Symposium Exploring the Intersection of Health and Housing

20nov5:00 pm6:30 pmSymposium Exploring the Intersection of Health and Housing

Event Details

A series of presentations and panel discussions with local housing experts.

This symposium will provide a comprehensive exploration of the critical intersection between health and housing, bringing together experts, practitioners, and advocates to discuss the challenges, opportunities, and innovative solutions in this vital field.

Speakers: Quinton Baker, Dora Duaa-Rahemaah Hunter, Ben Stuckart, Terri Anderson


I. Introduction

A. Welcome and Opening Remarks
B. Importance of the Health-Housing Intersection
C. Objectives of the Seminar
D. Overview of Agenda

II. Conversation 1: Understanding the Health-Housing Nexus

A. The Link Between Housing and Health
B. Social Determinants of Health
C. Historical Perspective: Evolution of Housing and Health
D. Current State of Housing and Its Impact on Health

III. Conversation 2: Health Disparities and Housing

A. Identifying Vulnerable Populations
B. Racial and Socioeconomic Disparities in Housing and Health
C. Impact of Housing on Physical & Mental Health

IV. Conversation 3: Innovative Solutions

A. Affordable Housing Models
B. Technology and Housing Health Interventions
C. Sustainability and Health-Conscious Housing
D. Housing Projects Currently in Development

V. Conversation 4: Community Engagement and Collaboration

A. Building Stronger Communities
B. Grassroots Initiatives and Partnerships
C. Best Practices for Community Engagement

VI. Conversation 5: Policy and Advocacy

A. Government Initiatives and Housing Policies
B. Nonprofit and Community-Based Efforts
C. Legal Approaches to Health-Housing Advocacy
D. Panel Discussion: Voices from Advocacy Organizations

VII. Conclusion

A. Key Takeaways
B. Call to Action – RAP Signup,
C. Closing Remarks

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Refreshments will be provided by Market Street Pizza. 



(Monday) 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm(GMT-08:00)

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