My Fresh Basket – An Innovative, Delicious Grocery Store in Downtown Spokane

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The Quick Review of My Fresh Basket

  • Not a typical grocery store – not a chain, centrally located with delicious items you wouldn’t expect to find in Spokane
  • Awesome selection of local, delicious products like beefalo, Mama Torrez salsa and the outstanding Signature Cookie
  • Community-gathering space that offers events, cooking demonstrations, and more

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For the longest time, downtown Spokane was a grocery store wasteland. Living at Gonzaga was a little better, as there was/is a Safeway within walking distance, but forget it if you wanted to live downtown.

It stayed this way for years, until 2017, when My Fresh Basket arrived. We watched MFB develop over the months and were curious to see just how fabulous it would be – it was supposed to be the end of the downtown food desert wasteland! Would it live up to the hype?

image of my fresh basket in progress
My Fresh Basket in progress

Image from The Spokesman-Review.

It takes quite a lot to impress me, and let me just say – My Fresh Basket not only impressed me with the variety of hot food and to-go options, it also made me happy to see all the organic and conventional, budget-friendly options offered here. It’s difficult to walk the line of trendy-but-overpriced and affordable-but-blah in grocery stores nowadays, but My Fresh Basket does a phenomenal job at offering all the “regular” items you’d see at any grocery store plus a ton of cool, local and hard-to-find items you would normally have to drive around for.

It’s not an understatement to say that My Fresh Basket has replaced every other grocery store out there for me. At first, I was disappointed there’s no Whole Foods in Spokane, but after my first shopping trip at My Fresh Basket — Whole Foods who?

If you’re under the impression that Spokane can’t compete with other big cities out there, or if you’re curious about My Fresh Basket and are wondering if you should visit, let us break down all the awesome things you’ll want to check out here.

My Fresh Basket is located at 1030 Summit Pkwy and is open from Monday- Friday, 5:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

image of Outside of My Fresh Basket
Outside of My Fresh Basket

Shopping at My Fresh Basket

Shopping at My Fresh Basket is an experience – from the moment you walk in, you’re greeted with fresh produce, a coffee bar, and other hot, take-out food you can grab and go. This makes it easy for you to pop in, grab some things, and head out quickly.

My Fresh Basket prides itself on offering unique, high-quality and local items as well as all the conventional, grocery-budget-friendly items you’d see in most other grocery stores. This makes shopping at My Fresh Basket super easy – I love to try new food (especially local!) but I also have my conventional favorites. It’s always a chore to have to go to two different stores to get everything you need, but with My Fresh Basket, you can find everything you need in one place.

Fresh Produce

The very first thing you’ll see when you enter My Fresh Basket is their large and varied produce section. I love how MFB doesn’t shirk on produce, even though it’s a smaller than average grocery store. We love buying fresh produce and make it a priority to buy more fresh items than frozen, so having a lot of options is important to us.

image of Produce at My Fresh Basket
Produce at My Fresh Basket

You’ll find all your typical produce needs here, including potatoes, bananas, onions… and of course, apples! My Fresh Basket makes it a priority to have a variety of options and prides itself on having staff around to help answer your questions about new, fresh and exotic produce you may see in the store.

Dairy & Meat

In addition to all the typical dairy and meat options you would find anywhere else, My Fresh Basket offers a ton of delicious local vendors and other unique options including:

  • Elleno’s Real Greek Yogurt – not only does MFB offer the regular Elleno’s yogurt in the dairy section, they also a greek yogurt bar in the front (near the produce section). Get some yogurt, add your toppings and go – the perfect “running late” breakfast!
image of Elleno's yogurt to go
Elleno’s yogurt to go
  • Pure Eire Dairy (in glass bottles!) – according to My Fresh Basket’s vendor section, “Richard and Jill Smith started Pure Eire Dairy with their children in 2009, born out of a desire to control their milk from the ground up. That means caring for their soils to produce quality feed for the cows. The cows then provide high quality milk that they process and bottle.” Yum!
  • Beefalo! – What is a beefalo, you ask? Well, it’s a healthier ross between a domestic cow and a North American bison. The beefalo are raised in Ellensburg on an “all natural, grass-fed diet” and Beefalo Meats certify no hormones, steroids, antibiotics or animal by-products are given to their cattle.
image of butcher's block at my fresh basket
The meat section!

