Spokane Farmers Market Schedules 2023

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Spring, summer and early fall are typically the best seasons in Spokane (in our humble opinions!), and one of our favorite parts of these seasons is the arrival of Spokane farmers markets! Spokane and the surrounding areas have delightful farmers markets, and you can visit a farmers market in Spokane almost every single day of the week. How incredible is that?

According to Spokane County’s Community Services, Housing, and Community Development website, there are over 28,000 farms in our area. It makes sense that there are so many farmers markets to choose from all around Spokane County given this bounty of farms!

Most of these farmers operate seasonally, which means we only have a certain number of months to take advantage of the bounty offered by local farmers markets.

Luckily, farmers market season here starts early and lasts fairly long – if you’re looking for a farmers market near you, chances are one exists!

Your Downloadable Guide to Spokane Farmers Market Schedules

Want to be able to print and take this list of farmers markets with you? You can download the list here!

Below is an image you can share on social media that lists many of the farmers markets in Spokane.

2023 Spokane Farmers Market list by Everyday Spokane
Some of the many farmers markets around Spokane!

Farmers Markets in Spokane

As of right now, more information is coming out about specific Spokane farmers’ markets opening dates. As we receive more information, we will update the following farmers market in Spokane opening dates, vendors and more.

If there is no opening date listed below, we do not yet know when the farmers market in that location is open – yet!

Make sure to bookmark this page for the latest on Spokane farmers markets, Spokane Valley farmers market, and more!

The following farmers markets are all around Spokane and offer a variety of different vendors. Be sure to check out their websites for more information and any last minute announcements about closures.

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Monday: Hillyard Farmers Market

Location: Northeast Community Center, 4001 N Cook St

Open 3-7 p.m. June 5 through October 2.

Hillyard Farmers Market opens for the 2023 season on June 5 and goes until October 2. At this Spokane farmers market, you can expect to see:

  • Honey
  • Veggies
  • Microgreens
  • Jewelry and more!

Tuesday: Fairwood Farmers Market

Location: 319 West Hastings Rd, Spokane

Open 3-7 p.m. May 16 through October 10. This year, Fairwood Farmers Markets will open on May 16, 2023.

Options at Fairwood Farmers Market include:

  • Food trucks
  • Organic produce
  • Meat
  • Teas
  • Baked goods and more!

Wednesday, Saturday: Spokane Farmers Market

Location: Coeur d’Alene Park in Browne’s Addition (4th and Chestnut St.)

Open 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. from May 13 through October. The Wednesday market begins June 14.

In the past, vendors at the Spokane Farmers Market included:

  • Tolstoy Farms
  • Arabesque Bakery
  • Fetch Barkery
  • Tate’s Honey Farm
  • and more!
spokane farmers market

Wednesday: Kendall Yards Night Market

Location: 1335 W. Summit Parkway, Spokane

Open 5-8 p.m. Open mid-May through September. Kendall Yards Night Market opens May 24 for the 2023 season.

Pro-tip: Kendall Yards Night Market is very popular, and it can be difficult to park! Head to the back parking lot or side streets when you go, and bring your patience. One way to get around this? Visit a local Kendall Yards restaurant before the Night Market starts, enjoy a meal, then shop!

Options at Kendall Yards Night Market include:

  • Produce
  • Home goods
  • Plants
  • Live music
  • Food trucks

Read more about the Kendall Yards Night Market over at our review.

Wednesday: Millwood Farmers Market

Location: Millwood City Park, 9300 E. Frederick Ave., Spokane

3-7 p.m. May 31 to October 11. Millwood Farmers Market’s opening day in 2023 is May 31.

Previous vendors at Millwood Farmers Market included:

  • Hutterite Farm
  • Tates Honey
  • Great Harvest Bread Co.

Thursday: Garland Summer Market

Location: Parking lot south of The Gathering House (733 W Garland Ave, Spokane)

Open 3:30 to 7:30 pm from May 25 to August 31. The 2023 Garland Summer Market will open on May 25.

For the latest news, including vendors and vendor locations, make sure to follow Garland Summer Market on Instagram! There, you will get the latest news. 

Thursday: Perry Street Thursday Market

Location: 1000 S. Perry St., Spokane [Grant Park]

Open 3-7 p.m every Thursday from May through October. Perry Street Thursday Market’s opening day in 2023 is May 4.

Some vendors you may see at the Perry Thursday Market include:

  • Agape Farm
  • Bean & Pie
  • Gourmet Foragables & More
  • Full Bushel Farm
sweets by sarah k
Worth it! – Find them at the Fairwood Farmers Market on Tuesdays

Friday: Emerson-Garfield Farmers Market

Location: 2310 North Monroe, Spokane

Open 3-7 p.m. June 2 through September 29. Emerson Garfield’s Farmers Market in Spokane opens on June 2, 2023.

Previous vendors at Emerson-Garfield Farmers Market included:

  • Marketplace Botanicals
  • LakeWolf Creamery
  • Dogwild Farms
  • Revival Tea Company

Saturday: Wonder Farmers Market

Location: 835 N. Post Street, Spokane, WA 99201

Open Saturdays 10 am to 2 pm., beginning after the Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day. You can follow Wonder Market on Facebook for the latest information.

Vendors at the Wonder Market have included:

  • How Glorious Olive Oils & Balsamics
  • Inland Empire Beef
  • Sweet Frostings
  • North Side Candle Company
  • Liberty Ciderworks

Saturday: Indian Trail Night Market [2023 Market Date Not Yet Announced]

Location: 9025 N Indian Trail Rd., Spokane

Open Saturdays from 4 to 8 pm. Indian Trail Night Market returns May 21 in 2022.

Indian Trail Night Market is the newest addition to the Farmers Markets in Spokane family, and we could not be more excited! Tucked away in the Spokane neighborhood of Indian Trail, this market is fairly new (2022 is only its third year!)

While Indian Trail Night Market is one of the smaller farmers markets in Spokane, it is mighty! In 2020, it had cookie vendors, plenty of delicious food trucks, artisans, art and more.

Spokane Valley Farmers Markets & Beyond

Friday: Spokane Valley Farmers Market

Location: 2426 N. Discovery Place, Mirabeau Point Park

Open 4-8 PM from June 2 to September 15. Spokane Valley Farmers Market’s opening day in 2023 is June 2.

In addition to farmers market vendors, Spokane Valley Farmers Market also offers live entertainment, the Discovery Playground, Kids KERNEL program and more.

Previous Spokane Valley Farmers Market vendors have included:

  • Crepe Cafe Sisters
  • A Piece of Chocolate
  • Big Barn Brewing Co
  • Bombshell Sweets

Saturday: Liberty Lake Farmers Market

Location: 1421 N. Meadowood Lane, Liberty Lake

Open Saturdays from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.  May 20 to October 14, 2023. Liberty Lake Farmers Market‘s opening day in 2023 is on May 20.

Liberty Lake is an excellent Spokane-area farmers market with a variety of vendors, including:

  • Fresh produce
  • Bath products like soap!
  • Prepared food to eat on the lawn!
  • Honey
  • Mead
  • Desserts and pastries

Green Bluff Farmers

Green Bluff is the place to be in the spring, summer and early fall! Many of the Green Bluff growers will be open by Memorial Day in 2023.

If you’re looking for delicious, very local options, check out our favorite places to visit at Green Bluff!

There’s no better place to be in the spring, summer and early fall than Spokane, especially if you love farmers markets! We hope you’re able to take this Spokane Farmers Market (and surrounding areas) list and enjoy all of the wonderful local vendors!

Which farmers market in Spokane is your favorite? Let us know on our Facebook page here!

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