What to Expect at the Kendall Yards Night Market

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Curious about the Kendall Yards Night Market? Here's everything you need to know, including parking, vendors, places to eat and more!Have you heard about the Kendall Yards Night Market? It’s one of the most popular farmers’ markets in Spokane and, right in the Kendall Yards area, is very easy to get to no matter where you live in Spokane.

But what makes the Kendall Yard Night Market so special? Is it a good place for people who want ‘traditional’ farmers’ markets goodies, like produce and flowers? What are the food options at Kendall Yards Night Market? Before you head over to the Night Market and battle the parking situation, here’s what you need to know!


kendall yards night market
Barely 5 pm and it’s already busy!

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Kendall Yards Night Market Location and Dates

The Kendall Yards Night Market is located on Summit Parkway between Cedar and Adams Alley – basically, right in front of the Kendall Yards retail area.

The Night Market is only open during late spring and early fall – May 15th to September 25th in 2019, from 5 pm to 9 pm. If the weather is very bad (think thunderstorms!), the Night Market may be canceled, so make sure to follow the Kendall Yards Night Market on Instagram for updates.

Three Birdies Bakery night market
One of my favorite vendors at the Night Market, Three Birdies!

Parking at the Night Market

This is one of the most important things to know! Parking at the Kendall Yards Night Market is insane. I highly recommend you go early (as in, before they open) to secure a close (i.e. in the parking lot or close by on the street) parking spot.

The parking lot behind the Kendall Yards retail area is free to park in, as is street parking on the surrounding streets, but roughly 1/4th of the parking lot is taken up by people who live at the Kendall Yards apartments and townhomes, so there is not as much parking as there looks!

Our best recommendation for enjoying Kendall Yards Night Market? Visit Central Food or Nectar for some light bites and a glass of wine (or water!) around 3-4 pm and hang out until the market opens at 5. Some vendors will still be setting up even at 5 pm, but you can still walk up and down the market to get a feel for what you’re interested in.

Plus, you get to arrive early, park where you’d like, enjoy some drinks and watch the vendors set up! It’s a much more pleasant experience than arriving at 6 pm and getting herded into non-existent parking spots, plus dealing with the Night Market crowds!

kendall yards night market view
The Night Market is peaceful at 5 pm!

What Vendors Can You Expect at the Night Market?

One thing you have to know about the Kendall Yards Night Market is that it’s a little more ‘artisan’ than traditional farmers’ markets around town. One big thing we noticed was there’s not a lot of produce at the Night Market! That was a little disappointing, so just know before you go.

Updated! The Caring Coconut helpfully reminded us that produces increases over the season! Since the produce is truly local (hence the ‘farmer’s market’), you won’t see as much fruit/vegetables until July, August and September, since that’s when most of our delicious northwest produce is in season.

If you like pre-made goods like:

  • Food! (cakes, cookies, food trucks, popcorn, lemonade, etc.)
  • Honey
  • Skin care products
  • Candles
  • Beer/Wine/Cider
  • Crafted items

Then the Night Market is perfect for you! Also, come back later in the season for your delicious fruits and vegetables, once they’ve been harvested.

Here’s just a small list of vendors at the Kendall Yards Night Market – you can find the full list of Night Market vendors here.

kendall yards night market vendor list
Part of the Kendall Yards Night Market Vendors List for 2019

Is the Kendall Yards Night Market Pet-Friendly?

The Night Market is both dog- and child-friendly! While the Night Market does get very crowded, especially as people get off work, the streets are wide and you can even get off the ‘main’ path and go on the Kendall Yards retail sidewalks to get around people or get some space.

In addition to being pet-friendly, it’s also fairly easy to grab a bite from the food trucks and go sit down on the grass. Head over to the end of the Night Market (opposite direction from My Fresh Basket) where there are tables, chairs, and grassy areas all around to sit down and enjoy your food and the free music! This part of the Market is near Centennial Trail, too, and offers a beautiful view.

vendors at the night market

Must-Visits at the Night Market

This is tough because the Night Market offers a ton of options! My top recommendations when you visit the Kendall Yards Night Market?

  • Big Barn Brewing Company – located in Green Bluff, the Big Barn Brewing Company folks bring down samples of their delicious brews. And the samples are free!
  • The Crepe Cafe Sisters – if you’re a fan of crepes like I am, you won’t go wrong with a sweet or savory crepe from the Crepe Cafe Sisters!
crepe sisters at the night market
The Crepe Cafe Sisters at the Night Market
  • Mama Torrez Salsa – you know this is a favorite of Everyday Spokane’s! Located in the middle of the market, just look for the line!
  • One Night Stand BBQ – the line was almost a block long before the BBQ food truck even opened. Yes, get in that line early!

More Information on the Night MarketCurious about the Kendall Yards Night Market? Here's everything you need to know, including parking, vendors, places to eat and more!

Overall, it’s worth it to check out the Kendall Yards Night Market, even if you prefer more produce selections to pre-made goodies. You never know what you’ll find at the market, and if you’re looking for local gifts for far-flung family and friends, the Night Market is the perfect place to go shopping!

In addition, “credit, debit and EBT/SNAP cards are gladly accepted at the market. Participating market vendors also accept WIC and Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program vouchers.” You can learn more about this and Fresh Bucks by visiting the Kendall Yards Night Market page here.

Let us know on our Facebook page – what’s your favorite part about the Night Market?

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