24 Warm Costumes for Halloween 2024

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One thing that took a little while to get used to when I first moved to Spokane was the cold weather in October – and winter costumes! Cold weather wasn’t the norm in Phoenix, AZ, and so the idea of a winter Halloween costume was just a concept – not a reality.

If you’re looking for good Halloween costumes for adults, kids or even pets, definitely consider the weather in Spokane! By October, the temperature typically plummets, and you can expect temperatures in the 30s (low) to the mid-60s (high).

What typically would work in a warmer climate won’t exactly work here. While you could go with a warm weather costume, chances are you’d have to layer – and then that means no one can see your fun costume!

If you’ve been looking for cold weather costume ideas, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here are our best recommendations for cold weather costumes to wear in Spokane neighborhoods and the surrounding areas!

Cold Weather Halloween Costume Ideas

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Trendy and Warm Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

What’s more trendy than some of the most popular movies and TV shows for kids? The Super Mario Bros movie and The Little Mermaid were huge this year, and Wednesday Addams is classically popular.

These children’s Halloween costumes are perfect for cold weather, as the Ariel costume comes with long sleeves and can be paired with tights. Wednesday Addams’ outfit also comes with long socks, which you could switch out for thicker tights if Halloween is truly frigid this year. Finally, Mario’s costume is head to toe covered!

Trendy and Warm Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

There are plenty of trendy and warm Halloween costume ideas for adults – just because it’s chilly outside doesn’t mean you’re stuck with head to toe ghost costumes. Here are some fun Halloween costume ideas for adults that will keep you warm this October!

Can’t get enough Barbie? Choose both of Barbie’s popular outfits and pair the dress with cute tights (pink or cream would be great!). The roller skating/80s Barbie is a little tougher, but you could add leg warmers and a big puffy 1980s jacket to make this outfit warmer while you’re outside.

We can’t leave out Ken! Ken’s 80s/roller skating outfit will also need leg warmers and an 80s jacket to make warmer, but this outfit is just so cool, we couldn’t leave it off!

For those truly cold Halloween nights, we’ve also included these Barbie boxes for Ken and a Barbie box for Barbie. You can pair virtually any outfit you want with these, adding pink long sleeves and tights for Barbie and basically anything for Ken because… it’s just Ken.

It’s pretty nice that Yellowstone, the TV show, takes place in a cold climate, because these Yellowstone Halloween costumes are almost perfect for Spokane’s cold weather! Beth’s costume only needs some tights to make 100% warmer, and Rip’s outfit is already done for you.

At this point, Top Gun is for the whole family, right? Get the whole family decked out in Top Gun Halloween costumes, and let everyone be warm from head to toe! The female version of the outfit may need a bomber jacket to be completely warm, but it’s a great start and a fun way for the whole family to have the same Halloween costume theme!

I know for a fact how hard it can be to find cold weather Halloween costumes for women that are actually warm, which is why I love this Haunted Beauty costume and Halloween scarecrow costume. They both offer plenty of cover (although you may want warmer tights and a turtleneck for the Haunting Beauty costume, as the sleeves are mesh), are fun, and are spooky/playful. If you can’t find any good, warm costumes for the cold weather, these two are great options.

How unique and beautiful is this Day of the Dead Halloween costume? It comes with the jumpsuit, skirt and headband, making this a beautiful and warm Halloween costume, perfect for the fall. The make up, however, is up to you!

Trendy and Warm Halloween Costumes for Couples

Going to Halloween parties as a couple is super fun, but we’ve all been there – getting to the party, it’s cold! Sometimes the party spills outside – it’s cold! There’s nothing worse than having to cover up your costume because you’re cold – and that’s why these cold weather Halloween costume ideas are perfect.

The best part of these cold weather Halloween costumes? BOTH couples can be warm! Most couples costumes usually have the female version in something short, which just doesn’t work when it’s borderline snowing outside (or actually snowing!) These costumes are fun and keep both people warm.

The Bob Ross outfit is fun and offers a lot of flexibility for what to wear under the “paint canvas”, as do the tequila and lime and s’mores costumes. These costumes offer options to dress warmly or less warmly depending on how cold it is outside and how much you’ll be outside.

The skeleton costume, however, is my pick. First of all, it’s unisex – you’ll need to buy two if you want to go as a couple, and you will be dressed alike! But it’s a head to toe onesie, meaning you can wear light or heavy options underneath the onesie depending on how much partying you’re doing and how cold it is outside. Plus, it’s comfy! I’m all about comfy, whether it’s Halloween or not.

Clever and Warm Halloween Pet Costumes

You can’t leave your pets out of the Halloween costume fun! For most pets, their coats will be just fine for the cold weather, but if you want an extra dose of cute and warm, these costumes will do the trick.

Is your pet a scared chicken, or more like a bold lion? Maybe it’s the other way around! Either way, these costumes are warm and cute. Your cat or small dog could also be a bee (super cute on black cats especially!) or a mermaid – the perfect costume for someone who’s going as Ariel and wants their own little Ariel sidekick!

Halloween in Spokane

In general, Halloween in Spokane is very popular! From locals dressing up their houses (and yards) to be spooky cemeteries or zombie lairs to ‘trunk or treat’ events at local churches, people in Spokane really enjoy Halloween.

Maybe it’s the fact that there is (typically) no snow on the ground, maybe it’s the candy sugar rush, or maybe it’s just all the cute kids out, but people in Spokane are usually really nice and receptive on Halloween.

All that to say: if you want to dress up yourself and your house and go all out for Halloween, you’ll be in good company! Take a look at this informative video from local news station KREM all about some of the most haunted spots around Spokane:

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