25 Best Tool Gifts for Dads and DIY Enthusiasts

The holidays will be here before you know it, so let’s get some gift ideas started for your Dad, spouse, or that special tool lover in your life.

Having a tool belt is a great way to save time and eliminate frustration so you do not have to search for every tool during a project.

Tool Belts  

Everyone needs a good sturdy tape measure laying around the house. This Dewalt tape measure is a great place to start as it is a good distance and looks relatively sturdy.

Tape Measures

Speed Squares are a unique kind of tool and are definitely essential when you want fast, accurate straight lines and 45 degree cuts in lumber.

Speed Squares

Everyone should have one of these useful tools while replacing an outlet or installing a new vanity light. They beep if electrical current is live and do nothing when no current is found.

Voltage Tester

What makes this one of the best tools? It’s versatility! You can use it for pencils, pens, or even badges for work.

Retractable Pencil Holders

I use utility knives for cutting up cardboard to fit more boxes into the recycle and cutting open hard plastic packaging.

Utility Knives

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