The 17 Best Places to Get Coffee in Spokane

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Seattle might have a reputation for being a ‘coffee city’, but Spokane is no slouch! With local roasters, and a cafe in almost every single Spokane neighborhood, Spokane’s coffee scene ranges from traditional, cozy spots (perfect for work or study) to eclectic, unique hangouts, with each coffeehouse providing its own unique take on the city’s caffeine scene.

Whether you’re looking for a place to get some work done, enjoy a cup with a friend or a good journal, or just want to pop in for some coffee while running errands, you won’t go wrong with any of these best coffee shops in Spokane! 

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The Best Coffee Shops in Spokane

Best Coffee Shops in Spokane to Work, People Watch, and More

Maple Street Bistro

Not only is Maple Street Bistro one of our favorite places to get a breakfast sandwich in Spokane (their bagels – run, don’t walk, to get some!), but their coffee is also incredibly delicious. Every week, Maple Street Bistro puts out a new coffee flavor – make sure to follow them on Instagram to see what this week’s flavor is! 

Right now, Maple Street is only open for drive thru and take out (you can also order – they offer delivery through DoorDash!), but when COVID restrictions are lifted, MSB’s indoor seating and outdoor patio are the perfect place to meet up with a friend, eat a tasty sandwich (breakfast or lunch!), warm up with a grilled cheese + soup, and more. It’s hands down one of our favorite places in Spokane!


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Atticus Coffee & Gifts

A hot cup of coffee and a great book make for a wonderful day, right? Well, it gets even better when that coffeehouse is named after a character in one of the most-acclaimed books in American literature. Named for Atticus Finch from “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Atticus Coffee & Gifts offers a classic setting for a local coffeehouse. Situated inside a red brick building, enjoy an espresso, latte or loose-leaf tea and sit back and spend a morning reading and enjoying fresh locally-brewed coffee.

You can also shop for a few gift ideas while you’re relaxing there. Atticus Coffee & Gifts is an offshoot of Boo Radley’s, a gift store where you can find almost anything, from books and cards to toys and clothes. 

Atticus is also one of our favorite coffee shops downtown, since it’s so easy to stroll over to if you’re already downtown for one of Spokane’s many events!


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Revel 77

Opened in 2012, Revel 77 quickly became a Spokane favorite. With housemade syrups and excellent sandwiches, you’ll appreciate a visit to Revel 77. 

Baristas create an outstanding cup of your favorite coffee, topped with an artistic design to help bring a smile to your face. Revel 77 continually works to create new drinks for their customers. With a sleek, modern décor, Revel 77 offers a comfortable visit while you enjoy a coffee. 

Indaba Coffee

Seeking to help a community overcome its poverty, Indaba Coffee’s story is more than an outstanding cup of java. It’s a story about people wanting to help other people. Opening its original location in West Central in 2009, Indaba Coffee gained a fan base, with people coming in from the neighborhood, as well as other areas of the city.

Offering local coffee at the start, then expanding to include other roasters, Indaba Coffee grew from its first location to five around the city. They expanded to roast their own beans. People have recognized Indaba’s outstanding coffee by voting it the best local coffee shop and one of the top roasters. 


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I’ve been to several Indaba’s around Spokane, but my favorite location is Nettleton. Although it’s small, it’s adjacent to Hello, Sugar (yum, donuts!) and I’ve always been able to grab a seat to get some work done or catch up with friends!

Hey Y’all

More than just a coffee shop, Hey Y’all gets a special shout out on this list because their coffee is just so dang tasty! It’s still pretty much take out only at Hey Y’all, at least until COVID restrictions are lifted, but you have to put Hey Y’all on your ‘delicious coffee’ list.

I tried the Blue Bonnet the last time I visited, and it was one of the best tasting coffees I have ever tried. Plus, Hey Y’all has an adorable shop, with prints, cards, a journal making station and so much more. It’s in downtown Spokane – don’t miss it!