Throughout the year, you can also get in-house made brats, pepperoni sticks, summer sausage and (at this time of year) honey hams – did I mention they’re all made in-house? Oh yeah!

Local Vendors

Do you like local honey? How about local spices? Craft beer? You’ll find all of that (and more – are you seeing a trend here?) at My Fresh Basket. Honestly, I was blown away by the fact you could create your own honey bear with local, fresh honey – and then I saw the spice section at My Fresh Basket.

image of local honey
Get your own local honey (and make some almond butter too!)

love spices, but often you have to buy a bottle of a spice you only need a teaspoon of, and you’re stuck with this big bottle. I love stores that let you bag your own spices, and My Fresh Basket has that option – plus, all the spices are local from Spiceology Spokane!

image of spiceology spokane
Yummy spices from Spiceology Spokane!

And did I mention the craft beer (and local wineries) My Fresh Basket offers? I actually had trouble taking a picture of all the local options My Fresh Basket offers – and the pictures below aren’t even their entire beer/wine section!

image of Only a small section of the craft beer/wine My Fresh Basket offers
Only a small section of the craft beer/wine My Fresh Basket offers

One thing we highly recommend you try? Mama Torrez’ flour tortillas chips and pico de gallo (get two containers of the pico – trust us!)

image of Mama Torrez pico de gallo and flour tortilla chips
Mama Torrez pico de gallo and flour tortilla chips

Last but certainly not least – baked goods! I love anything in the bakery/prepared foods section, and My Fresh Basket did not disappoint. Do you see these amazing (and beautiful) macarons from miFlavour? They’re made here in Spokane, and word on the street (aka Instagram) says the Pistachio macarons might be the best! 😉

image of Macarons from miFlavour
Macarons from miFlavour


image of my fresh basket signature cookie
Oh PS – get the cookie!!

Gluten Free & Vegan Options

Yes, My Fresh Basket offers gluten-free and vegan options of your favorite food! MFB even has a baked goods section specifically for those who eat gluten-free (picture below – it looks like it’s a pretty popular area!) My Fresh Basket also makes sure to offer a variety of gluten-free products throughout the store, and if you can’t find something, let a staff member know!

image of Gluten free bakery section at MFB!
Gluten free bakery section at MFB!

Once you’re at checkout, make sure you’ve downloaded the My Fresh Basket app with their Fresh Rewards Loyalty Program. For Every $5 spent, you’ll receive $.06 back in Basket Bucks, which you can redeem in store for future shopping trips.

Overall Thoughts of My Fresh Basket

We clearly have not even covered all of the delicious food options My Fresh Basket offers – follow our Instagram for more photos! For a ‘small’ grocery store, My Fresh Basket is amazing. I’ve never described any grocery store as amazing; most are just grocery stores, period. But My Fresh Basket is so much more than a traditional grocery store – in addition to all of the in-house food options, and local vendors, MFB also puts on events for the community to educate and inspire.

October events at MFB, events are offered every month!

My Fresh Basket is also very welcoming, and that was a deliberate move. My Fresh Basket wants everything to be convenient and welcoming for you, which is why The Roast House and much of the prepared food is right at front. It was astonishing – when I walked in, I immediately saw a friendly face at The Roast House and felt welcomed (even though I didn’t’ immediately grab coffee – I got it later!) How many times can you say you felt immediately welcomed in a grocery store?

My Fresh Basket also realizes its importance in a mixed-use community. You don’t just go to Kendall Yards to live (if that’s where you live) – you also go there for the food, the ice cream, the other shops like Spa Paradiso, and so much more. My Fresh Basket wants you to linger also – if you want. If you just want to grab your lunch and eat it there, you can do that. There’s seating upstairs, downstairs (on the first floor) and outside when the weather is nice, plus the outdoor patio even has plug-ins for laptops and phones. Again, how many grocery stores actually want you to stick around before or after your grocery trip?

If you’ve been on the fence about a trip to My Fresh Basket, just go! MFB really goes out of its way to make sure you’ll find almost all the traditional grocery store offerings, plus a lot of unique, local options you may never have tried before. Go – and let us know what you think!

image of bavarian pretel my fresh basket
This is delicious – Bavarian pretzel and cheese!

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