An Interview with Annie Krejci of Weav Spokane

There is a lot to love about Spokane - the mountains, the food and drinks, and all of the local businesses. However, sometimes it can be tough to find 'the best' of local businesses. Enter: Weav!

Weav, founded by Annie Krejci, is a local gift basket company. Weav (and Annie) does all the hard work for you by finding incredible local businesses and combining their treasures into beautiful, thoughtful baskets.

If you've ever wanted to welcome a Spokane newcomer, send a gift to someone who's moved away and misses home, or wanted a unique gift for your business, you won't want to miss this interview with Annie of Weav Spokane! 

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annie of weav spokane with family

Annie Krejci of Weav Spokane

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Everyday Spokane: Please tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Annie Krejci and my business is Weav. My family and I live on the South Hill here in Spokane. We have lived in Spokane for about 8 1/2 years. I am a stay-at-home mom of 4 children, Mason (6), Slater (5), Ivy (3), and Lennon (10 months).

I love being a mom and it's what I have always wanted to do, but I had been getting the urge to get out in the community and start a small business. In August of this year I launched Weav.

What sparked your interest in starting Weav Spokane?

There are two things I have always really enjoyed: farmer's markets and gift baskets! Throughout the spring a summer months, I was forming an idea of starting a gift basket company filled with local goods and products. I wasn't really sure where to start with it, so I just starting talking to vendors at farmer's markets. I would tell them my idea and I was amazed at the amount of interest and enthusiasm I received! It was so encouraging!

After a couple months of planning, researching, and emailing local businesses, I put together 3 themed baskets. I have loved getting to know the people behind some of the small businesses in Spokane and have been brought to tears by their support! We really live in such a wonderful community!

annie from weav spokane

Annie, founder of Weav Spokane, a locally-sourced gift basket company in Spokane, WA

Since we last spoke, Weav has completely exploded! We hear you have a ton of new partners - can you tell us about them? 

Yes, we have added some new Local Partners and it has been so fun! When we started in August we featured 17 local companies and now we have 36 local companies featured. Some of the new companies are:

  • Modern Woman's Business Planner: I met Hannah at a social gathering in November. I instantly loved her planner and her unique creativity. I was so excited to reach out to her to ask her to be apart of the Welcome Home gift basket!
  • Maid Naturally: Maid Naturally was recommended to me by a frequent customer. They thought it would be a great product to add to a housewarming gift basket. They were absolutely right! Not only has Maid Naturally been great to work with, but their product is outstanding!
  • Ink and Embers: Ink and Embers is featured in both the Welcome Home gift basket and the U-District Graduation gift basket. Haley's work is phenomenal! She createS a wooden "HOME" sign for the Welcome Home basket and a "Class of 2020" wooden keychain for the U-District basket.
  • Give Us a Sign: I love what Nielle adds to the Welcome Home basket! She engraves the state of Washington with the word "home" and a heart on Spokane into a bamboo cutting board. Nielle was recommended to me through a facebook networking group that came with high praise!  She's so fun to work with and very accommodating!
  • Three Birdies Bakery: I have been eyeing Jamie's cookies for sometime now. I was on a Zoom call with her and a few other amazing Spokane business ladies a few weeks ago and decided to reach out to her. A Three Birdies Bakery cookie will be featured in both the LOOFF Carousal Baby basket and the U-District Graduation gift basket.
  • Gigi N Me: Rachael and I had connected a little through Instagram. She is always an active participant in giveaways, surveys, and nominations. Throughout our correspondence I have gotten to see a little of her work. I decided to reach out to her to see if she wanted to be apart of the LOOFF Carousal Baby Basket. Rachael and her mom work together, which I think is so great, and will both be contributing their talents to the upcoming LOOFF Carousal Basket.
  • Lilia's Designs: I reached out to Lilia to see if she wanted to be apart of Weav. I don't know if I have ever been as excited to get a YES! Lilia makes the cutest baby booties that not only stay on but are adorable! I have used them for my kids and have given them as gifts. Everyone loves them! 

We'll be announcing more Local Partners soon!

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We hear you have some new baskets coming out - could you tell us about them? 

We have added a few new baskets recently!

The Grand Appreciation was created by my husband. He's a commercial banker and wanted something a little smaller that he could give more frequently for referrals or potential clients. This basket includes a ceramic cappuccino mug made by 2232 Ceramics, creamy caramels by Buttercup and Blossoms, a Spokane themed coaster by Slow Hiker Studios, and a faux succulent.

