An Interview with Jon Biron, a Local Spokane Realtor

an interview with jon biron a spokane realtor

One of the most challenging aspects of moving to Spokane is finding a realtor you can trust! In a hot market, like Spokane real estate is right now, finding a realtor who knows the ins and outs of the market, has experience in fast-moving listings, and has a track record of success is no small feat.

That's why, when Spokane realtor Jon Biron reached out to us, we looked into his background and experience in the Spokane real estate market. We were impressed!

In our interview with Jon below, we get to know Jon, At Home Spokane and more about the Spokane real estate market.

Jon Biron, Realtor, At Home Spokane

Jon Biron, Realtor, At Home Spokane

Everyday Spokane: Tell us about yourself and what brought you to Spokane.

I grew up in New Jersey, met my wife in Olympia, WA (right after high school). We lived in Southern California (Burbank and Sherman Oaks) when we first got married, then South Carolina for 6 years. We moved to Spokane in 2015 -> just in time for the crazy windstorm! We moved here so that our kids could be closer to their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents! I started selling Real Estate as a Spokane realtor right away and have absolutely loved it!

What sparked your interest in starting your Spokane real estate business?

I have always loved Real Estate! I was always the guy that would pull over on the side of the road when I saw a For Sale sign on a property just to find out what the details were and if I (or someone I know) would be interested in it!

If I had unlimited money, I would buy every house/condo/lot that is for sale right now! I've never "met" a property I didn't like! Since I don't have unlimited money... I discovered that I get to do the next best thing as a Spokane realtor, and that is to help match buyers and sellers with each other and find good homes for people and good people for those homes!!

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Jon Biron, At Home Spokane, real estate agent Spokane

On his website, At Home Spokane, Jon shares tips on how to sell and buy your next home in Spokane

What makes you stand out from other Spokane realtors?

The biggest thing that sets me apart is a decision I made early on in my business to do business exclusively by referral. Many agents spend a large part of their time (or budget - or both) prospecting for new clients.

Instead of spending this time on looking for new clients, I pour my energy, time and efforts in to creating an amazing experience for my Buyers and Sellers. In turn, my clients - who are ABSOLUTELY amazing, by the way - have sent me referrals to their friends, family and co-workers.

I get the privilege of not only working with and taking care of amazing people, but also with the amazing people that they know! Real Estate can seem daunting and overwhelming. Moving always comes with all kinds of challenges and no sale is exactly the same!

Whether it is a first time buyer, someone who has just moved to the area, or someone that has been through many Real Estate transactions, my goal is to introduce them to the way Real Estate should be! I love it when a client says, "I've bought and sold a LOT of Real Estate, but I've never enjoyed the process this much!"

Some of the client testimonials Jon, a Spokane real estate agent, has received

Jon's commitment to his Spokane buyers and sellers is apparent in testimonials like this

How has real estate changed with COVID?

Before COVID, the Spokane market was "crazy"! We have had a lot of people from bigger markets (Seattle, California, Arizona, Colorado, etc) moving to Spokane which created a low inventory situation. We had A LOT of Buyers and not a lot of properties going up for sale.

When COVID started, and especially as the full impact was felt, it was like throwing gasoline on the fire! Many would-be Sellers decided to hold off on listing their property and many more people that were discovering they could work from home (and that home could be anywhere) saw a huge appeal in our amazing little city of Spokane!

We have definitely had to get creative to make sure that everyone is staying healthy. I have always done 3D/360 virtual tour walkthroughs for all my listings, but this has definitely made those more popular!

Buying something like a house, that you are going to live in and make it your home is not something that you want to just click "add to cart" though! It is still really important to be able to tour a home in person and really get the feel of what you are buying!

Other aspects of the process (like the inspection) also absolutely have to happen in person! It is a challenge, but definitely something we are able to navigate!

Of course, when a new house does hit the market, with MANY Buyers that have been looking, sometimes for months, there is a LOT of competition for that property!

One of the most important parts of my role is helping my clients understand what we need to do in order to put the most attractive offer possible in front of those Sellers! (I won't give away all my secrets here, but I will say my clients have had an impressively high success rate in getting the first or second offer they write accepted!)

It doesn't look like COVID is going anywhere any time too soon, and it definitely doesn't look like our high demand, low inventory situation is going away either. If you are considering making a move in the near future, or have questions about what that might look like, I'm always happy to talk Real Estate!

Below is a map of South Hill, Spokane, one of Jon's favorite areas of Spokane. As a Spokane realtor, however, he specializes in all of Spokane, plus Spokane Valley.

What’s one thing you love about Spokane?

It's so hard to pick just one! Spokane is the perfect combination of many of the most important things to me! Close to nature, a more laid back lifestyle than many of the other places I've lived, but still vibrant and exciting. I have loved watching it grow these last 5 years and I'm looking forward to seeing where we go from here!

Is there anything else you'd like people to know about you or At Home Spokane? Do you have a website or even an app people can download to browse listings?

I really love meeting new people and getting to know their stories! Probably my favorite part of helping people move is finding out what their story is, what is most important to them and helping them achieve their Real Estate goals, based on who they are and what makes them unique!

Even if you aren't thinking about making a move or aren't quite ready to buy or sell, I would love to get a quick "hi" from you! I love hearing people's stories - how they ended up here and why!

My website is but I can be found on FB/IG or I always welcome a quick text or email too!

Jon Biron, At Home Spokane

Learn more about Jon Biron, a REMAX agent in Spokane, at the links below, including his At Home Spokane Instagram and Facebook accounts, and his website.

Thank you so much to Jon Biron for sharing his Spokane story and real estate business! If you're looking for a Spokane real estate agent and feel like Jon is a good fit for you, make sure to visit his website and contact him.

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