7 Totally Unique Places to Stay in Washington State!

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Are you looking for the real deal on where to stay in Washington state? Some travel websites aggregate reviews, others focus only on the west side – but what about Washington state as a whole?

Whether you’re looking for beautiful, unique places in western Washington, or unique, hidden gems around Spokane, this combo article from local contributors Jennifer and Alena will help you find a unique place in Washington state to stay – guaranteed!

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Unique Places to Stay in Western Washington

The western side of Washington State is full of incredible treasures that many of us have visited, or heard of. Seattle comes to mind with it’s incredible skyline, upscale restaurants, quirky lounges, and posh hotels.  Who can resist?! It’s familiar and never disappoints for a family vacation, couples retreat, or just a solo trip! 

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That being said, my husband, Tyler, and I are on a quest to find the most unique places to stay and things to do in the Western side of our state. While Seattle is incredible (Piroshky, Piroshky anyone?!), we want to find those hidden treasures in smaller towns around the area.

We want to take you through one of our latest road trips over to western Washington to showcase the unique wonders of our state! This is the reason we created our Instagram page, UniquePNW. Maybe you’ll find your next getaway by breaking away from the usual places! 

Port Angeles, WA

When considering where to stay in Washington state, we knew our road trip would begin in Port Angeles. There we found a magical Airbnb we lovingly referred to as “land boat” (even though her real name is MV Meadowlark).  Plopped in the middle of a meadow outside of downtown Port Angeles, this land boat is a restored 1938 40’ cruiser.

While she was in her younger days, she sailed in Lake Union, right in the heart of the PNW! Because of this, you get to soak in some history while you’re relaxing.

places to stay in washington state
Photo by UniquePNW

The inside of this unique Washington stay has a kitchen, a living area complete with a day-bed and twinkle lights (if you know me, you know my strong passion for little twinkling lights), a bunk area, and a restroom. The bunks are so beyond adorable and comfy.

I thought for sure that a boat from the 40s wouldn’t have the best slumber experience, but we slept like angels! 

places to stay in washington state
Photo by UniquePNW

One of the best parts of this old gal (aside from the twinkle lights, of course) was the outdoor shower. Any shower that has a roof of greenery is a friend of mine. Also, any shower with deer outside grazing lazily in the sun is the epitome of the PNW, if I do say so myself.

Want to check it out for yourself? Click here!

places to stay in washington state
Photo by UniquePNW

After our land boat adventure, we took it to a new transportation vehicle: a 1995 Prevost 45’ Coach.  That’s right, we were living the life of 90’s luxury. To be honest, it’s also the life of today’s luxury. 

This beast of an Airbnb was ridiculously fancy! To start off, the front door was just like a bus door. The living room had an electric fireplace, a love-seat leather couch, a comfy reading chair, and all the charm you need!

Talk about a unique stay in Washington state – 90s luxury and much more space than you would have thought!

The kitchen was FULL of cupboards and drawers. There was so much storage!! There was also a full sized fridge (bigger than ours at home…) and a trash compactor. That’s right… a freaking trash compactor. I know it wasn’t necessary, but every time I threw something away, I had to make sure it was nice and crushed. 

places to stay in washington state
Photo by UniquePNW

Next was the bathroom. Holy moly guacamole. This bathroom made me feel like a Hollywood star! There was a full-sized vanity with lights surrounding the mirror. When I was putting on my anti-aging drugstore sunscreen in the morning, I felt like the fanciest girl in the West.

The shower was actually pretty spacious as well! I haven’t been in an RV with a glass shower door. I could see where that could be a problem, but this big beauty was built like a brick. 

places to stay in washington state
Photo by UniquePNW

The hallway going to the bedroom was full of more cupboards, drawers, and closets. To our surprise, we opened up one of the closets to find a washer and a dryer! I didn’t even know it was possible to conceal a washer and dryer on an RV like that. When I say this Prevost had tons of storage, I meant it! 

The bedroom was absolutely adorable. It had a very comfortable bed, art on the walls, a ceiling fan, a TV and DVD player, and electrical outlets galore! There were also a couple of rugs and gorgeous curtains on the windows. We truly felt like we were in a spacious home!! 

Want to check this beauty out? Click here!

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Forks, WA

The next stop on our unique stays around Washington list landed us in Forks, WA.

Once we got our fill of looking at the Strait of Juan de Fuca from the windows (who are we kidding…we could never get enough of that!), it was time to move on to vampire country.

Forks, WA has so many incredible nooks and crannies, we knew we had to explore! We stayed in an Outdoors RV covered camper on edge of an amazing property.

We appreciated that it was covered, since Forks gets about 1,000 feet of rain a year (give or take a few inches). Also, string lights were strung up underneath the canopy, so obviously I was instantly hooked. 

places to stay in washington state
Photo by UniquePNW

While the inside didn’t have anything crazy unique, it was adorably decorated and very clean. We enjoyed hanging out playing cards and watching Twilight. Can you believe they had a DVD player with a copy of Twilight? 

The outside area was very magical. They have a firepit, tons of stacked firewood to use, and deer that visit you in the evening! I will never get over seeing a deer. It’s the most exciting sight!! Even if we aren’t really the most exciting sight for them. 

Photo by UniquePNW

The outside area also had a hammock on the edge of a thick tree-line. I loved just lazily lounging in it and reading (okay…maybe I was just looking at Tik-Tok…but I had the book on my lap). 

Check it out for yourself here!

