29 Warm Costumes for Halloween 2022

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One thing that took a little while to get used to when I first moved to Spokane was the cold weather in October – and winter costumes! Cold weather wasn’t the norm in Phoenix, AZ, and so the idea of a winter Halloween costume was just a concept – not a reality.

If you’re looking for good Halloween costumes for adults, kids or even pets, definitely consider the weather in Spokane! By October, the temperature typically plummets, and you can expect temperatures in the 30s (low) to the mid-60s (high).

What typically would work in a warmer climate won’t exactly work here. While you could go with a warm weather costume, chances are you’d have to layer – and then that means no one can see your fun costume!

If you’ve been looking for cold weather costume ideas, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here are our best recommendations for cold weather costumes to wear in Spokane neighborhoods and the surrounding areas!

Cold Weather Halloween Costume Ideas

Trendy and Warm Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

If you’re looking for a trendy and warm costume idea, look no further than all of the Disney movies and reboots that are coming out! This children’s Flounder costume pairs perfectly with other Little Mermaid costumes (see below) if you want to be more matchy, or works perfectly on it’s own.

This Minions costume for kids is not only trendy and warm – but also super easy to put on! For the wiggly kid who just wants to get out and get some candy, this is the perfect low key and warm Halloween costume idea.

Are there any costumes out there that are better for cold weather climates than Minecraft? We don’t think so! This Minecraft costume for kids comes with the top, pants, and mask, meaning your child will be warm from head to toe!

Trendy and Warm Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

There are plenty of trendy and warm Halloween costume ideas for adults – just because it’s chilly outside doesn’t mean you’re stuck with head to toe ghost costumes. Here are some fun Halloween costume ideas for adults that will keep you warm this October!

Does this Disney princess look familiar? It’s Ariel, from The Little Mermaid – this is her ‘on land’ outfit! With The Little Mermaid getting a reboot by Disney, this warm weather Halloween costume is perfect and on-trend this year. You can even wear leg warmers underneath!

Another trending Disney character is Mary Sanderson, one of the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus! With Hocus Pocus 2 coming out soon, you can be truly on trend (and warm!) with this fun costume. It even comes with pockets!

This fun Stranger Things costume (Eddie Munson) comes with a pullover jacket and jersey knit, making this the perfect warm weather Halloween costume! Pants are sold separately, but it’s easy to get some black jeans for this costume – the more 80s, the better!

How unique and beautiful is this Day of the Dead Halloween costume? It comes with the jumpsuit, skirt and headband, making this a beautiful and warm Halloween costume, perfect for the fall. The make up, however, is up to you!

Trendy and Warm Halloween Costumes for Couples

Going to Halloween parties as a couple is super fun, but we’ve all been there – getting to the party, it’s cold! Sometimes the party spills outside – it’s cold! There’s nothing worse than having to cover up your costume because you’re cold – and that’s why these cold weather Halloween costume ideas are perfect.

Superhero costumes have been popular for a while now, and their popular doesn’t seem to be waning! If you’re looking for a fun couples costume, try Avengers costumes like this one with the Red Guardian and Black Widow.

To infinity, and beyond! You can enjoy something like that with this fun cold weather couples Halloween costume idea – astronauts! This outfit (for women and men) is a perennial favorite because it comes as a jumpsuit. That means you can wear something else underneath if you get to an indoor Halloween party and want to shed the jumpsuit… or you can wear it all night long to stay warm!

The 80s are having a major resurgence now, but if you weren’t thinking ahead and asked people from the 1980s to save their “costumes”, you might be wondering how you can get your hands on some fashionable 80s outfits!

Look no further than these two options, which can be paired together in a general 1980s way – as both a fashionable 80s lady and Marty McFly, the stylish 80s teen (who, yes, did time travel too!)

Clever and Warm Halloween Pet Costumes

You can’t leave your pets out of the Halloween costume fun! For most pets, their coats will be just fine for the cold weather, but if you want an extra dose of cute and warm, these costumes will do the trick.

First up, for the little monster in your life, is this Chucky costume. It goes without saying that you can probably think of a pup who should wear this!

Next is another Sanderson sister, Winifred, who will put a spell on you… with her cute pup face!

If your pup is a little more spidey than doggy, this spider dog costume is perfect.

And finally, there’s Stegosaurus Rex, aka your dog with a big dinosaur tail!

Cozy and Cute Warm Halloween Costumes for Kids

We all know that nothing ends a fun Halloween night out faster than cold kids. When it’s 35-ish degrees in Spokane, your and your kids won’t last long outside while trick-or-treating unless you’re bundled up!

However, bundling up doesn’t have to be boring! Here are several cozy and cute warm Halloween costume ideas for kids.

Choose from a variety of options, including the Sea Turtle costume, which comes with the jumpsuit, mitts, shoe covers and shell.

There’s also the wolf costume, which comes with the dress. Just grab some thick leggings or leg warmers and some boots to complete the look!

Finally, the fox costume, which comes with the jumpsuit and headband.

Out of the Ordinary Warm Halloween Costumes for Adults

Picking the right cold weather Halloween costume as an adult can be tricky. How long will you be outside? Will you get cold or can you go from warm car to warm house?

Depending on what you’re looking for, these costumes provide the perfect cover up if you’re outside, while at the same time being cool and unique warm Halloween costumes.

The first option is the Dragon Woman Warrior costume, which definitely gives off Game of Thrones/House of the Dragon vibes without outwardly saying it. This outfit comes with both the dress and the cape.

The next two options can be separate or paired together – the lion costume and this zookeeper Halloween costume! The lion costume is truly the perfect cold weather climate Halloween costume, as it comes with the bodysuit, hood, pair of mitts and shoe covers. The zookeeper outfit comes with the jumpsuit, belt and hat.

This Princess Bride costume is a classic, and the dress can easily be worn over something else if you get too hot. It comes with the dress and belt.

And finally, you can never go wrong with a Miss Frizzle costume! Make this costume even warmer by pairing the dress with tights.

Cold Weather Halloween Costume Ideas for Toddlers/Babies

Toting around your toddler during Halloween? What is cuter than this little hatchling costume, which comes with the hooded jumpsuit, egg shell, and booties? This is the perfect, quick and warm Halloween costume for your little Halloween chickie!

What is cuter than all of these options for the little ones? Taking your toddler out for Halloween doesn’t have to end early because of the cold with these costumes!

If you’re going with a Sanderson sisters or witch theme, why not get this adorable little Sanderson sister witch outfit, which comes with the dress, waist sash, capelet and hat?

If your little one prefers pets to witches, get them this cute black cat costume, which comes with the bodysuit and tail and the headpiece (to keep their ears warm!)

Finally, what is cuter or funnier than this Ghostbusters Stay Puft costume for toddlers? There’s nothing more terrifying, or adorable, than a toddler just learning to walk while dressed as the Stay Puft character!

Halloween in Spokane

In general, Halloween in Spokane is very popular! From locals dressing up their houses (and yards) to be spooky cemeteries or zombie lairs to ‘trunk or treat’ events at local churches, people in Spokane really enjoy Halloween.

Maybe it’s the fact that there is (typically) no snow on the ground, maybe it’s the candy sugar rush, or maybe it’s just all the cute kids out, but people in Spokane are usually really nice and receptive on Halloween.

All that to say: if you want to dress up yourself and your house and go all out for Halloween, you’ll be in good company! Take a look at this informative video from local news station KREM all about some of the most haunted spots around Spokane:

Are you planning on dressing up this year, or are your kids dressing up this year? If so, what do you plan on dressing up as this year? Let us know on our Facebook page here!

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