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Vessel Coffee Roasters

Using only coffee beans grown sustainably and chemical-free, Vessel Coffee Roasters seeks to leave a better community than when they found it. Not only does the coffee house make a delicious cup of coffee, the owners want to help the community by offering youths an opportunity to work there and help them grow. Vessel Coffee Roasters’ coffeehouse features a clean modern look with plenty of space to socialize with friends, host business meetings or study and work on a laptop. 

Best of all, it’s fairly easy to park! Vessel has their own small parking lot, and plenty of on-street (free) parking in front of and to the sides of the coffee shop. Vessel is off of Monroe, which recently received a street refresh, making it a fun place to sit and people watch. When you’re done with your coffee, head out and visit some of the eclectic shops on Monroe!

Rocket Bakery

You can’t have a ‘best coffee in Spokane’ list without mentioning Rocket Bakery! Established in 1992, Rocket Bakery is local and independent. There are now seven Rocket Bakery locations around Spokane, each offering unique and delicious coffee and pastry options. 

Our favorite location is the one on Garland – one of my perfect days is to get breakfast on Garland (Ferguson’s Fountain Cafe has breakfast and lunch!), visit Booktraders (a local bookstore on Garland), and then enjoy my new book at Rocket! There’s plenty of cozy seating and tables to work on – plus delicious coffee, tea and baked goods.

By far, if you’re looking for coffee shops to study in, you definitely want to check out Rocket Bakery. While it’s not coffee downtown, it’s out of the way, which makes it quieter!

Rockwood Bakery

Speaking of another delicious coffee shop (and bakery) on the South Hill, you’ll never go wrong with Rockwood! Located within walking distance to Manito Park, Rockwood is the perfect before or after park stop for friends and family.

There’s plenty of room and seating to get work done in Rockwood, with large tables (perfect for spreading out on – can you tell I go here a lot?). If you’re looking for a true study coffee shop, Rockwood is pretty hard to beat.

In addition to the work and hang out space, Rockwood offers a variety of coffee and tea drinks. From iced drinks to hot drinks, Rockwood is a great place to visit summer or winter. And of course, it’s called Rockwood Bakery – we can’t leave Rockwood without getting at least two baked goods every time we visit!


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Boots Bakery and Lounge

Downtown Spokane is one of my favorite places to hang out, and if I’m not down by Atticus or Indaba, chances are I’m at Boots! Boots is one of the only places in Spokane that is completely vegan and mostly gluten-free, making it an awesome option if you’re vegetarian like me! You can eat anything on the menu!

If you’re looking for coffee shops near by, particularly downtown, head over to Boots. Boots opened in 2012 by Alison Collins, a bartender with 10 years experience famous for her hospitality at Mizuna (another vegetarian favorite of mine – check out our Mizuna review here). 

Find our full list of the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Spokane here!

In addition to their delicious food items, Boots also offers coffee, tea – and plenty of seating. From a cozy spot near the window for people watching to a long wooden table in the back, you can enjoy your coffee at Boots solo or with friends and family. 

Forza Coffee Co

If you’re looking for great coffee, tea, a variety of food options and plenty of cozy space to hang out in, you have to visit Forza Coffee Co! Personally, I love meeting up with people at Forza because there are plenty of drink options – if someone doesn’t love coffee, they have tea options and more.

My favorite location is the one on the South Hill, but there are a total of three Forza locations – including one near GU!

Ladder Coffee

Chances are you’ve seen the inside of Ladder Coffee’s cool shop on Instagram – it’s very Instagram-worthy! Ladder now has a variety of locations, and offers coffee, tea and a really good assortment of food, including sandwiches, avocado toast and more. If you’re looking for a bright, fun atmosphere, you won’t go wrong with Ladder.


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Little Garden Cafe

Speaking of a place to get a coffee and take a stroll, if you want to walk around Audubon Park but also want a coffee, visit Little Garden Cafe! Or stay inside with the whole family – in addition to coffee and tea, the Little Garden Cafe also offers a wide arrange of food options, includes sandwiches and salads.

