The Great Dine Out: Supporting Delicious Spokane & Surrounding Area Restaurants

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Exciting news, foodies! The Inlander has announced “The Great Dine Out“, a first-time event created to provide support to local restaurants around Spokane that have been affected by the pandemic.

“But what happened to Restaurant Week?”, you may be asking. Never fear – Restaurant Week will return to Spokane, just at a later date!

Until then, you can enjoy over 160 restaurants that are taking part in The Great Dine Out, with all types of food, ways to order out, and more.

Below, we’ll explain everything you need to know about The Great Dine Out!

the great dine out

What is The Great Dine Out?

The Great Dine Out is a first-time event, hosted by The Inlander, and was created to support local restaurants impacted by the pandemic.

Thanks to the support of 14 local credit unions and banks, 160 restaurants in the Spokane and Couer d’Alene region have signed up to participate in The Great Dine Out. There is no fee for restaurants to participate.

The Great Dine Out will take place from March 12 to 27.



How Does The Great Dine Out Work?

Can’t wait for The Great Dine Out?! Neither can we! Here’s how it will work:

Participating restaurants will select three items to feature in the official event guide. The items will range from signature dishes and fan favorites, to entrees, meal kits and more. The menus will be included in the March 11 edition of the Inlander and online at During the event, people can choose to dine-in, or order take-out — whatever they are comfortable with.

The Inlander

The Great Dine Out is similar to Restaurant Week, in that you can choose from options offered by the restaurants, but then you also have the freedom to choose how you eat your meal – dine in, take out, etc.

What Restaurants Are Participating in The Great Dine Out?

Great question – over 160! That’s right! You can view the full list here.

Some restaurants we’re looking forward to?

There are many more on this list – the problem is, how many can we fit in before The Great Dine Out is over?!

Where Can I Learn More About The Great Dine Out?

Keep up to date on all the latest over at The Inlander‘s website or keep your eyes out for The Inlander’s March 11 and March 18 physical-copy editions. There, you’ll learn about the dishes offered by participating restaurants and can view the official event guide.

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