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If you have a pet, you know they become like family. When you travel or are away, you want them to be safe, comfortable, and happy where they are.

However, when you first move to a new city, it can be difficult to find the right dog boarding (or doggy daycare/cat boarding) facility that works for your pet. Add in costs (dog boarding + day care), and it can be really overwhelming!

We had the same dilemma when we moved to Spokane. In Phoenix, we had our favorite dog boarding facilities and family who could pet sit our pets on short notice. However, when we moved to Spokane, we started from the bottom again.

What boarding facilities were the best for our dog? Would we find someone to board our dog in their home and give her the best care? Since travel plans were on our horizon, we did some research to find the best variety of options (in-home boarding, at their-home boarding, daycare, kennels, etc.) in Spokane.

If you’re looking for dog boarding in Spokane, pet sitting or pet care for your pets, we’ve got you covered! Here are the best options for pet sitting in Spokane – including the one we chose!

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Dog-Boarding Options In and Around Spokane (And Cat-Boarding!)

1) Overall – Rover

While we had never used Rover before moving to Spokane, we knew people on the platform who had good experiences working for Rover. Rover is the easiest way to find pet sitters, boarding, even people who will walk your dog while you’re at work! 

Image of Rover homepage
Rover’s Homepage

You’ll first start out by answering some questions about the type of service you’re looking for – for us, it was dog boarding, at someone’s house, in Spokane, and our dog’s size (large). We also input our dates, since we knew when we would need a sitter.

Image of what Rover dog boarding search looks like
Scroll around to find the right sitter for you

The whole process was pretty straight forward when we booked – you’ll find a list of sitters who fit your preferences and where they are located in your city. We did get some sitters out in the Valley, but that was fine for us since we’re willing to drive to find the best sitter.

Image of what one person's profile looks like on Rover
Choosing the right sitter – look at reviews!

We also searched for someone who had reviews, stars, or repeat clients. Personally, I think the reviews are the most important, with stars being a close second.

Read the reviews carefully – make sure the sitter you’re thinking of has the right atmosphere for your dog (does your dog get along with children? Does your pet need medication? Make sure to choose someone who is familiar administering medication.

The Rover interface is clean, easy to use, and makes the whole booking process very easy. Like Airbnb, Rover does take a commission to process the booking, but the vast number of Rover petsitters makes it the easiest place to find a pet sitter – especially on short notice. With Rover, you can choose from:

  • In-home dog boarding
  • At the sitter’s house dog boarding
  • Dog walking (two visits per day, unless you arrange for more or less)
  • Doggy day care

2) In Your Home/For Cats Who Don’t Like to Travel – Happier at Home

Local Spokane pet sitter Barb is a terrific choice if you’d prefer your pets stay in your home and/or if you have cats that don’t travel well. Barb with Happier at Home is a mobile sitter, meaning she will come to your house twice a day to play with and tend to your pets while you’re gone.

Barb is also a good choice if you work long hours, as she can stop by, walk your dog, make sure your pets haven’t destroyed anything, and just generally take care of them while you’re working. You can read all of Happier at Home’s reviews and book with Happier at Home here.

Kong Toy Must-Have

When we boarded our dog or took her to doggy daycare, we always brought some of her favorite toys, including this Kong Toy. It’s perfect for anxious dogs, too, as we stuffed it with peanut butter, froze it, and then let her chew on it to calm her down and remind her of home!

3) Spokane Valley – Doggyland

Screenshot of Doggyland in Spokane's logo
Doggyland in Spokane Valley

At Doggyland in Spokane Valley, you can choose from doggy day care while you’re working or busy with family/friends or you can choose overnight daycare for your dogs. The great thing about Doggyland is it is kennel free and your dogs always have access to the outdoors if they need.

As with most day care facilities, Doggyland does a ‘trial day’ with your dog and slowly introduces your dog to the ‘pack’, making sure everyone gets along (or at least tolerates each other). Doggyland is very detailed in how they socialize your dog, and you can read more here.

After boarding our dog many times around Arizona, one thing we became picky about is how the dogs are treated and socialized. After Rover, Doggyland was a close second for us because of how thorough their socialization process is and how much attention they seem to give the dogs. You can read more about Doggyland here.

Fun Chew Toys to Comfort Your Pet

While most boarding places didn’t let us bring our dog’s favorite blanket, they would let us bring toys, including her favorites from BarkBox (similar to this one!)

4) Bark Park in Spokane – Daycare and Grooming

Bark Park is located in the heart of Spokane, on Monroe, and offers doggy daycare Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 7 PM. That’s one of the longest options for doggy daycare we’ve seen, and it’s fairly centrally located for many dog parents.

While Bark Park doesn’t offer overnights, they do also offer grooming for your dog, so this is a great option if you want your pup cleaned and tired out!

5) Daycare Only – Yuppy Puppy

Although Yuppy Puppy is daycare only, and thus not a contender for being an overnight place to dogsit your dog, we have to mention it because of all the rave reviews it gets online. In addition to offering doggy daycare, Yuppy Puppy also offers professional grooming, self service dog bathing, and natural pet food, treats and toys – made in the USA.

In fact, Yuppy Puppy was one of the first places recommended to us by several people (including hotel staff) when we first arrived in Spokane. We were looking for places to get our dog high-quality dog food, and almost everyone said “just go to Yuppy Puppy.” Others also highly recommended their doggy day care services.

Especially if you live on the northside of Spokane, it’s worth it to go visit Yuppy Puppy! You can read more about Yuppy Puppy here.

Cat Calming Diffuser

When we had to have someone watch out cat while we traveled, we knew we needed something to calm her – and this Cat Calming Diffuser was the perfect thing! Our cat didn’t puke or exhibit signs of stress while we were gone, which was a huge relief for us!

6) Central Spokane – Play N Stay

Play N Stay was the first dog daycare and boarding facility in Spokane in 2001, and offers dog boarding, day care and grooming. Play N Stay says it is a “luxury and indoor dog boarding facility” and each dog gets their own private kennel and run. Overnight rates at Play N Stay are $35 per dog and daycare is an extra $15 per day (offered Monday through Friday).

You can read more about Play N Stay here.

7) Spokane Valley – Paradise Pet Resort

With over 150 reviews and an average review of 4.7 stars (out of 5), Paradise Pet Resort in Spokane Valley is doing something right!

Paradise Pet Resort offers boarding, daycare, grooming and training for your dog – and they offer cat boarding as well! All play is supervised in a secure outdoor play yard. Overnight boarding includes day care (cats are free roam).

This is a great option for those who live in Spokane Valley!

There Are a Lot of Options in Spokane, But Read Reviews

Choosing where to board your pets, whether it’s just for a day or for several days, can be a challenging experience. You want your dog (and cat) to be in the best hands, but when you move to a new city, finding the “best hands” (especially on a short notice) can be tough. Sites like Rover make it a lot easier with their search functions and reviews, but there are many other options as well.

Lucky for us, Spokane is a dog-friendly city and there were several reputable options for us to choose from. Ultimately we went with Rover, as that worked the best for our dog, but there are many options for dog boarding, cat boarding, doggy day care and more.

Just take time to read reviews, look at pictures online and, if possible, visit the dog boarding or daycare facilities ahead of time. What looks good to us may not be right for your dog, but we always prioritize our dog’s safety and happiness first – and the suggestions above are where we would feel comfortable taking our dog, knowing she would be in good hands.

Do you have a favorite dog boarding facility not mentioned here? Let us know about it over on Facebook!

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