The Welcome Home basket was inspired by some feedback I received from several realtors. They were looking for something that would be a great housewarming gift for new home buyers. This basket features Maid Naturally All Purpose Cleaner and dish soap, A Modern Woman's Business Planner, An Anchored NW Candle, A bamboo cutting board engraved by Give us a Sign, a wooden "home" sign made by Ink and Embers, A wooden pepper mill, a Turkish tool, and a faux succulent.

The U-District Graduation Basket is a special edition basket for the 2020 Graduates! This basket features a WA mug by Silver Pine Studios, creamy caramels by Buttercup and Blossom's, a Spokane themed coaster, a wooden keychain by Ink and Embers, a cookie made by Three Birdies Bakery, a special customized candle by Anchored NW Candle Company, and a faux succulent. 

The LOOFF Carousal Baby Basket has been so fun! This basket features a baby blanket and chalkboard made by Gigi n Me, baby booties by Lilia's Designs, a handmade baby rattle by Blessed Lil Stitches, an unscented shea baby soap bar by Flourish Botanicals, healing salve made by Caring Coconut, an Opal book written by local author Christine Bray and illustrated by local artist Anna Shawver, and a cookie by Three Birdies Bakery. 

How did you come up with the names for these baskets? 

As I was trying to think up names for the graduation basket and the baby basket, I decided I should leave it up to those on social media. So, I made a Name the Basket Contest. [Want to participate in a future naming content? Follow Weav on Instagram here!]

We received so many amazing and creative names! It was so hard to choose! For the most part, we have stuck with a theme for our baskets, naming them after streets or places around Spokane.

We decided to stick with that theme which narrowed down the options. It was a very fun way to find a new name for our upcoming baskets!

the grand boulevard basket from weav spokane

The Grand Boulevard basket from Weav Spokane

Father's Day is coming up! Do you have anything special planned for a Weav Father's Day local gift basket?

Yes! Our special Father’s Day gift basket includes a Pappa Booey Vaquero Rub (featuring The Roast House!), plus BBQ sauce, a cedar plank, wooden pepper pill and so much more. Plus, this gift box ships free anywhere in the US!

You can find the new Father's Day gift box here!

What has been the most unique custom gift basket you've made? 

We started offering customized baskets around Mother's Day and will continue to do so! It has been so fun to see the different combinations people put together!

One basket had a mix of all the basket themes, a Dot's Soul Food BBQ Sauce, a Beyoutiful Bath Bomb and Anchored NW Candle, and Roast House Coffee, and a Silver Pine mug. It's a great option to customize if you think a person would like a little bit of everything! 

The Garland Avenue basket from Weav Spokane

The Garland Avenue basket from Weav Spokane

Has your favorite product out of all the gift baskets changed since we last talked? Before, you said it was the mugs by 2232 Ceramics and Silver Pine Studio - is that still the case, or now do you have multiple favorites?

It is so hard to choose a favorite! I get asked often if I have tried everything in the baskets and the answer is yes!

I love every product and the people behind them so it's nearly impossible to choose a favorite! But, Beyoutiful bath bombs and Flourish Botanical soap bars are so amazing! My family loves Booey's Gourmet Red Pepper Sauce.

My husband and I drink either Indaba or Roast House coffee every morning and drink Winterwoods Tea or Revival Tea most evenings! 

What is something that makes you or your business unique?

Growing up, we moved a lot, I went to 14 different schools. It was good for me, but it made me really aware and appreciate the close knit and talented community of Spokane. Even with 20 highly talented local companies represented in my baskets, I feel like I have barely scratched the surface of the local artistry here in Spokane!

The Perry Street gift basket from Weav Spokane

Weav Spokane

Learn more about Annie from Weav Spokane at the links below, including her Instagram and Facebook accounts, and her website.

Thank you so much to Annie Krejci for sharing her Spokane story and business! If you're looking for a wonderful, locally-sourced gift, you definitely will want to visit Annie's site at Weav Spokane! She can also ship throughout the US, so if you know someone who's moved away from Spokane and misses home - send them a basket!

Special for Everyday Spokane readers: Get 10% off any Weav Spokane gift basket with code 'everyday10'!

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