Cold Weather Halloween Costume Ideas [2021]

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One thing that took a little while to get used to when I first moved to Spokane was the cold weather in October – and winter costumes! Cold weather wasn’t the norm in Phoenix, AZ, and so the idea of a winter Halloween costume was just a concept – not a reality.

If you’re looking for good Halloween costumes for adults, kids or even pets, definitely consider the weather in Spokane! By October, the temperature typically plummets, and you can expect temperatures in the 30s (low) to the mid-60s (high).

What typically would work in a warmer climate won’t exactly work here. While you could go with a warm weather costume, chances are you’d have to layer – and then that means no one can see your fun costume!

If you’ve been looking for cold weather costume ideas, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here are our best recommendations for cold weather costumes to wear in Spokane neighborhoods and the surrounding areas!

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Cold Weather Halloween Costume Ideas

Wacky But Warm Halloween Costumes for Adults

Many of us adults will be headed out with kids this Halloween season, so of course we want to be warm in casual costumes while out. With the incredible variety of Halloween costumes available nowadays, you can be warm and have a little fun with these wacky but warm Halloween costumes!

Warm Animal Costumes for Adults

What’s super warm – and fun? These warm animal-themed costumes for adults! These are the perfect comfortable Halloween costumes for adults, too, as they’re roomy for even more layering if necessary.


Warm Animal Costume Ideas for Kids

If your kids are interested in going as an animal, there are definitely options for them as well!


Trendy Yet Warm Adult Halloween Costume Ideas

Don't want to be too wacky but also don't feel like dressing up like a dinosaur? These trendier adult cold weather Halloween costume ideas are perfect!

Cozy and Cute Warm Couples Halloween Costumes

Want to go as a matching set for Halloween with your spouse, partner or friend? Some of these are the classic Halloween costumes for adults, like salt and pepper and peanut butter and jelly - and some are new, fun twists!

These cold weather costume ideas will keep you toasty - and are great comfortable Halloween costumes, too!

Cold Weather Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

So it's time to trick or treat - and it's cold outside! Sometimes it seems like the weather never seems to bother kids, but if your kids are planning to 'go go go' and collect all the candy for a few hours, you definitely want them dressed warmly in our (typically cold) Spokane weather!

Here's a great list of cold weather Halloween costume ideas for kids!

Toddler Cold Weather Halloween Costume Ideas

Many little ones go along for the Halloween candy ride - or maybe it's your little one's first Halloween and you want to take them out for a bit! Keep your littlest ones warm with these adorable, warm and comfy Halloween costumes.

Cold Weather Pet Halloween Costume Ideas

We can't leave out the pets! If you're bringing Fido out or dressing up the cat for photos, there are plenty of cold weather Halloween costume ideas for pets!

Halloween in Spokane

In general, Halloween in Spokane is very popular! From locals dressing up their houses (and yards) to be spooky cemeteries or zombie lairs to 'trunk or treat' events at local churches, people in Spokane really enjoy Halloween.

Maybe it's the fact that there is (typically) no snow on the ground, maybe it's the candy sugar rush, or maybe it's just all the cute kids out, but people in Spokane are usually really nice and receptive on Halloween.

All that to say: if you want to dress up yourself and your house and go all out for Halloween, you'll be in good company! Looking for some fun spooky music to play outside while the trick or treaters come to visit? Take a listen to this playlist below - you can turn it up when the trick or treaters knock to spook them!

Prefer to host your own haunted Halloween bash? Really lean in to the spooky, haunted past of Spokane by bringing back these Halloween songs from the 1910's (yes, 1910!) and on with the playlist below:

Are you planning on dressing up this year, or are your kids dressing up this year? If so, what do you plan on dressing up as this year? Let us know on our Facebook page here!

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