An Interview with Alicen Stoker of uAdventure Travel

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Have you ever planned a big a trip – maybe a once-in-a-lifetime international trip, a big family bash to a tropical island, or even a destination wedding – and been overwhelmed by all the planning, organizing, and follow up you had to do? Add in ‘difficult’ family members, and I have definitely been there, done that – and wished I could have handed it to someone else!

Alicen Stoker of uAdventure Travel

That ‘someone else’ could certainly be Alicen Stoker of uAdventure Travel! While the travel industry may be taking a hit right now due to COVID, if you’re planning future travel (like we are!), it makes sense now more than ever to use a reputable travel consultant.

In this interview with Alicen Stoker of uAdventure Travel, we talk about what uAdventure Travel is, how Alicen got started in the travel industry, what her favorite trip has been to plan (so far!) and what she loves about living in Spokane.

If you love and miss travel, and can’t wait to plan your next adventure, you won’t want to miss this interview! Also, don’t miss the exclusive offer Alicen has for Everyday Spokane readers below.

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alicen stoker of uadventure travel
Alicen Stoker of uAdventure Travel

Everyday Spokane: Please tell us a little bit about yourself!

I grew up in Spokane actually, I have lived here for 25 years. I started my career as a independent travel consultant for uAdventure Travel 8 months ago.

uadventure travel golden gate bridge at sunset
Golden Gate Bridge at sunset

What sparked your interest in starting uAdenture Travel?

I choose this career due to my lifelong wanderlust and love of travel. Travel is my passion and being granted the opportunity to turn my passion into a career is a dream come true.

Tell us about uAdenture Travel.

I offer custom travel itineraries in addition to travel planning and booking. To all Everyday Spokane readers, I offer a 25% discount on my custom travel itineraries. Email me at [email protected] with subject line EverydaySpokane25 to take advantage of this offer.

What makes working with an individual travel consultant, like uAdventure Travel, different from working with a large travel company?

As a travel consultant, I strive tirelessly to insure a stress-free, five star travel experience for all my clients. The level of care and commitment to planning a client’s dream vacation that you get from a personal travel consultant you won’t find at a large travel company.

uadventure travel Walt Disney World - Cinderella Castle
Walt Disney World – Cinderella Castle

What is the most unique trip you have ever planned?

I would have the say the most unique trip I have planned so far is a large group birthday trip to Cancun for friends flying from different US cities. It was definitely fun to see how excited they were to celebrate together on the beach and help them have a great time in Cancun.

What’s one thing you love about Spokane?

Growing up in Spokane, I have loved being surrounded by the natural beauty of this city. I have also enjoyed seeing how my hometown has grown and evolved as a city especially over the last decade.

uAdventure travel - Victoria, BC
Victoria, BC

How can people get in touch with you when they’re ready to plan a travel adventure?

Connect with me on social media, visit my new website and stay tuned for my upcoming newsletter!

Thank you so much to Alicen Stoker for sharing her Spokane story and business! If you’re looking for a Spokane travel consultant and feel like Alicen is a good fit for you, make sure to visit her website and contact her ASAP!

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