Spokane Real Estate Continues to Climb in Price

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image of Spokane real estate marketAverage sales price for Spokane-area homes hits $260K in February [The Spokesman-Review]

Summary: February’s home prices were about $30,000 higher than they were a year ago.

Higher interest rates last year slowed home sales in other regions, but the Spokane-area market continues to be a sellers’ market, particularly for homes priced at $300,000 and less.

ES Analysis: For those looking to buy a house in Spokane in the near future, prices and availability will be tight. Right now, with fewer than 800 condos and single-family homes on the market, buyers are able to hold a much higher price.

As around 400 homes are sold each month, this 800 represents just two months’ worth of inventory, whereas a balanced market has around a six months’ supply.

As Blake and I are looking to purchase a home in the future, we’ve kept a close eye on the market – and things are tight! Looking to buy here in Spokane? We interviewed a local Spokane realtor, Corrie Jo Anderson, and got her opinion on the best up-and-coming Spokane neighborhoods here.

Spokane residents react to bill to ban single-use plastic bags [KXLY]

Summary: The Washington state senate passed a bill to ban single-use plastic bags, which is heading to the house.

The bill would make some exemptions for small plastic bags, like those used to bag fruits and vegetables or meat. It would also require that any other bags, like paper bags, cost 8 cents.

ES Analysis: Opinion on the potential plastic bag ban is split among lawmakers and other citizens in Spokane.

While several residents say they support the idea and feel it’s better for the environment, some Republican senators disagree, with one calling it a “socialist method.” Though it would take a little adjustment, many Spokane residents do not feel the slight inconvenience would significantly change their lives and should therefore go ahead.

Regardless of how you feel about this, I’m just excited that the Washington state legislature doesn’t feel the need to dictate (at least in this situation) what cities can and can’t do. In Arizona, the state legislature banned city laws trying to ban plastic bags. If cities (and residents of those cities) want to pass legislation (within reason), like this, we’re for it because local residents know their communities best.

Spokane City Council candidates: Who is running in 2019 [KREM]

Summary: Two high-profile candidates have already announced their bids to replace the council president: current city councilman Breean Beggs and prominent activist Phil Tyler.

So far, only one candidate, Tabitha Wolf, has filed to run for the District 1 seat, Lori Kinnear of District 2 does not yet have a challenger, and Karen Stratton of District 3 will attempt to keep her seat as Christopher Savage, her only current opponent, has filed to run.

ES Analysis: The council stands to still lean left, as Stuckart, the favorite to become mayor, certainly does. No conservatives have come forward to challenge the seats currently held by more liberal candidates, and the only conservative, Fagan, will most likely be replaced by a Democrat.

In 2020, the whole city council may lean liberal. Overall, things could change before voting takes place, so it’s good to keep an eye on the Spokane mayoral race.

image of spokane real estate marketSpokane astronaut Anne McClain will be member of first all-female spacewalk on ISS [The Spokesman-Review]

Summary: Spokane native Anne McClain will be making history as part of NASA’s first all-female spacewalk at the International Space Station (ISS).

During their mission, crew members are conducting more than 250 research investigations and technology demonstrations that aren’t possible on Earth. The findings will advance scientific knowledge of space as well as physical and biological sciences.

ES Analysis: McClain has been with the ISS since December and will participate in the hours-long walks later this month.

Charlotte Lamp, McClain’s mother is excited and proud of her daughter’s accomplishments. Lamp, a biology teacher herself, is especially encouraged about how McClain’s professional and educational journey should encourage all of us to keep our minds open and love to learn.

It’s so exciting to see so many cool people come from Spokane – it just shows you how good the education system can be here and how Spokane is (possibly) a place that stokes people’s imaginations and makes them want to explore the stars.

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