Delicious Indian Food in Downtown Spokane: The Mango Tree

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mango tree downtown spokane reviewIf you’ve been waiting for delicious Indian food in downtown Spokane, your wait is over! The Mango Tree has arrived in downtown Spokane and is every bit as delicious, and fun, as you might expect.

If you’ve visited The Mango Tree in Coeur d’Alene, you’ll be familiar with The Mango Tree in downtown Spokane, as it’s the same restaurant. Lucky for us, this Mango Tree is much closer than CdA, and is open on Sunday, making Sunday fun day downtown even more enjoyable and tasty!

But first, let’s cover where The Mango Tree is so you can get to it, what its hours are and what you can expect to get at the downtown Spokane location.

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The Mango Tree in Downtown Spokane Location and Hours

The Mango Tree in downtown Spokane is located at 401 W Main Ave (it’s across the street from Auntie’s Bookstore). It’s open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. most days, except for Friday and Saturday, when it’s open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Parking is your typical downtown street parking- which means you’ll be competing with people visiting Auntie’s, Sweet Peak’s Ice Cream and more.

This is why Sunday is our favorite time to visit the Mango Tree– parking downtown at the meters is free! In general, we haven’t struggled too much to get a close parking spot.

The Mango Tree and Taphouse

Now on to the good stuff! The unique thing about the Mango Tree in downtown Spokane is it’s an Indian restaurant AND a tap house. That’s right, one half of the restaurant is an Indian food restaurant (see photos below) and the other side is a tap house!

Inside of The Mango Tree in downtown Spokane
You can, of course, order food and drinks on either side of the restaurant, but having two sides to the restaurant is very cool. Basically, if you want to have a more traditional Indian food experience (or have a large group that wants to try the Mango Tree), you’ll want to stay on the Mango Tree dining side.

If you want a more tap house experience, head over to the tap house side. The tap house side is a little smaller than the restaurant, but you could certainly combine tables if you had a big group that wanted the tap house side.

private room adjacent to the taphouse
The Mango Tree also offers a private room for large groups.

The Menu

mango tree menu
One side of The Mango Tree menu

The food is what makes the Mango Tree really stand out! One complaint new transplants (or people considering moving to Spokane) have of Spokane is the lack of diverse, ethnic cuisine. This IS a struggle, particularly if you’re from a city or state known for certain delicious types of ethnic food.
other side of the mango tree menu
Other side of the Mango Tree menu!

However, having tried a lot of Indian food in Arizona (and loving Indian food because of its variety of vegetarian dishes!), I’d have to say the Mango Tree is phenomenal. It’s flavorful, which is huge, and has a wide variety of options for all kinds of eaters (vegetarian, meat eater, etc.)

At first, the menu is a little overwhelming, but after a while you realize that there truly is something for everyone. Just want appetizers? You can make a whole meal out of them! Prefer a flatbread? Your flatbread options are generous (and generously portioned). It will take several visits to try all of the curry bowls. Finally, if all else fails, you can even get a burger at The Mango Tree! You can even get fries – Indian Kitchen Fries (photo below).
several appetizer options
A sampling of what you can get at The Mango Tree in downtown Spokane!
One thing you definitely should try? The garlic naan bread!! It’s probably the best naan bread I have had – yes, it’s that good.
garlic naan bread

The Mango Tree also offers lunch specials where you can get a side of naan bread, rice, a salad, and two (out of a choice of 3) lunch size portions of entree meals. Every lunch option will have at least one vegetarian dish. Prices vary, but you can easily walk out of The Mango Tree for $15 or less for lunch.

Finally, in addition to the beer and wine you can order from the tap house (also served on the restaurant side), you can also order some delicious mango lassi (a traditional Indian yogurt drink) as a sweet treat. Sizes of meals were generous (I’ve always been able to take extra home!) and prices are reasonable.

What Are Other People Saying About The Mango Tree?

The Inlander interviewed regional operations manager Casey Garland, who had this to say about what to order:

For diners more familiar with Indian food, Garland suggests the veggie kofta ($15), with traditional Indian cheese sauce and vegetable rolls in a creamy tomato sauce. For those wanting to try something other than a traditional curry with meat, he recommends the daal makhani, a stew-like curry with black lentils in a buttery sauce.

When it comes to heat, the Mango Tree lets customers dictate how spicy they want a dish, starting with no spice (level 0) and going up to the spiciest (level 5). If that’s not enough, guests can request a side of chile paste to customize at the table.

One thing I have to say about the spicy levels: I typically avoid spicy food. In Phoenix, a ‘1’ was enough for me! At The Mango Tree, I ordered at level 1 and was a little disappointed. If you love spice, even a little bit, consider asking for a 2 or 3 (if not higher!).

If you’re looking for a great place to get Indian food in downtown Spokane, put The Mango Tree on your list. It gets bonus points from us for being open on Sundays, too!

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