There is plenty of seating and even a small play area for the kids, making it the perfect place to catch up with friends with kids. In addition to lots of indoor seating, you can have your coffee outside too, as Little Garden Cafe has outdoor seating. 

1st Avenue Coffee

Another Instagram favorite is 1st Avenue Coffee, located appropriately on 1st Avenue in downtown Spokane. 1st Avenue is one of my favorite places to visit almost any time of the day, as the coffee is delicious, the baked goods are tempting – and did I mention they offer coffee cocktails (non-alcoholic)? If you’re planning to attend a show at The Fox or Knitting Factory but need a little something extra to stay awake, definitely make sure to visit 1st Avenue Coffee!

In addition to their delicious coffee options, 1st Avenue offers plenty of seating, both upstairs and downstairs! It’s one of my favorite places to people-watch when I’m taking a break from working. A must-visit if you’re downtown.

If you’re looking for coffee shops good for studying, you’ll definitely want to check out 1st Avenue coffee. It offers plenty of seating for studying and coffee drinking, plus good people-watching for when you need a break. Win win!

Best Drive Thru Coffee Shops in Spokane

Sometimes you just don’t have time to park and hang out at a coffee shop – but you don’t want some boring, watered down coffee. If you’re looking for one of the best coffee shops in Spokane, but drive thru version, check out our recommendations below!

Daily Habit

Whenever I mention Daily Habit Espresso, people give me blank looks, and I’m not sure why! Yes, Daily Habit is a drive thru, so you can’t go there to sit and study or even people watch. However, if you’re looking for a quick, delicious and reliable pick me up, you won’t go wrong with Daily Habit. There are three Daily Habit’s around Spokane, although the one I go to most often is the one on Country Homes. 

You can get almost any type of coffee you want at the Daily Habit, and they offer plenty of milk substitutes as well (although not oat, the last time I checked). They also offer incredibly delicious burritos from De Leon’s, so if you’re in a hurry, hungry and need a coffee pick-me-up… well, Daily Habit is a must!

Hot Toddy’s

We discovered Hot Toddy’s on a whim, and we can’t believe we stumbled on this gem! Hot Toddy’s has two locations, one at Nine Mile Falls and one on Francis, both serving the same great delicious coffee. Hot Toddy’s has actually been around since 2007, although we only discovered it recently. 

Like many of the coffee shops listed here, Hot Toddy’s offers a loyalty program that offers free drinks on your birthday and stars for every drink purchased.


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White Dog Coffee

There is almost always a line at White Dog Coffee, and for good reason – their coffee is delicious and their service is fast! If I’m looking for quick, efficient and delicious service, I head to White Dog Coffee. I haven’t even ordered tea yet from White Dog because their coffee is so delicious – plus they offer delicious baked goods and sandwiches! White Dog offers two locations, one on N. Pines and one on Northwest Blvd. 

Jacob’s Java

Did you know Jacob’s Java was Spokane’s very first drive-thru espresso, founded in 1992? With six locations, chances are you’ve seen or even visited a Jacob’s Java! In addition to all kinds of delicious coffee (with several adventurous flavors, if you’re up for it!), Jacob’s also offers tea, chai, hot chocolate, spiced cider – and did I mention baked goods? That’s right, if you need breakfast with your coffee, Jacob’s has you covered!

Jacob’s also offers a loyalty card, and their card is actually a plastic card – not a punch card like other locations. They really want to make you a loyal customer! With good reason, too – every time I visit Jacob’s Java, the service is friendly and attentive. Ask for a sample of their Lotus energy drink – it’s really tasty and definitely offers a solid pick-me-up if you need a little more than coffee!

The Best Coffee Shops in Spokane

When it comes to the best coffee shops in Spokane, you won’t go wrong with any one of these 15+ locations. Whether you’re looking for a place to spend some serious time or you just want to drive in and out, these are some of the top coffee spots all over Spokane.

What’s your favorite coffee shop in Spokane? Let us know over on our Facebook page here!

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