The Farm Chicks Vintage and Handmade Fair

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The Farm Chicks Vintage and Handmade Fair (aka Farm Chicks) is back! This June 4-5, 2022, you’ll find incredible vintage treasures and handmade goods from vendors all around the Northwest. The more unique and niche your interests, the better, because you truly never know what you’ll find at Farm Chicks!

But what is Farm Chicks? What can you find there, and when does Farm Chicks take place? Below, everything you need to know about The Farm Chicks 2022!

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What is Farm Chicks?: Farm Chicks Vintage and Handmade Fair

Erin and I had the privilege of interviewing Farm Chicks founder Serena Thompson last year, when she announced Farm Chicks 2021. She gave us the lowdown on how Farm Chicks started, which you can watch below: Get Ready for the Best Weekend of the Year with The Farm Chicks!

Basically, Farm Chicks / The Farm Chicks Vintage and Handmade Fair is a huge vintage/rummage sale with handmade goods interspersed throughout the venue. If you’re a fan of shopping local in Spokane, you’ll love Farm Chicks weekend!

Farm Chicks takes place the first full weekend in June every year in Spokane, Washington.

The Farm Chicks came about initially as a fundraiser for a volunteer firefighter Serena and her family knew. From there, Serena realized there was a huge demand for this kind of fair, so she expanded slowly by visiting old barns and selling things with her friends. The rest, as they say, is history, and now Farm Chicks is the big beginning-of-summer event that Spokane looks forward to!

Farm Chicks is held at the Spokane County Fair and Expo Center at 404 N Havana Street in Spokane Valley, WA. The fair is all indoors and parking is free, which you know is music to my ears!

unique finds at the farm chicks fair!

What Can You Expect at Farm Chicks?

Last year was my first time attending Farm Chicks ever, and while it seemed as though fewer people attended (we all know why!), it was actually nice for a newbie like me to see Farm Chicks with fewer people.

Don’t get me wrong – hundreds if not thousands of people attend Farm Chicks, although it is easier to avoid crowds if you follow our  tips below. That said, I enjoyed being able to go early and walk around to see what I was interested in, then loop back for something I was considering.

As far as what to expect, item-wise, expect the unexpected! Last year, the very first few stalls I saw were vintage clothes, quilts, and jewelry. You’ll also find some of the food vendors at the beginning of Farm Chicks, too, so if you need more coffee to help you through the day – it’s there!

Expect the unexpected at the Farm Chicks Vintage Fair
A ceramic cat plate
Some of the eclectic items for sale that I just had to snap a pic of – my Mom would truly love these!

However, once I rounded a corner, I found even more unexpected treasures. Just a few things I saw last year included:

  • Vintage furniture
  • Eclectic barware
  • One of a kind antiques
  • Lovingly handmade baby blankets
  • One-of-a-kind Christmas ornaments
  • And way, way more!

As Serena mentions in the above interview, vendors are regularly updating their displays and bringing in new items as their first day (hour!) items sell out. 

Definitely visit Farm Chicks with an idea of what you’d like, to give you some guidance, but don’t have your heart set on anything in particular. Go with the flow and see what speaks to you!

One of a kind Christmas items for sale at The Farm Chicks fair

Tips on How to Successfully Navigate The Farm Chicks Vintage and Handmade Fair

We couldn’t end our interview with Serena without asking her for her top tips for newcomers to Farm Chicks – so these recommendations for enjoying Farm Chicks come straight from Serena (the original Farm Chick) herself!

  • Yes, there may be a long line, especially the first day of Farm Chicks – but don’t let it deter you! Many people get in line early before the gates open, and most have purchased their tickets ahead of time. The line goes quickly once the gates are open!
  • Purchase your tickets online ahead of time to get through the line and into Farm Chicks quickly
  • If you don’t like large crowds and don’t need to get there early, go late afternoon Saturday or any time on Sunday – it’s less busy!

And then here’s a tip Erin shared with me, especially if you’re someone who loves to haggle. Want to get the best deal? Sunday afternoon shoppers can typically find the best prices, as vendors are more willing to “make a deal” vs pack up the item you’re interested in. If you don’t mind losing out on an item you see at Farm Chicks, you can always swing by later to see if it’s still there and potentially get it cheaper!

A few other tips from pro shopper Erin:

  • Consider bringing a rolling shopping cart to store your treasures as you’re walking around – you won’t want to make several trips just to take a few things to your car

This double basket rolling cart is a particularly great idea, as when we went, Erin bought some delicate Christmas ornaments. It was a little tricky balancing them in between the bulkier items she bought, so having a double basket would be helpful to separate delicate items from heavy items.

  • Bringing a friend or family member is also a good idea! They can help you find treasures you might otherwise have missed, and you can help each other pack your items in the rolling cart or bag you’ve brought.
  • Bring cash! While the majority of the vendors seemed to take cards, while I was there (and particularly the morning of the first day) some vendors had trouble syncing their payment readers. I had brought cash and was able to quickly pay and keep going!
farm chicks unique finds
Maybe one day you’ll be a vendor at Farm Chicks!

Giveaway for Everyday Spokane Readers!

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably super excited and interested in attending Farm Chicks. Well, I have the giveaway for you!

I’ll be giving TWO winners TWO tickets to attend Farm Chicks – that means you and a friend or family member can attend Farm Chicks together! After all, you will need someone to take some of your bigger items home, right?

The giveaway is taking place on Instagram, so go enter to win here and let me know – who would you bring to Farm Chicks with you?

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