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We hope you can visit one of these unique stays around Washington state soon! They were all absolutely incredible and the same price as a stay in a Holiday Inn. If you want to follow along with us on our journey, feel free to follow us on Instagram at UniquePNW

We’re Jenn and Tyler from Washington State! Since getting married 7 years ago, we found a love for traveling to unique places across the Pacific Northwest. While sharing some of our adventures on our personal social media pages, we found that our friends and family really got a kick out of the places we stayed at! Because of that, we decided to create a platform for others to see the unique and awesome places we have in our corner of the world! We’d love for you to follow us on Instagram at UniquePNW! 

Another Unique Place to Stay in Western Washington? Port Ludlow

Talk about off the beaten path! Port Ludlow is only around 2 hours from Seattle, making it the perfect weekend getaway (Port Ludlow is around 6 hours away from Spokane.)

Why you’ll love Port Ludlow? It’s truly an escape! While not its own island, it feels like a private escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Once you arrive in Port Ludlow, you immediately feel as though you’ve left everything behind.

port ludlow

More Places to Visit Around Washington State

Looking for more incredible places to visit around Washington state and beyond? Check out these unique places to visit around Washington and Idaho below.

Unique Places to Stay in Eastern Washington

Looking to stay on the east side of Washington state? Check out these unique places to stay in Washington state on the east side by Everyday Spokane contributor Alena Horowitz below.

Barn-Stall B&B – Spokane

Experience sleeping on a true western ranch by sleeping in a barn stall! Yes, you can stay in a barn that’s been reimagined into a bed and breakfast! Each room in the guesthouse was originally a full-service horse stall. 

Image via Airbnb

This location is interesting because parts are being used as a barn still, and some parts have been modified into a room rental. Because it’s a barn, you can expect some dust, sights, sounds and smells of animals. Since you’ll be living amongst a real working ranch, use some complimentary earplugs if animal noises may keep you up at night.

There’s a community room containing a kitchenette, bathroom and shower in the center-stall of the barn. Guests are free to roam wherever they wish around the ranch. Owners invite you to enjoy the surrounding mountain views, catch a peaceful sunset, or go for a private ride with their Wrangler.

Tiny Home in The Woods – Marshall

Need to get away from it all and just have a little peace and quiet? Take a weekend and stay in this cute and cozy tiny house! It’s a brand-new cabin was built with all the amenities you could need. 

Image via VRBO

Located in the country, but only a short distance from Spokane city, it can be a great place to “get the best of both worlds.” Many recreational activities and hiking trails can be found nearby. In a private wooded area, you can enjoy the hammocks, fire pit, barbeque and picnic table.

This tiny home was built with eco-friendliness in mind. Expect all the comforts of home while living with a much smaller footprint. With 160 square feet, you can sleep four people and also have a private bathroom.

Cozy Cottage in Country  – Spokane Valley

Enjoy your morning coffee or evening glass of wine in secret-garden style. The secret garden is your private place to enjoy and relax behind the cottage.

At this unique stay in Washington state, there’s a tennis court on the property, racquets and tennis-balls available for guests to use. The host was a tennis coach and can set up a lesson upon request. 

Image via Airbnb

This property is glamping, as the bathroom facilities are located in enclosed cabanas only steps away. The toilet hot showers are in separate cabana tent outdoors. Showers aren’t available middle of October through mid-March.

This little Cottage has air conditioning and heat during the winter. The WIFI can be a bit spotty, but the Alice in Wonderland feel of this cozy cottage and garden make for a cute and romantic getaway.

Sustainable Apartments – South Perry District

Blockhouse is committed to sustainability. Its design is focused around creating eco-friendly communities. The program picks one-of-a-kind neighborhoods to immerse their guests in a unique experience.

The studios are designed with travelers in mind. Stay at Blockhouse and experience the ‘tiny-house movement’ while seeing the beautiful city of Spokane.

Image via VRBO

All units provide a ‘Net-Zero’ living experience, meaning architects have almost eliminated their carbon footprint by having the building produce more energy than it consumes. The building focuses on recycled building materials and using solar-energy. 

Here, you’ll find all the comforts of modern living while living an eco-friendly experience. Come enjoy the community they’ve built in an up-and-coming area of Spokane.

Redemption Rock Lookout Tower – Post Falls [Ok, this is Idaho, but it’s worth it!]

This private Lookout Tower sleeps four and offers spectacular 360-degree views of Washington and Idaho, including Liberty Lake and Coeur D’Alene Lake. The Lookout Tower is at 4700ft, and is an ultra-romantic location for watching sunsets. 

Yes, this location is located in Idaho, but it’s so close to the Washington state border and it’s so neat, we had to include it!

Image via VRBO

Making it a truly unique stay in Washington state? You’ve gotta work for it!

That’s right, you must HIKE 3-miles into the property from the trailhead at Redemption Rock Lodge. Redemption Rock trailhead and Lookout Tower are on 950 acres of private property, making for an unforgettable hiking experience. 

You also need to carry in and out all the supplies you need for your stay besides propane, sleeping cots, blow up mattresses and bottled water. Bring linens and/or sleeping bags. You’ll stay in a dry cabin (which means no running water) that’s equipped with an outside grill and a woodburning fireplace indoors. 

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Unique Places to Stay in Washington State

Whether you’re looking for a unique location on the west side of the state or the east side, there’s a unique spot for you anywhere!

Washington state offers many beautiful places to escape to, whether you’re looking for a quiet weekend getaway in Washington state or a bustling, rustic getaway (like Lookout Tower!)

Where’s your favorite place to escape to in Washington state? Let us know at our Facebook group!

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