family we would move around often, which made it difficult to develop an ongoing community in fitness as well as find a steady job.

I would develop & grow these group classes and then, we would leave. I would have to start over from scratch. One of my dear friends contacted me after a move in 2018 and said, “I want a personal trainer, but I only want you.” (side speed bump, we lived two states away) so it all had to be done virtually. And there it was-my first virtual personal training client in 2018.

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Jamie, the Fit Ragamuffin in action

What has it been like pivoting to online workouts and personal training? 

Prior to 2018, I was training folks from my garage. After we moved from that duty station, I was contacted because my clients still wanted to train with me. The pivot that COVID-19 sparked was from teaching in-person group fitness classes to virtual group fitness classes.

I had been laying down the foundation to teach virtual group classes since Dec 2019, but when the community center that I taught at closed for health reasons, I had no other choice but to execute my plan.

What's your most popular virtual fitness class?

The current favorite is a tie between Zumba and my high intensity interval training (HIIT) or interval group training classes. I always show people various modifications and progressions so that they have the option to choose what’s right for them at the time.

Jamie Fit Ragamuffin

Jamie getting an online personal training video set up!

What does Fit Ragamuffin look like behind the scenes?

For my group virtual classes, (for the participant) the only equipment needed is weights and a water bottle (some classes, maybe nothing at all) and for my personal training clients, I have a variety of programs, but I encourage the purchase of loop bands and dumbbells.

Note: Check out our article about getting started with virtual personal training here: Online Personal Training with FitRagamuffin!

On my end, I have a large projector that shows the client on my wall as well as multiple systems set up so that I can deliver the best “in person” session without actually being there.

What is your perspective/goal for your clients?

I’m sort of an oddball as a personal trainer, because I don’t have my clients submit their weight, initial photos or measurements. I teach them exercise and movements from a foundational and functional background as well as educating them on the reasoning behind why we are doing what we are doing.

The more foundation I give to each client where I provide reasons for movement beyond aesthetics, the more I find that they will focus on the enjoyment piece of movement rather than the drudgery of exercise.

 It seems odd to say, but I hope to instill a lifelong love of movement that’s right for them, and dismantle the ‘go big or go home’ mantras so oftentimes found in gyms. There is a lot of space in between that quote- and that’s where I tend to live. 

 What's one thing you love about Spokane?

Oh boy, where do I start? Our family calls it a ‘medium’ city, not too big that you get overwhelmed and want to yell profanities when trying to find a parking spot, but not too small that everyone in town knows your name.

It has so many gems as far as restaurants, parks and communities. I love the river running through it and all there is to do. Lastly (but not leastly) the people have been wonderful. Every place we’ve been to, I feel that the people just keep getting better and better. 

what to expect with online personal trainer fitragamuffin

Learn more about online personal training with Fit Ragamuffin here

What is something that makes you or your business unique?

I’m trying to change the fitness industry one client at a time. I’m trying to shift the focus away from how exercise makes your body look to how exercise makes your body feel.

Do I think this will happen in my lifetime? No- but I do believe that as women, we have so much pressure on how our body is perceived by society- that I want to celebrate the client for who they are, right now in this moment. We are more than our body.

The benefits of movement are plenty more than aesthetic and that’s why my tagline is ‘movement for more’

  • For improved balance. 
  • For improved mood and patient levels
  • For improved flexibility etc. 
  • Movement for MORE, because YOU ARE MORE. 

Where can people learn more about you and book your services?

You can learn more about me at my Instagram page here, and you can check out my services (including online fitness classes and online personal training) at my website here.

Jamie Carbaugh of Fit Ragamuffin

Learn more about Jamie Carbaugh and Fit Ragamuffin at the links below, including her Instagram and Facebook accounts, and her website.

Thank you so much to Jamie Carbaugh for sharing her Spokane story and business! If you're looking for an online personal trainer or want to try one of Jamie's excellent virtual fitness classes and feel like Jamie is a good fit for you, make sure to visit her website and contact her.

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